Power Season 6 Episode 15 Review: Exactly How We Planned

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And just like that, it's all over. 

Or is it?

After six seasons and sixty-three installments, Power Season 6 Episode 15 brought us to the end of the Power universe as we know it thus far. And if you were expecting a bonkers final act, you could have been a little disappointed. 

Final Moments - Power Season 6 Episode 15

A series finale is a tricky thing to pull off effectively. It's hard to wrap up various storylines that have stretched out over the years and find a way to please every facet of the audience, as well. 

Especially in a world like Power where there are no good guys or bad guys. There have never really been any heroes or villains in this story. 

Everyone was a confused mixture of both, so in the end, it wasn't like the audience was craving justice. We just wanted to know the truth. 

Keeping with the theme of the back half of Power Seaosn 6, we played out the same day for the sixth time but through the eyes of Tasha, Tariq, and a little bit of Saxe. 

Past Deeds - Power Season 6 Episode 15

It felt odd that Saxe was ever even a real threat to be Ghost's killer with Tasha and Tariq still on the table, but the show continued to hype him as a suspect. And spoiler alert, he wasn't the one to kill Ghost. 

More than anyone outside of Tommy, Tasha and Tariq had the most reasons to want Ghost dead. 

And Ghost's behavior in those last 24 hours seemingly left them feeling like a dead Ghost was their only option. 

You can debate whether or not that's true, but regardless, in many ways, they felt like to even have a future, Ghost couldn't be in the picture. 

Under Questioning - Power Season 6 Episode 15

Ghost was always arrogant and selfish, but in his final moments, he took it to a whole new level. 

With the world right there for the taking, he felt invincible. In his eyes, he'd worked harder than anyone and sacrificed everything to get to a point in his life when he would truly possess the power he felt he deserved. 

It was foolish to think everyone around him would bend to his will, but Ghost often underestimated those around him. And in the end, it was his undoing. 

Thinking that Tariq was going to hop and skip into the police station and turn himself in for Ray-Ray's murder was absurd, especially considering that, back when it happened, Ghost told Tariq he would take the fall for him. 

Tasha Pleads - Power Season 6 Episode 15

But that was a different Ghost talking. 

And frankly, that was a completely different Tariq. 

Both Tasha and Tariq weren't going to allow Ghost to get his way, and as they saw it, be punished again when Ghost gets to walk free. 

Tasha: Did you ever love me, Ghost? Or was that all a lie, too?
Ghost: Yeah. I loved you. And a part of me still does. But you never loved this version of me standing in front of you, now did you? Remember? The biggest goddamn drug dealer in New York City. That's who the fuck you loved.

The conversation between Ghost and Tasha about their love for Tariq was fascinating because they have never sounded more apart. 

At the beginning of the series, everything was for the family. Every lie and every kill was done to protect the family and secure their future. 

But at some point, there was a switch in Ghost. You could point to Angela's death as his true breaking point, or you could argue that it was there all along, and he just hid it better. 

Either way, Ghost got tired of being the person to clean up and take care of everyone else, while Tasha was willing to do whatever it took to keep those around her safe.

That's not to say Tasha was somehow a martyr and Ghost the devil because ultimately nothing worked out for either of them. 

Taking It All In - Power Season 6 Episode 15

One of the biggest mistakes Ghost made with Tariq was trying to mold him into the man he wanted to be, instead of being honest with him and allowing him to become the man he was supposed to be. 

Ghost and Tasha's decision to engage in such high-risk behavior all the time and continuously lie to their kids about it built-up resentment in Tariq that he's never going to shake. 

That distrust he developed with both Ghost and Tasha is what allowed Kanan to creep in. 

It was pretty telling that in those final moments before Tariq grappled with whether or not to murder his father, he didn't see Raina but instead Kanan. 

And Kanan, whether dead or alive, is always going to Kanan. 

Stunned Tariq - Power Season 6 Episode 15

He pushed Tariq to man up and do what needed to be done. He almost sounded proud of Tariq for how he helped Tasha set him up. 

Tariq had become a man overnight, and for him to complete the full ascension, he had to become the last St. Patrick man standing. 

If you guessed Tariq was Ghost's killer way back when, then you were probably pretty pleased with yourself when you saw the scene play out. 

I'm you, Dad.

Tariq [to Ghost]

The show had been hitting us over the head with the notion that Tariq was destined to become his father for a long time, so it was logical to think it would unfold this way. 

It'd be interesting to go back and see if you could figure out when the switch in Tariq came. Was it truly when Ghost left Tasha for Angela? Or had it been brewing long before that?

Saxe Struggles - Power Season 6 Episode 15

Angela is dead and gone, yet in his final seconds, Ghost was made to realize, again, what a catastrophe that relationship had been for all parties involved. 

After years of practice, Tasha knew to go into clean-up mode, and from the second she stole Quentin's gun, it was clear she was going to pin the murder on him. 

But plot twist! Quentin ended up being a pretty sharp guy, and sensing that something was wrong, he got himself an alibi, and thus Tasha found herself behind bars for a crime she didn't commit. 

So, now what?

Tasha saved Tariq like she always set out to do, and presumably, she gets to live the rest of her life behind bars. 

Tariq has to get an education before he inherits a fortune, but will anything change?

Even in death, Ghost was trying his hardest to lead Tariq down a different path, but in the end, it was never Ghost's decision. 

He could only show him a way, and it was up to Tariq to make a choice. 

Tommy Spins - Power Season 6 Episode 15

And because Power never ends, you will get a chance to see what happens next if you're interested because there are three spinoffs on the way, with one beginning mere moments after this finale. 

Everything Else You Need To Know 

  • Out of everyone we've seen work for the FBI during Power's run, Saxe deserved to be fired the most. And yet he ends things with his job back. 
  • What happens to Yas now? I assume she lives with her grandmother, but who will take care of her, ultimately?
  • The strangest part of the way the series ended was the lack of focus on Ghost who was undeniably the star of the series. There was a revolving door of characters throughout the years, but he always reigned supreme, and it was a disservice to have him barely present towards the end. 
Learning Her Fate - Power Season 6 Episode 15
  • The most effective scene of the last few episodes, and perhaps the series overall, was Ghost's death scene. It was only right for him to pass with Tommy by his side. There was no one else who should have been there in those final minutes. 

We've reached the end of the original Power, and it's bittersweet, to say the least. 

This may not have been the best ending to a truly incredible series and in many ways, it's not. But it's still closed the chapters of a lot of characters we've known and embraced for a long time and it will be missed. 

As always, drop me a comment or two about the finale and what you liked and didn't like. And also let me know if you're excited about the spinoffs! 

It's been a pleasure covering this show for the last five years and talking with everyone who stopped by to talk about the series. Never forget you can watch Power online via TV Fanatic anytime to relive the glory days. 

Exactly How We Planned Review

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Power Season 6 Episode 15 Quotes

Look, Tasha, I release you, okay? I release you from our marriage completely. Go head. Be Tasha Green. The half smart chickenhead who'd still be in the hood if it wasn't for me.


Ghost: Look, I apologize about the other night okay? You made me lose my temper. I won't do it again, but you shouldn't run your mouth off to your son. It's your fault he hates me.
Tasha: My fault? Oh, like it was Kanan's fault before that? Maybe Tariq hates you because you hurt the people you love to get what you want.