Claws Season 3 Episode 7 Review: Chicken P***Y

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Things just got deadly at the Bayside Retreat Hotel and Casino.

Desna's only legal way out of the mess she and her crew have gotten into disappeared on Claws Season 3 Episode 7.

One obvious development finally happened.

Getting Away - Claws

To order to bolster her brother Henry, who threatened to drop out of the governor's race against Patel, Ann told him everything she knew about Patel's illegal activities, right in front of Arlene.

Unfortunately, this choice put everyone remotely connected to the casino, which was pretty much everyone, at risk.

Baby on Board - Claws Season 3 Episode 7

So when Patel exposed Henry as being gay at the debate, Henry unloaded what he knew about Patel's bribe money being laundered at the casino.

I don't know why Ann and Arlene both seemed surprised that Henry would use the intel she gave him.

He was a politician trailing in a race badly in need of changing the narrative. Of course, he told. It was to his advantage.

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Desna certainly was correct when she said that Ann has a big mouth for somebody with the nickname Quiet Ann.

Her spilling her guts previously got Desna arrested on Claws Season 2 Episode 7. And now it got her fiancee killed.

Once it became clear that Ann was in danger, Arlene risked her career to try to make a deal with Mac and Melba.

Protecting Her Partner - Claws Season 3 Episode 7

Unfortunately, word got back to the Macau cartel, and we finally met "The Professor," just as he ended Arlene's life.

It's tragic that Arlene's murder happened so soon after she and Ann got to hear the heartbeat of Ann's baby.

Now the big question is whether Arlene, as an FBI agent, had opened an investigation into Patel and the casino before she got killed.

Desna better hope so, as she appeared to be the next target of "The Professor."

I loved Desna's daydream when she and the Lovestones were on a talk show vying for custody of Dean. That showed where her head was at.

Desna's scheme to rescue Dean seemed pretty solid, as much as her plans made up on the fly ever are.

Changing the Game - Claws Season 3 Episode 7

She and Roller were going to the casino to make a heartfelt appeal and get Dean out, then walk away from there forever.

But Dean was too far gone. Even as Desna listed all the things she had done to protect him through the years, he kept seeing those as opportunities squashed by her.

That led Desna to make up Plan B on the spot: to put Roller in charge of the casino nightclub, The Hunting Grounds. Then he would come up with a way to get Dean out of the casino. 

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 A distracted Mac and Melba went along with Desna's boyfriend taking a job in the casino when they should have been suspicious of her motivations.

Roller used his animal cunning when he cajoled Dean into helping him brainstorm attractions for the nightclub.

Dean gave Roller just the answer he wanted -- exotic male dancers -- then Roller convinced him to reassemble his old troupe, Hammer & PIckle.

Her or Me - Claws Season 3 Episode 7

They even got back their old choreographer, Polly, who ate up being back in that role.

But even though Dean soaked up the applause from the crowd for the troupe named after him, he still felt compelled to keep practicing for the mah-jong tournament. 

Dean is nothing if not focused, and it's hard to distract him from his current obsession. Mah-jongg is his worst addiction yet.

We did finally get the answer to why Mac and Melba are keeping Dean around.

They plan to steal Dean's winnings from the tournament, kill him and escape from the Macau cartel. That tournament must have a huge payoff.

I'm guessing that Indian school Mac has been proposing to build is entirely a con for Dean's benefit.

Still Oblivious - Claws Season 3 Episode 7

So what is it going to take for Dean to see the light? The death of someone close to him?

Also back inside the casino was Polly, who can't seem to stay away from Joe.

She told Desna she was going back to get information out of Joe. But she was just kidding herself.

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There had to be some truth in the shit she was shoveling to Joe trying to get him to talk. Something about him appeals to the crazy in her, of which there is plenty.

The only key intel she got from Joe is that he's jealous of Dean. He wasn't adopted by Mac and Melba, despite his years of faithful service.

Polly surely didn't help that insecurity when she went back to being Dean's choreographer.

Still Hung Up - Claws Season 3 Episode 7

That could turn to the crew's advantage. Already Polly convinced Joe not to go after Ann. Who knows what else he might do for her?

But the flip side of that is that Polly may be falling back down the rabbit hole with Joe and may not be all that trustworthy for Desna.

Then Desna will have to rescue Polly as well.

While one happy couple, Ann and Arlene, have come to a sad end, things appeared to be looking up for Jenn and Bryce.

Bryce received a proposal for a book deal for his motivational pamphlet "Get It! Get It!"

Not Moved On - Claws Season 3 Episode 7

You just knew that deal, and the $25,000 advance, was too good to be true.

Somehow, Bryce's subhead "The Final Solution" made white nationalists, including the publisher, think he was one of them.

And a brawl broke out after Jenn pummeled the publisher at Bryce's book signing, in an hilarious scene.

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Present at that brawl were Virginia and EJ after their first date.

That had been a quiet fiasco, with EJ not yet over Jenn, and Jenn and Bryce showing up for his book signing in a private backroom.

Virginia should have gone with her gut and taken a short break from men.

To figure out how Desna is going to get out of this mess, watch Claws online.

Are you sorry to see Arlene go?

Why can't Dean see what's happening?

Is Polly in trouble as well?

Comment below.

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