Arrow Shocker: Echo Kellum Out as Series Regular

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Monday's episode of Arrow may have been filled with twists, but many fans are likely questioning what's going to become of Curtis. 

Sadly, Echo Kellum is no longer a series regular on The CW hit, the actor revealed to Entertainment Weekly

The actor confirmed that he's been thinking of exiting the show ever since Arrow Season 6

Danger  - Arrow Season 7 Episode 13

“It was my idea. I have kids … and it was just starting to feel like I should be back home more,” he said, adding that he had a “long conversation about family and fatherhood” with Marc Guggenheim, “and he totally got where I was coming from.”

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While Kellum has not filmed any episodes since his exit as a regular, he's not opposed to the idea of coming back, but “nothing’s been finalized at this point.”

He maintained that returning is “100-percent open to doing … so it should definitely work out at some point in the future.”

Curtis Has an Idea - Arrow Season 7 Episode 11

Echo first appeared in Arrow Season 4 but was bumped up to series regular during Arrow Season 5, so he's been with the show for a few years now. 

It's good knowing that there is a possibility Echo could pop back up down the line, but with the Arrowverse, it's also possible that he could switch to one of the other shows. 

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Arrow Season 7 has presented a return to form for the series, with many fans liking the new direction. The series was stuck in a rut for a while, but the current season feels like a completely different show. 

Curtis to the Rescue - Arrow Season 7 Episode 6

Maybe it's the flashforwards, or the way all of the characters are gelling together, but it's a real breath of fresh air. 

The CW renewed Arrow for an eighth season earlier this month, so we know that the show's future is secure. 

What are your thoughts on this departure?

Will you miss Curtis?

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