Tommy Spins - Power Season 6 Episode 15
Tommy and Tariq face-off over what to do about both Dre and Ghost during Power Season 6 Episode 15.

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Power Season 6 Episode 15: "Exactly How We Planned "
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Power Season 6 Episode 15 Quotes

Look, Tasha, I release you, okay? I release you from our marriage completely. Go head. Be Tasha Green. The half smart chickenhead who'd still be in the hood if it wasn't for me.


Ghost: Look, I apologize about the other night okay? You made me lose my temper. I won't do it again, but you shouldn't run your mouth off to your son. It's your fault he hates me.
Tasha: My fault? Oh, like it was Kanan's fault before that? Maybe Tariq hates you because you hurt the people you love to get what you want.