Grey's Anatomy Round Table: Is Bailey On a Power Trip?!

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It was a Charmed reunion on Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 3, with Holly Marie Combs and Alyssa Milano playing two funny sisters in an awkward situation.

Bailey fired Qadri in a scene that had fans talking, and Meredith helped Jo perform a surgery via satellite.

Join TV Fanatics Meaghan Frey, Lauren Busser, and Jasmine Blu, and Grey's Fanatic Berea Orange as they discuss the hour!

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What are your thoughts on Qadri's controversial firing?

Meaghan: Qadri may have crossed a line, but that wasn't what got her fired, and that is the problem. She was fired because she bruised Bailey's ego in favor of Meredith.

As Meredith's teacher, she takes what Meredith did to heart, and that is why she is having such trouble letting go of what she did. Anyone taking Meredith's side is wrong in her book.

Also, I've worked in a supervisory role, and it is not nearly as easy to fire someone as they like to pretend. Firing someone in a fit of rage would not fly, and Qadri would get her job back if she fought it. What are your thoughts on Qadri's controversial firing?

Jasmine: Qadri's firing was contrived, and I hated it. When was she the diehard Meredith Grey fan? Wasn't that Helm?

She was fired because she crossed a line. I honestly don't know anyone who can go to work and go off on their boss in the hallway like that and not face repercussions. She could fight it, and she shouldn't have been fired, but what did she expect?

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It's frustrating that everyone is coming after Bailey, and I don't remember anyone, particularly interns and first-year residents constantly challenging the male chiefs like this.

Dahlia Qadri - Grey's Anatomy

Berea: I am in total agreement, Jasmine. We know they had to write Sofia Taylor Ali off the show, but I'm not happy with the way it was done. Much like a lot of other things on this show recently (we'll get to that later), it came out of nowhere.

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Qadri's character did not get the development she deserved. She took off her hijab to help a patient. She had a crush on Jackson. She was a part of the phenomenal Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 19.

Ultimately, though, we didn't get to see her develop. We definitely did NOT see this sudden idolization she had of Meredith Grey. So her disrespect of Chief Bailey came out of nowhere. Perhaps Deluca's newfound arrogance has rubbed off on her...

Qadri: Fine, you want to count residents? Guess how many residents came here to work with Meredith Grey? We didn't come here for Dr. Koracick, or Karev, or Avery, Dr. Bailey. We didn't come here for you! We had our choice in programs, but we picked this one. I picked this one, and it wasn't to watch Meredith Grey on a TV screen.
Bailey: Oh, you know what? You're right. You shouldn't have to work like that, so let's fix it. Work somewhere else.
Qadri: What?
Bailey: You're fired, Dr. Qadri. Now you and your hero got something in common.

What makes Qadri's firing even worse is how Dr. Bailey will be crucified for it.

Lauren: Qadri's not wrong, and I think Bailey is on a power trip. Bailey is right when she says that she trained Meredith Grey, but the ideas and accomplishments Meredith has come up with since make her unique. Qadri's just pointing out the truth. The interns are there because they wanted to learn from Meredith.

On a scale of 1-10, how much did you enjoy the Charmed reunion?

Meaghan: 9, because I absolutely adore Holly and Alyssa and would give just about anything to watch a Charmed reboot surrounding their kids with them starring in it. The storyline also added a little bit of humor which was nice.

Jasmine: 6. It was funny and entertaining, but I was never familiar with Charmed, so it didn't have the same effect on me as other fans.

Charmed Sisters - Tall  - Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 3

Berea: I give it a 5 simply because I never watched the original Charmed. But their storyline was hilarious, so I did enjoy it.

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Lauren: I say a 9. Alyssa Milano was basically Phoebe in it, for lack of a better word, "a land without magic," and Holly was Piper to an extent. The echoes were subtle but there, and much like Meaghan, I enjoyed the humor in the storyline. Sisterly bonds are a weakness of mine.

Jo, with the encouragement of Mer via video chat, completed her first surgery as an attending. React.

Meaghan: Jo's ego is going to become a problem, in my opinion. It was great that the surgery went well, but as we discussed last week in our round table, she isn't nearly experienced enough. One of these days she is going to take on something she shouldn't and it won't go so well.

Learning Her Story  - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 19

Jasmine: I still think it's too soon for her to have this position, but she did OK. I also think her inexperience will catch up to her at some point.

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Berea: I guess I just missed the point over the last seven seasons where we were absolutely wowed with Jo Wilson's surgical skills because as you've both said, I do not see how she is at all qualified to be an attending.

I think she was lucky to have pulled the surgery off, to be honest. But good on her for being able to finish it successfully (with Drs. Bailey and Grey's assistance).

Shirley: If I had known she was fired, I would have stayed on a beach in Costa Rica. Dr. Grey is the whole reason I'm here. 
Qadri: You and me both.

Lauren: The idea of virtual surgery was interesting, but honestly it could have gone wrong. Jo got lucky here, and while I am glad she made it through, I think that she does need to check her ego.

Why do you think Bailey is being this hard on Meredith? Does it make her unlikable to you?

Meaghan: It doesn't make her unlikable to me, but I am annoyed with her. She is definitely being way too hard on her.

Meredith helped Izzie when she cut Denny's LVAD and Bailey wasn't nearly this hard on her. Meredith didn't hurt anyone other than the insurance company.

