The Bold Type Season 3 Episode 1 Review: The New Normal

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Adjusting to big changes is not always what everyone wants to do, but The Bold Type Season 3 premiere makes sure the characters aren't given that option.

A lot has changed since Paris, some for the good and some for the bad.

But Kat, Sutton, and Jane are all dealing with it together and there are some new boundaries being drawn up for the new season that fans might need to keep an eye on.

Kat, Sutton, and Jane at the Scarlet Summit - The Bold Type

During The Bold Type Season 3 Episode 1, Sutton and Richard are enjoying their honeymoon phase again but outside opinions threaten that perfect moment. Richard wants Sutton to move in to prove how serious they are, which throws them off for a second.

Jane is happy with Ryan as well, so all her attention goes to Patrick who is the new person running their digital branch. She tries to prove there is something in his past that shows this isn't the job for him, but instead ends up writing a glowing profile on why it is actually the exact opposite. 

And Kat is trying to figure out how to move on, but can't when she realizes that Adena is still watching her stuff on social media which she tries to use to write her own narrative about how she is doing. 

Kat, Sutton, and Jane Meet Patrick  - The Bold Type Season 3 Episode 1

Just like the characters, part of the premiere is like a push for the fans to move forward as well.

Changes are happening for everyone, some that the audience may not have had time to get used to, so the episode appears almost to guide the characters and the fans to this new normal.

Everyone has to change their perspective on something by the end, and all of them have something unsettling that they have to get used to in order to move forward.

It is a brave new world, and we are all just adjusting to it. 

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Kat (and the ghost of Adena)

Kat trying to figure out where to go from that The Bold Type Season 2 Episode 10  twist was fresh in our minds. 

Adena and Kat felt like that thing that the show was aiming for, at least in the long term sense. Now it seems like either things behind the scenes or a narrative reworking made it impossible for Kat and Adena to work right now.

In a perfect world, Adena figures out her inspiration in a way where she can have Kat in her life in a real way. But that could be a long way into the future, and Kat deserves not to suffer in this heartache until maybe there is a way for them to make it work.

Kat: But you have to take a lot of Instastories of me!
Alex: My first name is Instastories.

The Bold Type settled in well with its reliability, allowing social media to prevent Kat from moving on the way she should. And in a fun twist, it was social media that also opened the door for Kat to start looking at what is next and being more honest with her followers.

Sometimes it is easy to forget that in a way Kat is painted as a public figure, with her Scarlet presence bringing in a strong following online.

That could be a small mention just for fun, or it could be a clue about what is to come for Kat this season.

Kat at the Scarlet Summit - The Bold Type Season 3 Episode 1

There is nothing like a strong social media following, it is there when something big happens that you want to trend around the world.

I am just saying. 

It was also intriguing to see Kat paired off with various people that she wouldn't have been before, mainly Alex and Patrick.

Kat: Hey, is this seat taken?
Alex: Well, turns out I'm not exactly a hit at the lesbian bar, so no.

It is obvious that Kat has Sutton and Jane in her life, and yet she couldn't voice to them what she could voice to people that may not know her exactly the same way.

Having more Kat and Alex is always a shining part of an episode, so The Bold Type would do well in airing them off again.

Both Kat and Alex looked like they would have storylines this season that are bigger than them as people, which always opens the door for getting outside help. 

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Sutton and Richard's New Normal

Sutton for now probably has the least trouble on her plate, which adds up since she had plenty during The Bold Type Season 2.

Richard and Sutton had the drama turned up for them for a while, it is refreshing not to have it be a vicious cycle of problems for the pair. If they are in a stable and open relationship, it is a nice shake-up to see any issue they might have not become a threat for them staying together. 

This frames the relationship in a new light, this comfortable environment shows why Richard and Sutton work and why fans should continue to root for them.

People don't want perfection, Kat. They want this, they want honesty.


Moving in might have been a bit quick of a decision, even if it sounds like they were together in a sense for a while. 

This sets up for conflict between them, however small, and they maybe should have taken a beat to see how their dynamic works now that secrecy isn't a part of their relationship.

But obviously different couples work in various ways, so at least Sutton is happy right now. 

