Arrow: Katherine McNamara Upped to Series Regular for Final Season

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Felicity may be gone, but her daughter, Mia Smoak will have a big presence during Arrow's upcoming eighth and final season. 

TV Line first reported the news. 

McNamara had a recurring role during Arrow Season 7 as Oliver and Felicity's daughter in the show's future storyline. 

Mia Searches - Arrow Season 7 Episode 18

It was previously announced that McNamara's on-screen mother, Emily Bett Rickards had departed the show ahead of its final season. 

At the close of Arrow Season 7, Emiko warned Oliver after having a change of heart about destroying his life. 

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"You need to hide. Your family is going to die. I made sure of it," she told her brother. 

"You need to hide Felicity and the baby."

"We're stepping back," Oliver revealed to his friends. "We're leaving Star City. Not forever, but for now."

One Last Stand  - Arrow Season 7 Episode 22

"The fact that the city is safe is the reason why we can leave," Felicity added.

"I've spent a long time thinking about my legacy as the Green Arrow. I always hoped it would be saving the city, but now I know that my greatest legacy is this team," Oliver continued.

"I started this mission alone. I was certain that I would end it alone, but the truth of the matter is that every bit of success that I've had along the way is because of al of you."

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"The city is safe because of your courage, your compassion, your selflessness, and your loyalty."

Diggle ultimately took Oliver and Felicity to a safe house, and we got a montage of Felicity's pregnancy and Maya's birth. 

Bye, Bye Felicity (Tall) - Arrow Season 7 Episode 22

The Monitor showed up and ruined their happiness because of the deal Oliver made with him during last year's crossover. 

Felicity gave up her life several years later to meet with Oliver once again after raising William and Mia. 

"I just wanted us to be all together one last time," she said to the now-adults.

"I promised your father I would protect both of you until you didn't need me... It's time for me to go on a journey of my own."

She followed that up by leaving with the Monitor. 

Trouble Is Brewing  - Arrow Season 7 Episode 21

"I'm ready," she told him. He replied, "Where I'm taking you, there is no return."

"I've waited a very long time to see him," she said. 

It's still possible that Felicity could pop back up in one of the final episodes, but there was a certain finality to her storyline. 

But having the kickass Mia Smoak around is not a bad thing. 

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Arrow Season 8 launches October 15. 

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