Supernatural Season 14 Episode 15 Review: Peace of Mind

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The tall man with beautiful hair indeed.

Sam was caught up in an idyllic fantasy on Supernatural Season 14 Episode 15 when he and Cas visited an Arkansas town to investigate a strange death.

The duo stepped back in time not only within the story but also with the old-school Supernatural feel of it.

It was also a nice change of pace from all the heaviness of this season.

The Tall Man - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 15

Sam was suffering from a little bit of PTSD after Michael's brutal slaughtering of the bunker hunters on Supernatural Season 14 Episode 14.

He didn't want to be anywhere near the bunker which is why his adventure in Charming Acres with Cas was such a reprieve.

He did seem happy like Cas told Dean later.

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Living in a world where the only pressure was getting to a bake sale on time with no monsters, angels or demons lurking about seemed like a perfect kind of life.

It was almost the kind of world the Djinn created for Dean many seasons ago.

Sam's fantasy life wearing a cardigan and waiting for his wife to make him a three-olive martini because he was feeling a bit wild was way over the top and hilarious as hell.

Happy Mrs. Smith - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 15

Neither he nor Cas had any idea of what exactly they were looking for when they arrived in town. All they knew was that it was stranger than they could have ever expected.

Cas still hasn't learned the art of being undercover, and in that respect, he never needs to change.

When he blurted out the grisly details of Conrad's death and tried to lighten the mood by using a melon metaphor, it was the laugh-out-loud moment of the hour.

Sam: Like a ripe melon on the sun?
Cas: It was an apt metaphor.
Sam: Well, next time try not being so ... apt.

He seriously doesn't see anything wrong with his blunt honesty which makes that whole aspect of him even more endearing.

He also told Dean everything that happened in Arkansas which was great because it was apparent Sam wanted it all to stay on the down low, but Cas isn't one to keep secrets -- especially from Dean.

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It wasn't clear what kind of monster the Mayor or Sunny (nice punny name there) were or even if they were monsters at all. Maybe I wasn't paying close enough attention at the end.

It's not a bad thing to want people to live in a world with no worries and where everything was happy 24/7, but forcing them to do so and then killing them by having their heads explode wasn't a very nice thing to do.

Cas: Sam, I don't know what's happened. I don't if this is a spell or a curse, or what's happened, but you will SNAP THE HELL OUT OF IT!
Sam/Justin: Sir, you watch your mouth! If we can't remain civil, then you can skedaddle.
Cas: SAM!
Sam/Justin: That's NOT my name! Cindy, grab his hat!
Cas: I don't wear a HAT!
Cindy: Honey, I don't think he wore a hat.
Sam/Justin: Fine! Sir, using language like that? H-E double hockey sticks. You should have your mouth washed out with soap!

It's almost like Mayor Chip was imposing his own brand of socialism in his part of the world. 

A Happy Sam - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 15

Cas and Sam's story didn't the way most of Supernatural's monster stories do. Mr. Mayor got stuck in a happy land inside his own head, but nothing seemed to happen to Sunny.

It makes me wonder if perhaps we'll be visiting Sunny and Charming Acres again at some point in the future.

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God knows we're going to need some deviation for the horrible story that's about to take over Jack's life.

I'm not talking horrible in that I think it's going to be a horribly written story, but things are not looking for Jack at this point, and it's going to be horrible to watch.

Not the Same - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 15

At first, it didn't seem that splitting up Sam and Dean was going to be a good idea, but maybe that's the reset everyone needed.

The entire team is worried about Jack after he singlehandedly took down Michael and regained all his former powers, and they have every right to be.

Losing your soul doesn't make you bad. It doesn't make you anything.


He couldn't have killed an archangel as powerful as Michael without there being any repercussions or side effects, but what's confusing is why no one is worried about the side effects of Dean having carried a powerful archangel in his mind for weeks.

No Answers - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 15

What else is confusing is why Dean was acting like he never spent any time alone with Jack before relating a story to Cas about his failed attempts at being a big brother when Sam was small.

If I recall correctly, Dean took Jack on a road trip and made a serious connection with him on Supernatural Season 14 Episode 7 which is why his freak out about having to be left alone with Jack was odd.

I feel different now. Not like before. If that makes sense.


Another odd thing was why Dean or anyone else was worried about whether Jack had turned to the dark side.

Contemplation - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 15

Sure, he made a big sacrifice when he killed Michael, but if Jack turned into Satan's spawn, it wouldn't be something he chose to do.

And trying to figure out Jack's true nature via which road trip snack he chose was something only Dean would dream up.

Donatello was no help, but he could be hiding something. Whatever he saw in his coffee cup had him mesmerized and even a little concerned, but he didn't share anything with Dean other than giving him the a-okay.

Serious Talk - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 15

Jack is definitely not okay. While he might have thought he did the snake a favor by sending it to heaven, how he did it was concerning.

Cas has had his doubts about Jack for some time, but seeing Jack turn the snake to dust with just a thought confirmed all his fears.

If Jack used all of his soul to save his family, he opened himself to something even more horrific than Michael ever was.

Instead of Cas asking Jack nonstop questions about how he's feeling, maybe he needs to find some way to see how damaged Jack really is.

If somebody doesn't do something soon, the Jack we know and love will no longer exist. 

Over to you Supernatural Fanatics!

How much did you love Sam's insane transformation?

What is happening to Jack? Should we worry about Dean?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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Supernatural Season 14 Episode 15 Quotes

This town is strangely picturesque.


Sam: Like a ripe melon on the sun?
Cas: It was an apt metaphor.
Sam: Well, next time try not being so ... apt.