Good Girls Season 3 Episode 11 Review: Synergy

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This all feels oddly familiar.

Phoebe and Henry were hot on Ruby’s trail during Good Girls Season 3 Episode 11, and Phoebe’s on the cusp of bringing the ladies' whole operation down to the ground.

And the ladies don’t even see it coming.

Clocking In - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 11

The element of surprise has been mostly missing this season, as there wasn’t a lot of new ground covered.

Rio is still the man in charge, and everything runs through him. Beth is flirting with different ways to get out from under his thumb, but failing to be completely independent.

Annie is struggling in her personal life and making bad decisions in the men department. And Ruby and Stan are struggling to keep their marriage above water.

All of this was true during Good Girls Season 2, and it remains the same way now.

Ruby At Work - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 11

This final hour looked to at least try to move one storyline forward, and they did a pretty good job of fleshing out the fissures in the Hill marriage and bringing them to a much better place.

Ruby and Stan’s communication hasn’t been great for a long while, and their confrontation over Ruby looting the crime jar felt like months and months of frustration spilling out for both of them.

Stan has been having his own internal struggle, as he’s become a person he doesn’t recognize. He’s watched himself become a man who engages in shady behavior and turns his cheek to crimes happening right under his nose.

It’s been hard for him to reconcile who he is now with who he once was, and the crime jar was a way to hold himself accountable. It wasn’t much, and it didn’t actually make up for anything he’d done, but it seemed to allow him a small measure of peace.

Fresh Nails - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 11

So finding out Ruby took that money without consulting him sent him off the deep end.

As the healthiest romantic relationship on the show, the thing that’s always stood out about Ruby and Stan’s marriage above all else is that they seemed like a team. They have a copious amount of problems, but they always felt like equal partners.

When you look at Beth and Dean’s marriage, whether intended or not, it’s always felt like Dean saw himself as slightly above Beth. The true man of the house.

Stan has never been like that. And that’s why Ruby was so taken aback by Stan barking orders at her to pay back the money.

Stan Thinks - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 11

It was jarring and didn’t even sound like the Stan we’ve gotten to know. But it showed just how fragile things were between Ruby and Stan.

Ruby: I'm so mad at Stan. This makes the most sense.
Beth: What makes the most sense is couple's therapy. Not grand larceny.
Ruby: You didn't see the way he talked to me.

When Ruby came up with the plan to steal from Stan, I was sure this was going to be the straw that broke the camel’s back. And I was not ready to mourn the end of my favorite relationship.

But the joke was one me because things turned out better than they had any right to turn out.

Stan can be mad and disappointed, but after he was done, he needed to understand the gravity of the situation. Not to mention the fact that Ruby is in a situation that she can’t exactly walk away from at this point.

A Drastic Decision - Good Girls

Luckily, Stan had time to decompress and hear Ruby out because she was right.

Sometimes good people do bad things, right?

The hitman subplot was put on the back burner for now, as Beth and Dean moved forward with the plan to get a hot tub store.

Dean was still as oblivious as ever, and you have to imagine when he eventually finds out why Beth really wanted him to start the business that may be what finally drives the two of them apart.

Pushing Forward - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 11

Their relationship continues to be perplexing because they’re never completely honest with one another, and their marriage feels like it’s more about convenience and comfort than any type of love.

But they put on a united front to strong-arm Gayle into giving up the store, and now that they have it, it shouldn’t be too long before everything goes to hell because this is Good Girls after all.

Rio’s insistence that Beth now prints and wash the cash was just another way for Rio to assert his authority.

Beth: When does it get to be mine?
Rio: When does what get to be yours?
Beth: I made all of this happen.
Rio: Next time empty the clip.

Rio is shrewd and knows what he’s doing, but things with Beth are 100% personal. And in many ways, he seems to be punishing her for not only shooting him but the fact that she didn’t finish the job.

Taking A Walk - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 11

Because we never get any real time with Rio outside of late-night meetups or impromptu mid-day cocktails, we have no idea what he’s thinking and if he has any idea that the ladies are actively planning his death.

There’s a huge piece of me that thinks Rio knows everything, and it’s all going to come back to bite Beth, especially, but there are no facts to back that up.

But then again, Rio doesn’t act like someone who’s even remotely scared of Beth, even after she shot him multiple times at point-blank range. So, maybe he is utterly oblivious to the fact that she would try a different way to get rid of him.

It’s not easy to get the drop on someone like Rio, and the idea that he could be taken out so easily just doesn’t feel right.

Look Out - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 11

Due to the unexpectedly shortened season, we aren’t getting any of those answers right now. But hopefully, we will get the resolution to this in the future, because there was a great hook here to set up a nice final burst to finish out the lackluster third season.

Odds and Ends

  • So, Dean and Gayle hooked up, correct? I know Beth didn’t explicitly ask him, but he did it. Also, Gayle is lucky Beth is classy because she deserved a dressing down after the way she talked to her.
  • There was no Dr. Cohen, and he was not missed.
Gayle Fights Back - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 11
  • Mick was an unsung hero this season, and I hope he comes back. He feels like a very misunderstood man.

Well, that’s all she wrote, folks. This wasn’t a thrilling season finale, because it was never planned to be. But it’s what we got, and I want to hear what you guys thought.

Drop all your comments down below, and react to the episode and the season at large.

What would you have liked to see more or less often?

Drop Off - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 11

Do you think Rio knows about the plan against him?

Are you glad Ruby and Stan made up?

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Good Girls Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Beth: So you want me to print and wash?
Rio: There's a business term for that, what is it?
Mick: Synergy.
Rio: Synergy! Synergy! That's right.

Gayle: Why would I be looking to sell?
Beth: Because my husband's looking to buy.
Gayle: Maybe he should look somewhere else.
Beth: Why is that? You didn't.