Dynasty Season 2 Episode 15 Review: Motherly Overprotectiveness

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Sometimes, TV shows just have boring episodes.

It happens.

This wasn't one of Dynasty's best, but, it was worth sitting through 43 minutes of the slow rollout for those final two minutes of Dynasty Season 2 Episode 15.

Our Little Secret - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 15

Holy craziness! 

The addition of Adam came late in the game and felt like deja-vu.

His introduction to the family was slow paced mainly because we already knew he had malicious intentions based on the reveals from Dynasty Season 2 Episode 14.

Nothing was shocking about him or his back story. I would have been more thrown if Adam arrived as a regular member of society with no ill intent. 

But alas, those two final minutes of the episode changed everything. 

Adam upped his psycho game by proving he may be the biggest threat the Carrington clan has ever faced. 

Anders is going to be walking back on his hopes of 'forgetting about Hank' once Adam gets done with this family.

Adam: I'm Adam.
Fallon: So Adam, do you have a last name?
Adam: Carrington. I'm your brother.

And yet, there's no feeling sorry for any of them. It's like they keep on asking for this to happen. 

Fallon's remarks about this being the second go-around for someone pretending to be Adam may have had comedic undertones, but they should have served as warnings for everyone to stop acting so damn careless. 

It baffles me that this family is still welcoming strangers given their previous history with con-artists, manipulators, gold diggers, and so forth. 

Blake's the weakest of them all. 

I Feel It In My Heart - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 15

Adam quickly gained Blake's trust because Blake needed something to make him feel better about losing his unborn child.

There's nothing better to ease your pain than gaining a son just as you've lost two.

Adam entered at the perfect time as Blake's guard was all the way down.

Fallon seemed to be the only one logical enough to exercise caution around Adam.

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For all the wealth that this family possesses, it's incredibly shocking and also slightly stupid that they don't have security around to perform background checks on everyone entering the property.

Also, security cameras would solve so many of their problems.

Fallon did her due diligence as the smartest Carrington in the family and investigated Adam, even taking their private jet on a little trip to Billings, Montana. 

Surely, a phone call to the vet would have sufficed, but leave it to Fallon to go big or go home. 

Eventually, even she got swayed into believing Adam after he debunked her theory that he was a junkie by explaining that he'd lost his license after stealing meds for his sick mother.

When you stop focusing on how deranged Adam is you can acknowledge that he's a bloody brilliant manipulator with a flawlessly crafted plan. 

Look, I swear, any other day we would be very open to having you scam us, but my dad is a mess and he doesn't need any more stress right now. Maybe you can, I don't know, come back in a month and we can go from there?


We didn't give him nearly enough recognition for how he duped Steven and drove his family to commit him to a mental hospital. 

At the manor, he once again kept up his earnest facade until he got the green light from the Carringtons, namely Blake, and then allowed his freak flag to fly high. 

Adam turned from a lost kid who just wanted answers to a dude who kissed his sister on the lips. 

Yeah, that happened. And yeah, it raised a few red flags. 

I'm Adam Carrington  - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 15

With Blake on his side, no one would ever believe Fallon especially after she'd already tried to sabotage Adam's stay at the manor.

He's honestly the brother of nightmares.

Any other person, normal or slightly insane, would take the 15 million being offered by Fallon and be on their merry way, but not Adam. He didn't just want the money; he wanted the last name and the revenge. 

And Alexis, where do we even start with her situation?

Well, she took her final bow, that's where. 

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I truly thought Adam was going to kill his birth mother by poisoning her tea considering it would have paralleled how he killed his other mother by giving her a lethal dose of tranquilizers in her smoothie.

We all assumed that, right?

When he said that his mother died of an overdose, it was clear that he was behind her murder. 

Alright, here's how this is gunna go. I'm gunna tell Anders to book you a room at a Motel 7 or 8 or whatever, I don't care, and if the DNA test results are positive, we will move you to a Ritz. But for now, I'm perfectly fine being an only child.


But instead, Adam pushed Alexis face down into the fire proving that he's even more unhinged than we were previously led to believe. 

