Grey's Anatomy Round Table: It's Official. We LOVE Cormac Hayes!

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It was another bottle episode that gave us some much-needed character-focus and background on a handful of GSM's finest.

From heartbreaking flashbacks to the death of Hayes' wife, to a shocking discovery about Teddy,Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 19 was chock-full of insight.

Join TV Fanatics Meaghan Frey and Paul Dailly, and Grey's Fanatics Berea Orange and LC as they discuss the hour.

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Did Hayes' backstory make you enjoy him more? On a scale of 1-10, how emotional was it?

Meaghan: 10. Hayes is a great character who I wish we had met earlier on in the show. His backstory may have been shown to us in about five minutes, but it still managed to pack the emotional punch that it would have had we seen it play out over a longer period.

His wife permitting him to fall in love again was such a touching moment, and it definitely tore me apart a little bit. The medical sales rep trying to pimp out the device that led to his wife's death was just the icing on the cake.

Berea: I would give this a 7 on the emotional scale. I loved learning more about Hayes. I kind of wish we’d gotten a full episode centric for him.

He’s a great guy, and one of my favorite new additions to the show. Seeing what happened with his wife was so sad, especially the scene where he breaks down with her, and she gives him permission to move on.

Cormac's Grief - Tall  - Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 19

Paul: Hayes is great, and this storyline definitely made me like him more. I would give it a 10 because it felt like we needed this intel to connect with him more. Character development has always been one of the best aspects of the show.

LC: Twenty stars for this storyline. He deserved more. Hayes' story should've been a centric episode instead of these quick few minutes of emotional heartbreak.

They've had him floating around like he's just an emotionless plot for a love triangle. I'm all about that Hayes now!

Did you fall in love with Maggie and Winston's fast love? Do you think their relationship can last and lead somewhere, or was it too good to be true?

Meaghan: They are a sweet couple, but Grey's has this habit of expediting relationships when they want to get to a particular end game. I feel like fast-tracking this relationship may be proof that Grey's is heading to its end.

I'm going to be a little forward, OK? I have had a crush on you since my first year of residency.


Berea: I love Maggie and am glad she’s gotten another romantic interest. However, this situation with Winston seemed to be too good to be true.

How did he know just all the right things to say to Maggie? And wanting them to move to be in the same city already? I’m feeling a little bit of creep vibes.

But I don’t know. I could just be jaded considering all relationships this season have gone through it. I don’t see Maggie agreeing to move across the country for a guy she just started seeing, even though she’s known him a few years.

Checking in at a Conference   - Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 19

Paul: I agree with Berea. It came out of nowhere and felt forced. Nothing is ever as clean-cut on this show, so even if they do pursue a relationship, there's going to be lots of drama.

LC: Was it intentional of the writers to give him the name Winston cause Maggie got her groove back? Anyways, I'm not sold. Sorry.

It's gonna take more than an episode to jump aboard a ship because you gave my good sis multiple orgasms and know how to make her back arch. You are smooth, Winston, but that doesn't do anything for me.

Did we learn anything from Nico and Schmidt, or are we just going to rush Maggie into a relationship cause we want her toes to curl? Is that really happiness? Let's get Schmidt on the line for confirmation.

He's a sexy plot and that's that. This isn't a sign of Grey's ending, so they rushed Maggie off into a relationship. It's a plot to drive into something else. Season 16 is all plot-driven; that's it.

Were you surprised to learn that Teddy is sexually/romantically fluid, had an affair and that Allison wasn't just her best friend but the love of her life? What are your thoughts on this Teddy reveal, and what do you think it means for her in the present?

Meaghan: I am not mad whatsoever about this reveal. However, I am upset that something this significant in Teddy's life was kept from us until now.

It isn't like Teddy is some new character. We have been through a lot with her over the years, so to be finding out something this huge this far in feels odd.

I can't keep lying and sneaking around from Claire, she's our best friend.


I think that the purpose of this was to make Teddy realize that it is possible for her to love two people at the same time because Allison did. As if her being in love with two people makes it okay that she is cheating with Tom just because she loves him. She needs to make a choice.

Facing Her Past - Tall  - Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 19

Berea: I was absolutely shocked by this reveal. I did not see this coming at all. I cannot wait for Owen to find out!

Sure, it’s not necessarily his business what her sexual activity consisted of before meeting him, but she named their child after her. That’s a big thing that can’t stay a secret for long.

What I loved the most about this reveal is that it proved me right! I’d been saying Teddy cheating isn’t out of character, and they’ve just shown this is true. She has a history of falling in love with people who are unavailable and then sabotaging the love she gets.

I’m glad we got this backstory on Teddy because for so long her story has been so intricately tied with Owen’s. It’s nice to have something that focused on just her.

Teddy and Allison

Paul: Everything with Teddy took me by surprise on this installment, but it was nice to learn more about her past. Teddy has now proven that she sucks at relationships, and it would be wise to take some more time to herself to figure out who she wants to be with.

I suspect the chance meeting will force her to come to that conclusion. It could be as simple as Teddy never getting over Allison's death, and that might explain why she isn't being faithful to Owen.

Home to Roost - Tall  - Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 19

LC: This surprising storyline made Teddy interesting. Theodora Grace Altman has an origin story, and I want more of it.

I mean she'd be great with Tom, but Teddy and Allison were a beautiful pairing. I think parts of Teddy wants a love that she shared with Allison, and I think she knows she can't get that from Tom or Owen. In the end, she'll be single.

How heartbreaking was Richard's episode on stage? What do you think is wrong with him, and how do you think the storyline will play out?

