Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 6 Review: Love Thy Neighbor

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On Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 6 change was in the air.

We didn't get any closer to finding out what happened Sky than we were in Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 5, but some of our favorite characters were growing leaps and bounds. 

Which characters were exceeding our expectations of them? Keeping read our review to find out! 

A Good Surprise?  - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 6

This episode belonged to Yoli and Justina Adorno. 

Yoli has grown from ugly stepsister to Cinderella within the span of these first six episodes. 

When we first met Yoli, she was nothing more than a cruel girl filled with witty one-liners. Throughout this season she has developed into one of the most layered characters. 

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Yoli's whole life, she has wanted nothing more to than feel loved and accepted by those around her. Seeing her get that moment of acceptance from Carolina had it getting a little dusty in my living room. 

Carolina. Are you guys, like, together?
Yoli: We are.
Carolina: This is so great. Why didn't you tell me? Yoli she is so cute. Do you guys share clothes? Please tell me you do. She needs help.

After this episode, I take back every negative thing I have said about Carolina. It has always come across that Carolina is trying to fix Yoli or change her, but it is clear after this episode that all she has ever wanted was for her to be happy.

A Warm Embrace - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 6

When she saw Yoli and Marissa dancing together, she didn't even miss a beat before telling her how happy she was for her. That is real love. 

Watching Yoli break down to Danny and Jason about her heartbreak over Sky's disappearance and her later reveal to Marissa that Sky had used her, left my heart aching for Yoli. 

Your first real heartbreak is always the hardest, and Sky was hers. It is no wonder that Yoli is closed off and wary of getting into another relationship. 

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The question remains, though, why exactly was Sky using Yoli? Did she use her to get the information that she had that eventually was her downfall? 

Smiling Ear to Ear - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 6

Danny and Jason are going to need Yoli if they want to solve the mystery of Sky's disappearance. It's too bad they both are too distracted by their love lives, or lack thereof, to properly focus on the task at hand. 

Ingrid is the curse that keeps on giving. Just when I thought she got knocked down a peg, there Jason was to pick her up. 

If nothing else, at least Ingrid's horrible irredeemable behavior has been the catalyst to Javi growing into the man he was always meant to be. So for that, we thank her.

Watching Javi play the supportive partner to Ingrid at the ultrasound appointment was touching to see. Who would have thought that the biggest playboy at the Riviera Grand would so quickly become a gold star father figure? 

Concerned Father - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 6

The love that Javi had for the baby so quickly and without any question is what all woman wish for in the father of their children, and not all woman get. 

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Ingrid made a smart choice choosing him to scam. Especially when the birth father of her child is a cold-blooded killer. Ingrid and Mateo truly deserve each other. I only feel bad for the poor kid caught in the middle. 

Now that Javi knows the truth, I'm not sure how this is going to play out. 

Javi: Ingrid look, whatever happens between us I want you to know that I am in this. When I, when I lost the leg things they, they got pretty dark. For a long time I thought that's it I'm never gonna have a normal life, you know. And I don't know seeing our kid on that screen yesterday it really made me feel hopeful.
Ingrid: It's not yours.
Javi: What?
Ingrid: The baby. It's not yours. I made a mistake, okay, I'm so so sorry.

Unfortunately for us viewers, Javi was starting to fall for Ingrid and I wouldn't past her to figure out a way to reel him back in.

Yes, Ingrid admitted to Javi that he isn't the father of the baby, but she could play it off that she didn't know until the ultrasound when she found out how far along she was. 

What's Behind the Smile? - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 6

At that point she can play the dead beat dad card and continue her relationship with Javi, allowing him to become the baby's loving nonbiological father. 

Mateo made it clear that he isn't going to let Gigi sell him out, so Javi may never learn the truth about who the birth father is. Convenient for Ingrid, not so much for Javi or us. 

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Poor Jason is going to get his heart stomped on again if Ingrid and Javi reconcile. 

Watching Jason pine after Ingrid is not only sad but frustrating to watch. Jason is too quick to let Ingrid walk all over him, which is what is going to keep him in the forever friend zone. 

Hot Mama - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 6

When Ingrid goes back to Javi, which she will, my only hope for Jason is that he takes that chance to move on, a concept that Danny might have to get used to too. 

Danny's relationship with Heather was never going to work. The second that he met Alicia that relationship was through. He just hadn't admitted it to himself yet. 

In trying to be the good guy, though, and trying to make sure he didn't hurt anyone, he ended up hurting everyone, himself included. 

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While Danny couldn't expect Alicia to wait around forever for him, I think he did at least expect her to wait around a few days. I guess it is hard to resist a cute guy with a winning smile and a British accent, though. Even if he is your competition. 

Stunner - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 6

Alicia was so quick to jump into things with Oliver to get herself over Danny, and she didn't take a second to think that maybe Oliver was using her.

Seeing how quickly he lashed out at her after Santiago got construction shut down, and how quickly he apologized raised some red flags for me.

Santiago sent his own spy to The Finn Hotel. Is it possible that Oliver is doing the same and that he is a trojan horse? 

Possibly the greatest thing that will come out of the Mrs. P spying on The Finn is the fact that we know that she is going to make a ten times better spy than Danny and Jason. 

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The games are just getting started between The Finn and the Riviera Grand, and I can't wait to see the explosions. 

What did you think of Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 6?

Now that Yoli has been ruled out as a suspect, who do you think is responsible for Sky's death.

Comment on your suspects below and make sure to watch Grand Hotel online on at TV Fanatic. 

Love Thy Neighbor Review

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Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Carolina: I need final approval on your gala list. Is that your dress? I can't.
Yoli: I thought it looked nice.
Carolina: There's gonna be tons of hot single guys there. They don't want nice; they want sexy.

Mrs. P: You bringing anybody?
Alicia: No. No, no, no, no no. Definitely not.
Mrs. P: What about Danny? I practically raised you. You think I don't know when you have a crush?
Alicia: Well, whatever that was is over. Danny made that very clear.