PLL: The Perfectionists Canceled After One Season

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I guess it is true; two can keep a secret if one of them is dead. Unfortunately for PLL: The Perfectionists, Freeform killed it to keep the secret of the identity of The Professor all to themselves. 

It's official: PLL: The Perfectionists is deceased.

After just one season, Freeform has decided to cut the cord on the Pretty Little Liars spin-off. 

Pretty Little Liars Spinoff Cast - The Perfectionists

PLL: The Perfectionists was rolled out as a spin-off to the mega-hit Pretty Little Liars.

The series was loosely based off the book series The Perfectionists by Sara Shepard, the author who is also behind the Pretty Little Liars book series.

The Perfectionists book series had nothing to do with the Pretty Little Liars series, but Freeform thought it would find greater success by hitching it to the Pretty Little Liars bandwagon.

Unforunately, that may have been it's greatest hinderence. 

Beacon Heights - The Perfectionists

Fans of the book series were confused on the endless amounts of changes they made when bringing it to screen, including multiple major characters being excluded and almost the entire storyline of the books being discarded. 

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Fans of Pretty Little Liars were disappointed in the lack of connection to the original series outside of Sasha Pieterse Scheaffer and Janel Parrish Long reprising their roles as Alison Dilaurentis and Mona Vanderwaal 

While the show struggled, in the beginning, to find a balance between the old and the new, heavily relying on the relationship between Mona and Alison and pushing the new cast to the background, the writers eventually hit a stride. 

The new characters they were developing came into their own and viewers became just as invested with their stories as they were in the OGs' storylines. 

Sneaking Away - The Perfectionists Season 1 Episode 1

Good chemistry between a core cast is hard to find, but The Perfectionists played so well off each other, it was impossible not to believe in their friendships. 

The underlying mystery that drove the first season, focusing around the death of Nolan Hotchkiss was reminiscent of Alison's "death" on Pretty Little Liars, but it separated itself from its predecessor by truly making it feel like everyone was a suspect. 

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While the Liars each became suspects at one point or another on Pretty Little Liars, it always felt clear that none of them were responsible for what happened to Alison.

PLL: The Perfectionists didn't have that same security, especially given Nolan's tumultuous relationship with every character on the show.

Unexpected Guest - PLL: The Perfectionists Season 1 Episode 2

When PLL: The Perfectionists Season 1 came to an end, things had really been pushed into overdrive setting up the new factor of the mysterious villain, "The Professor", who was taking ownership for Nolan's death. 

Fans were left foaming at the mouth for more, so when a decision wasn't made immediately about the show's fate, fans were concerned, to say the least. 

You have to wonder why Freeform stretched out the decision for so long, but given that it was never the ratings smash that they had hoped it would be, the decision doesn't come as a total surprise. 

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Executive Producer I.Marlene King took to Instagram to address the news of the show's cancelation. 

Keeping Up the Charade - PLL: The Perfectionists Season 1 Episode 3

"PLL will always be a giant part of me, my family, and a lot of you. We'll carry out journey with us as we move onto new adventures, big and small, always with pride, love of our craft, and this amazing family we have built."

 "My deepest gratitude to our cast and crew for their tremendous efforts. And to our passionate fans who gave us all of these years to play together. You will forever be appreciated and loved."

When King signed a deal with 20th Century Fox Television, fans were concerned about what a second season of the show would look like. However, she reassured fans that she would stick with PLL: The Perfectionists until the end. 

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Sasha Pieterse Scheaffer issued her own goodbye to Alison.

Building Trust - PLL: The Perfectionists Season 1 Episode 5

"Ali, you and me have sure been through a lot. I want you to know how proud I am of how much you've grown. Your perseverance and fierce personality has and will always be with me."

"I know you are finally happy at home with Em and the kids. Kiss them for me! Xo, S." 

With the end of PLL: The Perfectionists, we also see the official end of the world of Pretty Little Liars. All hopes of getting to see the characters again that we had grown to know and love over seven seasons are gone. 

As a diehard fan, that fact might be the hardest one to swallow.

While PLL: The Perfectionists was not perfect, it had a lot of promise, that unfortunately now we will never get to see come to fruition, and it deserved a second season to continue to build momentum. 

What are your thoughts on the cancelation? Do you think it was deserved or do you, like this writer, think that the end came too soon?

Comment your own goodbyes to the series and watch the series online at TV Fanatic to reminisce. 

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