Blue Bloods Season 10 Episode 19 Review: Family Secrets

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What would you do if, after 20+ years of not knowing who your father was, you learned you were a Reagan?

The answer to that question will have to wait for Blue Bloods Season 11, assuming the series gets renewed.

Blue Bloods Season 10 Episode 19 set us up nicely for that potential next season, introduced the grandson Frank never knew he had, and gave us a hint about Jamie and Eddie's future. THIS is how a season finale should go.

Needing Danny's Help - Blue Bloods Season 10 Episode 19

The presence of Joe Reagan's ghost was never so keenly felt as it was during this episode.

Not only did Frank learn that Joe had a son, but Danny also mentioned Joe when he was trying to talk Teddy down.

If this were Days of Our Lives, Joe would miraculously turn up to be alive. But since Blue Bloods is a more realistic show, we got the next best thing: Joe's son.

Erin: What's he like?
Frank: What's he like? I just met the guy and he's my grandson.

Like Frank, I'm not sure what to make out of the younger Joe yet.

Uncovering The Truth - Blue Bloods Season 10 Episode 19

He certainly seems to have inherited the Reagan love of police work. Frank and Sid had talked about how young the guy was to be working the job he was working, but that didn't prepare me adequately for just how young he looked.

I didn't see much of Danny in him (although Frank did), but his personality reminded me of Jamie. 

Either way, so far, he seems like he will fit right in, but it can't be as easy as it appears to be.

For one thing, there's Joe's mother.

She made it clear that transferring Joe to a safer assignment was a condition of Frank being allowed to get to know his grandson.

A Key Witness - Blue Bloods Season 10 Episode 19

Joe is an adult. He wanted that assignment, and he wants a relationship with his father's family. But his mom will not be happy with either of those choices, and that might be a significant source of conflict.

Plus, it's got to be more of a shock for both Joe and the Reagans learning suddenly that they're related. The other Reagans grew up with Joe's father, but Joe Senior's death is still a source of pain for them.

Joe may be overly eager to learn about his dad, and his new family may both want to oblige but find it difficult to do so.

And Joe himself may not quite know what his place in the Reagan family is or how this changes things.

If he ever gets into a conflict on the job that Frank has to handle, Frank's by-the-book reaction might be more confusing for him than for the other Reagans, who all grew up with Frank and know what he's like.

Investigating a Murder - Blue Bloods Season 10 Episode 19

The interesting thing about this episode was that Joe's existence wasn't the only big change for the family.

It looks like Jamie and Eddie will either be trying for a baby soon or trying to adopt one, and that brings up the question of how they will navigate that change to their family at the same time as they are getting to know Joe.

Eddie's attachment to the baby they found outside the precinct was predictable, but the resolution was not.

Eddie: I thought you were gonna tell me to step back.
Jamie: Yeah, well, I've learned that if you're on the edge of the cliff about to jump off, I can't tell you to take a step back. My best bet is to take your hand and jump with you.

Jamie had already alluded to the possibility of adopting that baby, and Eddie had already given him a name, so it seemed obvious that that's where we were headed.

I thought this was going to end up the way things did on Law & Order: SVU when Benson kept going to court to check on baby Noah and eventually agreed to adopt him.

Instead, Eddie was heartbroken to lose custody of the baby, even though she was happy that he reunited with his mother. Well played Blue Bloods. I didn't see that one coming.

This was one of the best post-wedding Jamko stories. Jamie and Eddie were on the same team throughout the hour, despite Jamie's failed attempts to stop Eddie from getting overly involved in the case or overly attached to this baby that she most likely wasn't going to get to keep.

Jamie also helped balance Eddie's protective instincts so that she didn't scare the mother to death when they confronted her. Thank goodness, because it turned out the woman was more in need of help than she was of punishment.

How many times do we get to really make a difference? Most of the time we get called out to a case when someone is already raped or murdered or mugged. But this time, we might be able to change someone's life.


Eddie wanted to make a positive difference by getting involved with this case, and in a way, she was able to do just that, so hopefully, over time she'll begin to see it that way.

Danny and Baez's case was the only run-of-the-mill story. I wish that they'd worked alongside Erin and Anthony more on this one since the outcome affected her office.

A DNA Mystery - Blue Bloods Season 10 Episode 19

It was especially weird that Erin lost her court motion for lack of evidence seconds after Danny and Baez found proof that Gio's girlfriend had tipped off Acosta that he was cooperating with the police.

I was expecting Danny to run in with that evidence and Erin to get on him for not telling her ahead of time.

Erin: This office can't be used for your personal stuff.
Anthony: Yeah, well tell that to all the other Reagans.
Erin: That's different.
Anthony: Yeah, cause they think they can just waltz in here and do whatever they want cause they're your family.
Erin: That's not what I meant.
Anthony: Yeah, well, message received.

Also, since Anthony felt Erin played favorites with her family, he and Danny would probably have been even more antagonistic than usual toward each other if they had to work together.

And did anyone else think of the apology letter that Anthony suggested ADA Wilson send on Blue Bloods Season 10 Episode 18 when Erin brought Anthony the report he was trying to access?

It's your turn, Blue Blood fanatics.

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Family Secrets Review

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Blue Bloods Season 10 Episode 19 Quotes

Frank: If there was a skeleton in the family closet, I would know about it.
Sean: This is no skeleton. He's a living, breathing guy who's walking around.

Erin: This office can't be used for your personal stuff.
Anthony: Yeah, well tell that to all the other Reagans.
Erin: That's different.
Anthony: Yeah, cause they think they can just waltz in here and do whatever they want cause they're your family.
Erin: That's not what I meant.
Anthony: Yeah, well, message received.