Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 5 Review: You've Got Blackmail

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Does anyone else feel like they were hit by a truck with all the secrets coming to light on Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 5? Or am I just feeling the after effects of Nelson's accident? 

At the Riviera Grand Hotel, secrets are in no short supply. The second one is revealed, another pops up to take it's place. 

With all these secrets bubbling to the surface, though, is anybody really safe? 

The Happy Parents? - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 5

The biggest secret to come out of this episode was the identity of the blackmailer: Nelson. 

Nelson has been on my radar from day one. Minor characters who hang out on the periphery are always ones that you need to watch out for. 

The fact that he had the guts to take on Mateo though, blackmailing him, knowing full well that Mateo was not responsible for Sky's disappearance? That is something I did not see coming.

Danny: I didn't mean to hurt you, sir, I don't know what came over me.
Mateo: I do, you've got a short fuse. Where'd you learn to fight like that?
Danny: I grew up getting bounced around in foster care, group homes. I had to learn how to defend myself.
Mateo: That wasn't self-defense. I'm your boss, and you knocked me out cold. You were fearless.
Danny: Am I getting fired here?
Mateo: No, I like fearless. I'm going to overlook this.
Danny: Thank you.
Mateo: But you owe me one, and I will collect.

Unfortunately for Nelson, his bravery cost him his life. 

Nothing but Smiles - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 5

The second that Nelson revealed he knew the identity of who really is responsible for Sky's disappearance, is the second he signed his death warrant.

The real question is, though, who is Mateo protecting? 

Mateo's moral compass has always been questionable, but knowing he is capable of murder sheds a very different light on him.

Does murder come easily to him, or is he willing to go to extremes to protect the real person behind Sky's disappearance? 

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There has only been one person we have seen Mateo show any compassion towards through Grand Hotel Season 1, and that person is Ingrid.

From Rags to Riches - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 5

While Ingrid may be a terrible human being, is she capable of hurting someone she supposedly considered a friend? I wouldn't put much past her after her brilliant display throughout this episode of Grand Hotel.

Ingrid's campaign to be the most hated character on television continued on Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 5. 

The sheer ease at which Ingrid can manipulate those around her is impressive. 

Gigi: Ingrid, welcome.
Santiago: Yes, and, uh, apologies for yesterday. My wife tells me I was being...
Gigi: An ass. I like to keep him humble.
Ingrid: It seems like you have your work cut out for you.

Gigi has been the bullshitter throughout Grand Hotel, so it was interesting to see her as the one being bullshitted. 

A Light Hearted Moment - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 5

Throughout her interactions with Carolina and Yoli, it seems that Gigi doesn't have that real connection that a mother would like to have with her children. Because of that, she seems to seek it elsewhere.

We have seen glimpses of her reaching for that in Alicia, only to be shot down, and now Ingrid. 

Gigi won't make that same mistake again.

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Carolina may be dumb as a box of rocks, but she is at least good for some things, one of which is her ability to pick up on potential dirt on other people. 

Thousand Watt Smile - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 5

Gigi discovering that Mateo and Ingrid possibly had a relationship is going to throw a serious wrench in Ingrid's plans.

I have to wonder though, with Gigi's feelings towards Javi, will Gigi sell out Ingrid to Santiago, or respect her hustle? 

If Gigi does decide to throw Ingrid to the wolves she better be ready to come in guns blazing because it is going to take a lot to convince Javi that Ingrid isn't carrying his child, especially now that they slept together.

Javi: I mean, did you have to wear the uniform.
Ingrid: Yes, because I'm working a double shift because I'm late on my rent 'cause your dad won't help us with the money because you won't tell him who I am.
Javi: Ok. Alright, little guy cover your ears unless you want to learn how to curse in Spanish.

As messed up as it is for Ingrid to be coming after Javi's money, I am more upset that she is toying with his heart. 

The Happy Parents? - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 5

Taking the giant step from man whore to committed father was huge for Javi. It's clear that his emotions towards the baby and becoming a father are influencing his feelings towards Ingrid. 

In Javi's mind, Ingrid is the mother of his child. Coming from a family that is filled with turmoil, it is easy for Javi to hope for more in his own family.

That hope is only going to make his heart open more to Ingrid the further along she gets in her pregnancy.

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Gigi is our only hope right now of breaking that hold that Ingrid has on Javi before his heart is irreparably broken. 

Are You Serious? - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 5

Javi's heart isn't the only heart on the line on Grand Hotel. 

There was a moment when I thought that Danny was going to come clean to Alicia about everything, but sadly that moment passed as quickly as it came. 

Danny was right when he said his life is complicated, so I guess I can have some respect for him distancing himself from Alicia. 

However, despite my better judgment, I couldn't help but continue to root for them to make it work. 

Danny's past is filled with pain; from his foster system days to Sky's disappearance. The only possible outcome of all of Danny's efforts that will be satisfying for him is if Sky is alive. Any other outcome is just going to lead him to more pain. 

Here's to You - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 5

Danny might never be able to recover from that going back to his old life. His old life is a reminder of what he lost. 

Alicia is his chance at moving forward to a new life, much like Marisa is Yoli's chance.

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During my review of Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 4, I discussed the fact that I felt like Yoli was only interested in Marisa because Marisa was giving her attention, so imagine my surprise when I learned that Marisa isn't Yoli's first trip down rainbow road. 

After they made a point to show that Danny was comparing the handwriting of male employees, it seemed clear that the person that Sky was dating a woman, but my first instinct was Marisa. 

Gossip Girls - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 5

The fact that Yoli was Sky's secret lover took me by surpise. 

With each episode of Grand Hotel, I am more and more intrigued by Yoli. Her character is being built into the most complex and interesting character on the show. Not to mention that Justina Adorno brings such a light to the character. 

Yoli: And not that I'm not like super grateful, but I have to ask, why are you helping me?
Alicia: Because you trusted me and you opening up to me like that, it's the first time I felt like we were actually sisters. Just you though, I'm not ready to claim Carolina.
Yoli: I struggle with that myself.

While it may seem right now that Yoli had a hand in Sky's disappearance, if being an avid Pretty Little Liars fan taught me nothing else, it's the power of the red herring. We still have too much time left in the season for the real culprit to be a suspect yet. 

Maybe once Danny finds out about Yoli and Sky's relationship he can bring her into the fold of his investigation. I'm pretty sure she would make a better spy than him. 

Fatherly Love - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 5

Danny continues to be the world's most incompentent spy. 

Following so closely behind Mateo in broad daylight. Letting his anger get the best of him during his fight with Mateo. Forgetting to put his phone on silent when he goes after Nelson. These are all rookie mistakes.

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Jason needs to sit Danny down with some James Bond and Mission Impossible movies to school him on how real spies operate. 

What did you think of Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 5? Do you have any early suspects for the person responsible for Sky's disappearance? Comment your theories below and make sure to watch Grand Hotel online at TV Fanatic to get caught up. 

You've Got Blackmail Review

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It's me okay? I'm having his baby. Also, you're out of dish soap.


Javi: I mean, did you have to wear the uniform.
Ingrid: Yes, because I'm working a double shift because I'm late on my rent 'cause your dad won't help us with the money because you won't tell him who I am.
Javi: Ok. Alright, little guy cover your ears unless you want to learn how to curse in Spanish.