Preacher Season 4 Premiere Review: Jesse's Last Stand

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Was the series ending revealed on Preacher Season 4 Episode 1 and Preacher Season 4 Episode 2?

It seems that way, but things are never as they appear on Preacher.

If we take the scene of Jesse falling to his death in the first few minutes of the premiere at face value, then that would mean Jesse will be spending the entire rest of the series on an airplane.

Preacher Travels Season 4 Episode 2

Not that he'll just be sitting there doing nothing but smoking. He'll be part of the action through dream sequences and hallucinations and whatnot. Still, it seems anti-climatic.

Don't fault me for being disappointed.  I haven't read the books, so I have no idea how it ends anyway.

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I would have wanted to see big, bad Jesse and crew defeat big, bad God and crew.

And for all I know, that might be how it goes even if Jesse isn't involved which means Tulip and Cassidy would be king and queen. I'd be okay with that.

Badass Tulip - Preacher Season 4 Episode 2

But let's forget about the end and dig into what the season premiere laid out for us besides that big (maybe) reveal.

One of the things that makes Preacher so much fun is its over-the-top lunacy, and the season premiere did not disappoint.

And if you were looking for all action and no story, that's pretty much what you got.

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I'd venture to say the premiere was 90 percent action and 10 percent story. Not that it's a bad thing, but it needs to be said.

Cassidy bore the brunt of the lunacy when he decided not to escape with Jesse. His decision put him back into the torturous hands of Mafia boy Frank.

It's hard to understand why Cassidy wanted to stay inside Masada, but maybe I missed something.

Frank Works on Cassidy - Preacher Season 4 Episode 2

Or maybe the whole point was just so the good doctor could fashion a new ear for Herr Starr from Cassidy's severed penis tips.

It's hard to decide which was more ludicrous: the Grail holding a torture class or Herr Starr not having any reaction to his brand new oddly shaped ear.

Cassidy is in some sort of funk. There's no life to him. No fight.

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He doesn't seem to care if he lives or dies. And he didn't seem to be very bothered that his penis was the focus of Frank and his class.

There were plenty of great action scenes involving Frank and Cassidy and Frank and Jesse. And it's a miracle Frank is even still alive. 

Herr Starr and His New Ear - Preacher Season 4 Episode 2

I had to laugh when he pulled out his straight razor and called it Bensonhurst. All mafia jokes aside, the guy is one sick mofo who takes way too much delight in carving up another guy's privates.

Now that Tulip has cleverly gotten herself inside Masada maybe we'll even be treated to a confrontation between the two of them. That would be a lot of fun.

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But Tulip needs to focus on snapping Cassidy out of his funk. If anyone can turn him around, she can. He would follow her anywhere. 

If Tulip doesn't get caught, she's going to have a lot of scores to settle. Lara will be at the top of her list, but if she finds God, she's going to have herself a good time with him.

God is Abhorrent - Preacher Season 4 Episode 2

Preacher's God reminds me a lot of Chuck on Supernatural. The essence is pretty much the same. They like to frack with the human race because they can. 

Chuck does it by writing books. God does it with a sophisticated chess boards of sorts.

My favorite part of the premiere when God destroyed the dinosaurs all because one his precious creatures decided to eat its shit and burp in God's face.

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And the fact that it was shot in a claymation sort of style made it all the more fun.

But at least God has some taste. Being a fan of Diet Dr. Pepper myself, he gets a gold star for his choice of drink, but that's all he gets.

Everything else about him is abhorrent which, unless we're super Christian, is probably how we'd imagine him to be if Preacher hadn't created him for us.

Grail Troopers - Preacher Season 4 Episode 2

Jesse had plenty of his own problems to contend with after leaving Tulip at the motel. He hitched lots of rides before getting on the airplane. But the worst of his travels was getting scammed by the little boy. 

The kid could have been Jesse in his younger years. The dead dog scam was brilliant.

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So it seems as though Jesse is seeing bits and pieces of his own life in alternate versions as he heads towards the end of his life.

It is  a clever way to push him along on his journey even if he doesn't reach the Australian penis rock.

Cassidy is an Old Man - Preacher Season 4 Episode 2

But what I want to know (because I can't remember), is why is his lighter so important that he had to go back to get it?

Other Observations

  • The metal detector outside Masada. It's the middle of the desert. Had to laugh at that one.
  • The similarity between the Grail soldiers and Star Wars Stormtroopers was uncanny.
  • The singing fool in the Holy Grail bar. An uplifting Christian sing-a-long is enough to stop any kind of fight.

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  • The various classrooms inside Masada like Urban Blight. One of my favorites.
  • The camels. 
  • Maybe I'm looking for symbolism that isn't there, but doesn't the way Cassidy is tied up in the torture room look like Jesus on the cross?

Over to you!

What did you think of the Preacher Season 4 Premiere?

Was the series ending spoiled? Is Jesse really dead?

Will Tulip kill God? Is there hope for humanity?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts.

If you need to catch up, you can watch Preacher online right here via TV Fanatic.

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