Does this mean Blake and Cristal will never find out the truth about who killed Mark and their baby? Regardless, Alexis' fate seems like good enough punishment. 

With Nicolette Sheridan hanging up her hat as Alexis to take care of her ill mother, poisoning Alexis would have been too permanent of a storyline. 

The fiery ending allows Alexis Carrington's character to live on and makes recasting an option. 

We've Seen Some Crazies  - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 15

After suffering such burns, Alexis will undoubtedly need a new face, and thus, the writers can usher in a brand new actress into the role without even missing a beat. 

If you watch Dynasty online, you know how uneven things have been in the casting department.

After swapping out original Cristal for new Cristal and benching Steven to whatever limited episode plan he's on at the moment, getting rid of Alexis permanently would have been yet another low blow to fans. 

This outcome offers a clean slate for the role with a minimal mess. 

I'm sure many fans like myself would have been ticked off had the series chosen to kill off another iconic character.

This shake-up also gives the writers a little room to play with Alexis' character which has a lot of untapped potential.  

But no matter how you slice it, you have to admit that's a hell of a way to go out.

Thank's for playing Nicolette, it's been fun! 

Anders: It's the Carrington's for you. What they lack in tact they make up for in hospitality. We've had all kinds of wastes and strays; crazy murderer, kidnapping nanny, faux gurus.
Adam: Do you think that's me?
Anders: I hope not. But I've learned the hard way not to trust strangers. I'm hoping for a positive result so that we could erase Hank from our lives.

With Adam's return buzzing around the manor, everything else felt second tier. 

I could care less about Jeff Colby and his desire to build a rec center. His brush with death may have made him noble, but he's also terribly boring right now. 

It also made him forget how the Carrington family operates. He may have thought that he got out from the Carrington dynasty, but instead, he played right into Cristal's hand. 

The saying goes "be careful who you get into bed with," and that goes double for Blake.

While Blake was busy getting to know his son, Cristal 2.0 took over the team business to secure a space for their stadium and flexed her Carrington muscle. 

She recovered quickly from losing a child, but when there's work to be done, sitting around and moping in your silk pajamas just doesn't cut it. 

Given how she seamlessly inserted herself into the family, we knew that Cristal was capable of getting what she wanted, but in a surprising twist, she roped her family into it. 

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For a woman who just considered the possibility of her family being behind the murder of her ex-husband and her unborn child, she certainly didn't have any qualms about asking them for help. 

Dynasty has been very cryptic and shady when it comes to Cristal's family, but hopefully, this means we're about to get some much-needed answers about who she really is and where she came from. 

One thing that's very clear -- her family is just as powerful, if not more powerful, than the Carrington dynasty. 

What is their deal? And why did she go out of her way to avoid them for so long?

That's My Son - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 15

Culhane was almost as useless as Jeff Colby, and I found myself wondering why they're both still around.

I'd much rather have Liam on my screen leading to some tense and palpable scenes with Fallon. 

Where has he been? I don't believe for a second Fallon moved on so quickly after being so utterly heartbroken. 

Other Thoughts

  • Sammy's role may have been minimal in Dynasty Season 2 Episode 15, but his reactions to how the family was handling Adam's arrival mirrored mine.
  • Steven being committed is no longer being kept a secret, but will the family ever visit him? And who will believe him when he tells them that Adam was George this whole time?
  • The drama I was expecting between Fallon and Kirby over Culhane was shelved to make room for the Adam drama which is unfortunate. 

I'm turning it over to you, Dynasty Fanatics. 

Were you impressed with the episode?

Motherly Overprotectiveness Review

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Dynasty Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

Look, I swear, any other day we would be very open to having you scam us, but my dad is a mess and he doesn't need any more stress right now. Maybe you can, I don't know, come back in a month and we can go from there?


Alright, here's how this is gunna go. I'm gunna tell Anders to book you a room at a Motel 7 or 8 or whatever, I don't care, and if the DNA test results are positive, we will move you to a Ritz. But for now, I'm perfectly fine being an only child.