Meaghan: Watching Richard bumble through his presentation like someone having a psychotic break was devastating. It seems pretty clear after this episode that Richard is suffering from Korsakoff's syndrome which is linked to alcoholism.

His tremor, hallucinations and memory issues can all be attributed to it. I'm sure we are going to see him continue to decline.

Tonight, with my brilliant wife's help, I figured out how to cure cancer.


Like Maggie's whirlwind romance, this feels like another sign that Grey's will come to an end. It would be almost a perfect mirror to its beginnings watching Meredith visiting Richard in a nursing home like she did Ellis.

Richard's Speech  - Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 19

Berea: Oh my goodness this broke my little heart! I was so happy at the beginning of the episode (“Yay Richard and Catherine finally made up! It’s about time!”), and then they shattered all my hopes and dreams.

When he got on the stage, and they showed all of his notes, I cringed so hard from second-hand embarrassment. I wish Richard hadn’t been so prideful early on and just gotten checked out when he first noticed his tremor instead of throwing fits and resigning.

I suspect he might have Parkinson’s, but that diagnosis seems too obvious. Since we only have two more episodes left in this season, I really hope we get to the bottom of it soon.

A Presentation - Tall  - Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 19

Paul: Richard is one of few OGs still on the show, so I hope he pulls through. Something tells me it will be a brain tumor, and the doctors are going to have a small amount of time to save his life. Even if they do save him, I still reckon he will retire from the hospital.

LC: I wanted to cry. It was a moment for Richard to finally be front and center, and it's halted by this medical condition.

It was hard to watch. It hurt to watch. I'm not sure what's wrong. I'm not going to speculate because I know for sure I'll be wrong.

I like to think that it would reunite Catherine and him. But I don't think so. I think this brings another couple together *coughs* Jaggie *coughs*.

Which was your favorite storyline during this hour?

Meaghan: It is a toss-up between Hayes' wife's story, Richard's decline, and Teddy's reveal. All were examples of Grey's at its best, delivering storylines heavy in emotion.

We don't get enough of these moments surrounding the core characters anymore. Usually, they are relying on the patients for these types of moments these days.

I met the father of my daughter in Afghanistan after Allison died and he saved me from a grief so huge that I probably would’ve let it kill me. For years, I loved him so much I felt guilty for loving him half as much as I loved Allison, guilty because he was with someone else, and guilty because maybe I wasn’t capable of letting someone love me fully. And Allison did love me, yes. But she loved you too, Claire. Allison was in love with the both of us. At the time, I didn’t believe it. I thought no one could love more than one person at once. I thought love couldn’t be divided like that. But now I do, I believe it. And I’m sorry for the lies, the betrayal. I was a bad friend and I was selfish and I never, ever meant to hurt you.


Berea: This episode was the first time in a while this season that I can say I enjoyed all stories. Teddy’s reveal was a jaw-dropper. Hayes’s backstory was heart-wrenching. Richard’s breakdown on stage (and finding out Catherine was never there) was shocking!

And I loved seeing Maggie get another love interest, although I suspect there is something more about Winston that we are yet to find out. I actually loved every moment of this episode.

Maggie and Richard in LA - Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 19

Paul: Teddy's storyline hit me the most because I've always had questions about her actions. I wouldn't mind delving deeper into her backstory.

She was the love of my life, and you were the love of hers. Take care, Teddy.


LC: Hayes. It was beautiful and heart-wrenching I liked the others. And honestly, I would have preferred a centric for each of these storylines so we can delve deeper.

Do you have any additional thoughts?

Meaghan: Thank god Hayes' shaved his head. The man just does not look right with hair.

Berea: Meaghan! I thought I was the only one. Hayes with hair is NOT it! The bald looks great on him.

I think it’s interesting to see Maggie and Teddy acting like friends in this episode. If anything, I’ve always kind of considered the two of them frenemies.

Teddy resented having to ask her for a job. The two butted heads over Amelia and Owen more than once. I guess the show wants to make them friends now, which I suppose I understand considering she doesn’t have Arizona and Callie anymore.

Cardio Queens - Tall  - Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 19

Paul: What the heck happened to DeLuca? I need answers!

LC: So, Meredith was just at home while the man she loves that went to jail for her hopped on a bike and rode off into the sunset? M'kay. The promo next week shows Carina on vacay, and Andrew is just gone with the wind after his meltdown? M'kay.

Plot-driven season. Hayes and Meredith need to happen at some point.

What was your favorite quote and/or moment?

Meaghan: Hayes' wife telling him that it is okay to fall in love again and that he won't have trouble given the fact that he is a hot doctor.

His wife's ability to inject humor into an otherwise heartbreaking situation was incredible. Hopefully, him revisiting that moment with her will make him realize it is time to let someone in again, and we can move towards him and Mer getting together.

Abigail: It's OK for you to fall in love again. You have my permission.
Hayes: I don't want that.
Abigail: Which is why you need to hear me say that it's OK.

Berea: Although it was sad, my favorite moment was when we realized Catherine was never there and then Richard gave that cringe-worthy performance.

It was at this moment that everyone finally realized he’s sick. I’m looking forward to everyone rallying behind him and finding out what’s wrong so they can fix him.

Drinks and Conferences - Tall  - Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 19

LC: The fact that Teddy named her child with Owen, Allison ... Whew, a mess!

Over to you, Grey's Fanatics. Do you agree with our round table? Do you disagree? Hit the comments below.

Please stay tuned this week, we have an exclusive interview with the lovely Elizabeth Grullon, who played Hayes' wife, Abigail.

We discussed those magical McWidow flashbacks, and she was beyond humbled to hear how well fans responded to her character and her love story.

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