Sutton and Richard at the Scarlet Summit - The Bold Type Season 3 Episode 1

This season might even allow Sutton's storylines to focus on the transition she wants to make in her professional life.

She mentions to Oliver in a trailer that she wants to be a designer, and ends up in some hot water when she chooses to use models she knows instead of those appointed to her. 

Sutton is trying to make it in her field while following her own rules, which is an exciting prospect to look forward to now that her romantic life is squared away. 

Shakeups like Patrick might not actually play any role in Sutton's professional life since he won't be focusing on them.

Instead, there could be more for Oliver and Sutton to figure out, their mentor/mentee relationship doesn't get enough praise for what it is. 

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Jane's Search For The Unexpected Truth

Jane made a choice so we should take a second to pretend to be shocked. 

In other news, she has already managed to reinforce a relationship with Patrick, however confusing it may be.

The show isn't exactly letting Jane have a clear cut idea of who this new character is, much like the audience probably trying to figure out where to stand with him.

Realistically having a guy running a woman's digital magazine isn't the way to go, at all. And yet everyone's expectations of him are subverted when it turns out he agrees with Scarlet's brand and stands up for gender pay inequality.

All of that is a shocking turn of events, and while it seems like the next decision is to trust Patrick, the gut feeling her is the exact opposite.

Patrick looks like he is a perfect fit for Scarlet and like he is just a good guy, but Jane is right not to warm up to him right away.

Oliver: Perfect Imperfection. Studied carelessness.
Sutton: Jumbo shrimp. It's an oxymoron, are we not doing oxymorons?

He complicates things for Jacqueline's position in the magazine a bit and he is a newbie that no one knows much about.

For now, he is inflicting good on people, he got Kat to own up to her honesty and got Alex more to do in the magazine which is always appreciated.

But no one new is written in without the possibility of conflict, television is meant to stir things regardless of the first interpretation of a person.

Kat, Sutton, and Jane Together at the Summit - The Bold Type Season 3 Episode 1

There are usually no inherently bad people at Scarlet or on The Bold Type, but that doesn't mean they don't stir up problems. 

Patrick is a character to watch out for and it looks like Jane will be doing the watching for now.

Also since she was given the new full time writing position for the website, the conflict might actually be writing itself.

Jane's articles are not always tame and Patrick could be in the position to not allow something to be published that should be or will push her to cover something that will turn on them both.

Stray Thoughts

  • Music, music, music. It never disappoints, and on a show like this, it is not surprising at all. Still, we need to take a moment out each week to compliment the way that it always works so well. 

  • Alex was there for Kat, which was really refreshing and necessary at a time when she wasn't sure she was ready to confide in anyone. But can this be the promise of more content for Alex? Patrick was right about one thing, Alex has stories to tell and one can only hope that was the writers' room confirming that they plan to explore exactly that. 

  • Getting that small version of Adena online was a nice continuation of the character considering the actress isn't in the episode. It doesn't erase Adena from the narrative but it serves as a reminder that this can't be it. The trailer for the season teased some more Adena actually on our screens, and hopefully, that will be coming up soon. 
  • These changes can't be going well for Jacqueline but it is refreshing to see that she wasn't just removed from her post. Jacqueline played too large a role to just unseat her, especially on a show like The Bold Type. Bringing Patrick around was a good amount of change without rocking the boat completely. 

What did you think of where everyone is at now? Was it easy to adjust to these changes or will you need more time? Who else isn't all that thrilled that Ryan was the choice Jane made? And do you expect more Jane vs. Patrick faceoffs this season? 

How did everyone feel about the Kat and Adena story coming to a close? Is there any chance for them to work things out or is this it for the relationship and the character? What do you hope to see Kat do to try to get over her breakup? 

Who else is excited for Sutton and Richard? And who is still here hoping Alex gets more material this season?

Let us know what you think below!

And don't forget that you can watch The Bold Type online, right here at TV Fanatic!

The New Normal Review

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The Bold Type Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Kat: Hey, is this seat taken?
Alex: Well, turns out I'm not exactly a hit at the lesbian bar, so no.

People don't want perfection, Kat. They want this, they want honesty.