Dynasty Season 3 Episode 5 Review: Mother? I'm at La Mirage

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There's always a party on Dynasty. 

Fallon was on her worst behavior on Dynasty Season 3 Episode 5 as she attempted to get her company, Femperial, back from Kirby, and went to extreme lengths to make her seem ill-fit for the role. 

It was all very sad, even for Fallon, who spoke of "women empowerment" as she started pumping Kirby with alcohol to shame her and make her out to be an alcoholic. 

Making New Friends - Dynasty

Every one of the Carringtons does questionable things, but this girl-on-girl crime had to be the lowest of them all. 

Sabotaging a judge (classic Cristal) is one thing; attacking someone that's supposed to be your friend is downright terrible.  

Kirby deserves a cold shoulder or two since she didn't play nice when she broke Fallon's trust and took Femperial from her, but Fallon took it too far. 

There were other ways to get her message across.

Or, crazy idea, just start a new business! 

Although, I'm not at all upset with Fallon's hilarious and snarky quips towards Kirby. When she called her a wombat, I damn near lost it. 

Femperial isn't established anyhow, Fallon never cared about books, and we know she has the money to invest in something else that's near and dear to her heart. 

But that's the thing -- Fallon had absolutely no idea why she was acting the way that she was until Kirby pointed it out. 

She was subconsciously trying to get back to Liam by throwing herself into her career.

At first, it seemed like she was merely trying to stay busy, but in reality, she wanted to become his editor so she could make him fall back in love with her.

Kirby Sabotage - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 5

When you look at it from that angle, Fallon's desperation made sense; this was her last shot at getting her man back. 

Once Kirby made Fallon aware of that, Fallon knew it was time to make like Elsa from Frozen and let it (and Liam) go. 

And in true soap-opera fashion, the moment she moved on with Evan was the moment Liam began to get his memories back. 

Both Fallon and Liam made poor decisions when it came to the amnesia situation. Ugh. 

This isn't over you conniving little wombat.


Fallon overloaded him to make him remember their love while Liam gave up on their relationship too quickly because he couldn't remember. 

What about just giving it some time without making any rash decisions?

The doctors warned that Liam's memory loss could take a bit of time.

They created this mess entirely on their own. 

And now, Fallon's been thrust into yet another love triangle that attempts to pull her away from Liam, the only man that could ever handle her. Though, I don't see it lasting long at all. 

When Fallon sees that Liam remembers, she won't have a hard time choosing between him and Evan. Evan needs to see it for what it is -- a rebound. 

A lot went down at Sammy's hotel opening, which introduced us to the Vanessa that Dominique was talking to on Dynasty Season 3 Episode 4

Vanessa is Dominique's step-daughter who just took a job as a mixologist at La Mirage. 

And like her mother, she's up to no good. 

Hotel Owner - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 5

Though, I was surprised to find out that Dominique's plans were less devious than I previously thought. 

She went through all of that trouble and has been playing Jeff and Monica so that she could get her daughter a record deal?

Surely, there are other avenues to make those dreams a reality, especially if Vanessa has talent, which we know she does. 

Vanessa is so determined to get signed that she blatantly drugged Ashanti so that she could perform at the hotel opening. 

Like mother, like daughter. 

Right now, I'm not wowed. I'm actually un-wowed.


It's a little surprising that Colby is choosing to trust his mother after everything that has happened. 

He may have a hard exterior, but under all of that, he's just a little boy who needs his mother. 

And he's freaking out now that his cognitive functions are starting to diminish.

Hello, Vanessa - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 5

Dominique's reaction to finding out the news of her son's sickness seemed genuine but knowing what we know about her, her eyes probably also lit up in dollar bills. 

The knowledge that her son has an expiration date gives her more of an incentive to play the doting mother card and get a stake in his recording company.

Ashanti guest-starred on the episode, but it was a completely missed opportunity. How do you get a pop star on the show and she doesn't sing one song? Disappointing. 

The party wasn't just a disaster for Sammy but also for Culhane, who was having some trouble with the new Atlantix prospect, Victor. 

Despite being told to lay low, Victor was out and about mingling with Ashanti and naturally, his photo ended up on social media thus allowing the goons to track him down. 

Culhane managed to get there in the knick of time to save him, but the same cannot be said for his knee, which looked badly injured following the altercation. 

Ashanti! - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 5

We don't know enough about where this storyline is headed to truly get invested or make an assumption about what it means for Culhane, but it cannot be good if Victor was supposed to be the "star" player.

The only good thing to come out of the grand opening was Sammy's ability to focus less on the anti-gay plaque in his hotel and more on doing good for the community by teaming up with the Trevor Project to help the at-risk LGBTQ community. 

Also, Anders stood up for himself and it was a boss moment. 

Adam had to sit out Sammy's grand opening party after getting hit with a proper dose of karma and suffering temporarily blindness. I say temporarily because it's obvious he's going to get his eyesight back, though, no one in the Manor considered or believed it. 

They even brought in Nadia to teach him how to navigate life without eyesight. Cristal's ultimate goal was to send Adam away once and for all, which none of us would have opposed, but Blake insisted that he stay. 

Goodbye Eyesight - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 5

But if things pan out the way their shaping up, Adam is going to be the least of Cristal's worries. 

Initially, Nadia seemed like someone just there to do her job done, but her interest in helping Adam is concerning. When she learned about Cristal's plans for her step-son, she promised Adam she'd help him get rid of her.

Why? Does she have step-mommy issues?

What's her connection to Cristal? 

And why would she be so invested in a man she's never met specifically one that has a "sociopath" reputation around the Manor?

If you watch Dynasty online, you know that Adam, of all people, doesn't deserve to be cut any slack. And he doesn't need anyone encouraging his behavior. 

Moving On - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 5

I'm guessing his vision will come back by the next episode and he'll fake the blindness to get an advantage. 

After he saw how much his father loved him following the accident, I could see Adam wanting to hold onto that.

That is if Blake's even around to witness it at all. 

Cristal may have bribed Judge Fairbanks, but who's to say the next judge is going to be less lenient?

This Is War - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 5

They cannot have everyone in their pockets.

Blake is the 1% so everyone is going to want to make him pay for his crimes whether he deserves to or not (and we all know he does). 

What did you think of the episode?

Will Fallon drop Evan the moment she realizes her Liam is back?

Will Blake avoid jail time? 

Will Adam get his eyesight back?


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This isn't over you conniving little wombat.


Right now, I'm not wowed. I'm actually un-wowed.