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Jasmine: I think Bailey is getting tired of Meredith always doing things and never facing real repercussions. Everyone in the hospital has done things including Bailey. I get that, but Mer is the only one who consistently does the most and then wiggles out of it. You can love her and still find that frustrating.

Bailey in Her Element - Tall - Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 2

Berea: I hate to be this person, but insurance fraud doesn't hurt only the insurance company, but it affects insurance premiums for every consumer who pays for it.

I understand she was trying to make a point, but there was no need for Meredith to do this. Sure, practically every main cast member has broken a rule or committed a crime over the 14 years of this show.

The difference in this situation was Meredith Grey (General Surgery attending, beneficiary of Derek Shepherd, and part-owner of Grey-Sloan) was careless enough to use her own daughter's information and GOT CAUGHT by the insurance company who pressed charges. Bailey had no choice but to fire her.

Behind the Looking Glass - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 25

As you said, Jasmine, Meredith consistently toes the line and sometimes jumps right over it without considering the consequences. Bailey says she raised her interns; they are her babies. Her being hard on Meredith does not make her unlikeable. It makes her loving.

Lauren: I think that Bailey is on a power trip, and she needs to stop posturing. I think that from what we've seen in these few episodes, I think Bailey realizes that firing them was a bad idea and that she may have screwed the hospital. Underneath it all, I just think that she doesn't want to admit that she's wrong.

Jackson and Vic are official. Thoughts?

Meaghan: At this point, I'm over Jackson's love life. They didn't do the two a favor by having them jump into the relationship so quickly, and I can't seem to make myself care about them.

Jasmine: I still think this is dumb. I agree with Meaghan, I'm over it. I'm not convinced. I don't care.

Jackson needs therapy and to find himself, and I'm not crazy about what this is doing to Vic.

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Berea: Yikes. I have many thoughts, especially as someone who just binged Station 19 over the summer. The relationship makes no sense for either of them.

Why make me sob over her fiancé, Ripley's, death and again at his funeral if they will have her jump into something so soon? She was literally still grieving him in the finale.

Vicley Forever

And Jackson goes from wanting Maggie to move in, to all of a sudden deciding they are broken beyond repair? Neither Jackson nor Vic seems ready to move on as quickly as they have.

This is just something else about this season that seems contrived. Jackson needs to go see Owen's therapist so he, too, can be magically healed after one visit.

Lauren: With all the love life drama that happens on this show, I really have no opinion.

Do you think some of the characters have experienced personality shifts or are out of character?

Meaghan: Jackson. He is not the same person that we met all those years ago and not for the better. I honestly think that April leaving caused a huge shift in his character and I have not been a fan since.

Jasmine: A lot of them have. DeLuca is way too cocky out of the blue. Meredith is more obnoxious than ever. Jackson is an insensitive jerk. It's making my head spin.

Supportive Bae  - Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 2

Berea: Ditto, Jasmine. I'm not sure if it's because he's dating Meredith now and so they want him to be a little more like Derek was, but DeLuca is arrogant out of nowhere. He would never have spoken to Bailey in previous seasons as he has recently.

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Jackson seemed to be a better person to me once he got with Maggie, but now he seems to have regressed to the jerk he was when he was with April.

Qadri's attitude was actually out of character, too, because she has always been respectful and somewhat timid with all of her superiors prior to this.

Jackson is Over It - tall  - Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 2

Lauren: There are so many characters this season who seem to be stuck. Jackson is one, and I think that Bailey is another. I know Bailey was stern when we first met her 16 years ago, but she usually isn't this hard-edged all the time. I want her to soften a little bit and be an adult in the room.

Which character is annoying you the most? Which storyline?

Meaghan: Probably Bailey. She needs to get over herself and realizes that she lost three amazing surgeons over a mistake that was made to benefit a patient.

Jasmine: Jackson. I don't even know what to say anymore. I'm also tired of how they're making Meredith out to be some champion of the little people who can do no wrong.

Teddy and Motherhood  - Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 1

Berea: It's honestly a three-way-tie for me between Jackson, Meredith, and Teddy. Jackson immediately jumping into another relationship and hooking up in the hospital where Maggie works is just disrespectful.

Meredith is pushing her luck at every chance she can get and refuses to show remorse.

Teddy isn't considering the possibility that Owen only loves her because she gave him the child he's been so desperately wanting. Instead, she's jumping into a relationship with him and forgetting about my guy Tom (Tom Hive, here).

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Lauren: Yeah, Bailey. I think she'll ultimately realize how she could have handled everything better, but right now this is a lot of posturing.

What was your favorite scene or quote from the episode?

Meaghan: The two older patients getting their reunion. It was such a sweet moment and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I don't know what will happen in the next life, but I didn't want to leave this one without seeing you again.


Jasmine: I loved the reunion too. The couple was so sweet! They were too adorable for words.

Berea: My favorite was Link and Amelia at the beginning of the episode. She tells him she's been feeling sleepy and pukey, and his response? "My two favorite dwarves."

These two are so adorable and probably the only part of this season I am truly invested in so far. Team #Amelink or is it #Lepherd?

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Lauren: The two older patients getting their reunion was adorable. I also really loved the hug between Amelia and Meredith.

Do you agree with our Round Table? Do you disagree? Hit the comments below with your thoughts and answers. 

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