The Flash Season 6 Episode 2 Review: A Flash of the Lightning

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Thank you Eric Wallance! 

The Flash Season 6 has been consistantly entertaining with strong, well-woven storylines.

On The Flash Season 6 Episode 2, we saw our characters dealing with various issues but ultimately coming together in a way that really satisfied. 

Seeing the Future  - The Flash Season 6 Episode 2

Barry and Iris are still digesting the information about Barry's impending death.

Though there are rumors that Oliver Queen will be the one to die, so it's confusing why they would scare Barry like this.

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There is a theory that different Monitors exist, so it's possible the other doesn't know about Oliver Queen's trade. 

Either way, as he sits reflecting and wallowing on the infamous newspaper, it's Iris that ramps him up to action.

If that article changes that means we can change the future, so what do we do first.


I'm so happy to see her fierceness highlighted. She has faced the very issue not too long ago with Savitar and came out stronger for it. 

Having the introduction to anti-matter was terrifying, and one can easily see how it can turn into a crisis.

It turns out Garrick has been tracking them as they pop up through different Earths. That's not good!

Garrick  - The Flash Season 6 Episode 2

There was a "Doctor Strange," situation as Barry saw all the billions of possibilities to stop this crisis.

The only difference here is that the one where they win is also the one where Barry dies. 

Seeing Double  - The Flash Season 6 Episode 2

Speaking of the dead, Barry is introduced to Jay's new wife. She is his mother's doppelganger and that's a lot to swallow.

Her reveal was completely unexpected but made perfect sense. Similar to Barry and Iris, Barry's parents will always find each other. 

Seeing his Mom's doppelganger is unnerving enough without adding the stress of death being the only way to save the universe.

I saw millions of possible futures, billions of deaths...all their pain and suffering. Then they were gone.
I felt all of it. Now I know the monitor is right. I have to die.


That echoed the sacrifice of "love is my gift" from another favorite hero of mine. 

Thankfully, Papa Joe came to the rescue a few times and had one of his famous heart-to-hearts.

Am I the only one who missed those? Especially with Barry being on the receiving end? They do not get enough alone time. 

Get the hat  - The Flash Season 6 Episode 2

Another MVP was Cecile. There cannot be enough said about Cecile. Send thank-you letters to the casting director because she continues to grow and expand The Flash in the best ways. 

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She is the perfect dose of humor and drama, and this was an example of her really coming through.

Even Joe began to doubt her as she pleads the metahuman was innocent. All the evidence was piling up against her, but she stood her ground. 

All Smiles  - The Flash Season 6 Episode 2

She managed to get Iris and Ralph involved in an interesting storyline that led to a bigger plot of who is training metahumans to be assassins? 

That can be something they dive deeper into this season and severe as an alternative storyline for our characters to follow. 

Ultra Violet wasn't the greatest name for our villain, but we all can't have Cisco's talents.

Calling all white walkers.


The one talent that metahuman had was combat. She walked into police headquarters and demolished them. 

The fight scene was excellent! The use of light made everything more dramatic, and the song choice just put the cherry on top. 

Frost looks happy  - The Flash Season 6 Episode 2

Speaking of good fighters, Killer Frost was looking to get punched.

She accompanied Ralph and Cisco to an art showing and started complaining about every piece. It turns out she was trashing art because she has been secretly doing it herself. 

They are not all winners.

Killer Frost

She is looking for freedom of expression outside of Caitlin, and that can be daunting since she never had a life of her own. 

Imagine if she starts dating? Killer Frost, in the dating world, would be wilding entertaining. One could only imagine the men she would swipe right to meet. 

Instead, Killer Frost is focusing on herself by drawing. Sidenote: that picture she drew was adorable. She is growing into her own and it's amazing to watch. 

Oh Cisco  - The Flash Season 6 Episode 2

Another hero in personal growth is Cecile. She and Joe had a real conversation about her career and her desire to truly help the citizens of Central City. 

She is going to be a metahuman defense lawyer and it's brillant! 

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It is such an exciting development because it can bring a new dynamic to The Flash.

Too often do we see the dark side of metahumans, but like Barry on trial for Devoe's murder and this young woman getting framed, the justice system isn't always fair to metas.

On the case  - The Flash Season 6 Episode 2

Having Cecile in this new position can open up a storyline for the rest of the series, and never leave characters unused. 

I'm not sure how to feel about the closing scene. Barry understood Joe's speech and knows he is not dying by choice, but to protect those he loves. Still, I have questions. 

The Barry I know would never stop running, he would find another way to fight.


Why isn't Barry fighting for himself? When it came time for Iris to die, he fought tooth and nail to save her. 

What about Nora? Iris isn't supposed to get pregnant for years, but with Barry possibly dying, will they try for a child sooner? 

What about Oliver's trade for Barry and Kara's lives?

What in the world is going on with Russo and the man he killed?

Don't forget to watch The Flash online incase you missed any episodes. 

Tell us what you think. Leave a comment below. 

What do you think will be in store as we move forward?


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Barry: Nora wait what are you doing?! You can't touch that, you'll contaminate the evidence!
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