The 100: All The Times Bellamy Blake Was The Heart of The Show

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The 100 just isn't itself without its male lead.

So much of the emotion and the heart that the show offers; it all comes directly from Bellamy Blake. It is almost like he is the window for the audience to process what is happening.


After The 100 Season 7 Episode 1, it has been made clear that fans will see less of Bellamy on their screens this season. This revelation doesn't only feel like upsetting news; it is a big mistake that will reflect on the conclusion to a story that desperately needs its male lead to revolve around.

There is a notable missing piece of the bigger puzzle, and it will only get worse as the storylines try to avoid checking on the person it needs to include.

Having Bellamy go missing just makes the audience want to check in with him more.

So to have episode after episode without him is a hollow adjustment. 


You can feel that absence even after only three episodes, especially when this is all happening during the introduction to the last season of the series. It isn't the time or the place to not include Bellamy.

But for reasons still unclear, the audience, the other characters, and the storylines will have to do without the glue that keeps a lot of it together.

That is why this feature has been created; to focus on the legacy that Bellamy Blake has carved out for himself so far and to thank Bob Morley for carrying so much of the show's emotional beats on his shoulders for seven seasons straight.

Bellamy Blake's Heart Tearing Ours Apart


The last memory we have of Bellamy is him struggling with the disappearance of his sister. Even though then (and now), it was clear that Octavia was, at least, alive, it is still one of the most painful moments for Bellamy to witness.

He doesn't have much time to recover before the villains of the season take him away, but he still made those few seconds feel like forever.

Bob Morley nailed the rather short-lived look into Bellamy's pain when it came to watching his sister get stabbed and taken into a confusing green fog.

Bellamy Blake's Heart Making Tough Choices


So much of who Bellamy is gets expressed in his selfless nature towards his loved ones and his people.

During The 100 Season 4 Episode 7, Bellamy gives it his all when he tries to rescue his people that are caught in the black rain outside of Arkadia.

That results in one of the most gut-wrenching scenes, with Bob Morley fully at the helm, where Bellamy has to come to terms with how little control he has over keeping everyone safe.

This is such a pivotal scene because it allows Bellamy to corner what he struggles with most. Not being able to save everyone and allowing that weight to rest on him is what constantly tears Bellamy apart.

Seeing him stop at nothing and dealing with the fact that he can't save everything is a scene that stayed with many to this day.

Bellamy Blake's Heart Getting Honest


Nothing will ever compare to The 100 Season 3 Episode 5. Bob Morley and Eliza Taylor delivered one of the best scenes in the show's history, and it is still worth praise today.

The show doesn't allow the characters much time to just talk about their feelings, even though most of them are driven purely by what they are struggling with internally.

Bellamy Blake and Clarke Griffin are always at the heart of it, especially since their relationship drives much of the series. So when they aren't on the same page, events take a turn for the worst.

That is why it was such a visceral moment for the show, with Bob Morley allowing Bellamy to fully showcase everything he has struggled with but couldn't vocalize before.

Bellamy Blake's Heart Practicing Self Care


Bellamy Blake is defined by the relationships he shares with those around him, specifically the women in his life. And even though those relationships usually take a toll on Bellamy in exchange for furthering someone else's development, that is what represents him best.

It is also why sensible women are willing to die for Bellamy because, frankly, he has been willing to die for all of them many times over. 

It all started with Bellamy's bond with Octavia and how it began to wear on both of them. Bellamy became so much more than just a brother to Octavia, and that turned into him taking so much of her abuse because he thought he deserved it.

It was an outstanding moment when Bellamy finally stepped away from all of that. He was finally putting himself first, and it took all the emotion in him to make that happen.

The 100 Season 6 Episode 11 displayed that full-circle scene with so much care and consideration, and it was all because of how Bob Morley and Charmaine DeGraté took on that episode.

Bellamy Blake's Heart Trying To Keep It Together


Watching Clarke Griffin walk away is something none of us can bear, but sadly Bellamy has to over and over again.

Yet he manages to handle it like a pro, probably because he is by now, and it's an example of how much lingers between them. Every shared scene between them aims right for the heart, so most of the time, you can't help but feel Bellamy's emotion shine through.

No matter what the audience did or didn't misinterpret, Bellamy always destroys us when he has to say goodbye to his soulmate.

Bellamy Blake's Heart All Consumed


A unique aspect of Bellamy is how much he can express between the lines. 

It isn't always what he says, a lot of the feelings come from what he doesn't say. The expressions and the context behind them are what continues to resonate with the audience as they watch Bellamy watching those that he loves.

We've already established that Bellamy Blake can master The Look, and now we see how much it plays a role in the heart of the show.

Bellamy Blake's Heart Finally Whole Again


It's finally time to talk about this moment. There's nothing quite like Bellamy thinking Clarke was going to die during The 100 Season 6 Episode 10, only to stop at nothing to bring her back to him.

All that platonic energy in the air led to one of the most stunning scenes on the show, and so much of it has to do with the Bellamy of it all.

Bob Morley went above and beyond to incorporate six seasons worth of history between the two, letting it all build up into such a core-shaking scene sequence that felt like Bellamy's feelings exploded all over the screen.

Bellamy Blake's Heart Exposed


Gina was real, and it was Bellamy who made sure that would never be forgotten. 

The pain that Bellamy went though, even if Gina wasn't allowed to exist longer than a few episodes, echoed throughout every one of Bellamy's scenes. Pun intended.

It was all because of how Bob Morley approached that loss that the audience felt it, and it left behind such a memory of Gina Martin too.

Bellamy Blake's Heart In Pain


If you claim that you didn't tear up even just a little during this scene, you are just lying to yourself and us.

Bellamy thought he lost Clarke, really lost her, a few times over. But while we didn't get to see how he mourned her the first time, he radiated his pain for us the second time.

The 100 Season 6 Episode 6 was like one giant goodbye love letter from Bellamy to Clarke. It was a trip to go on, with the fans witnessing Bellamy lose it as he never had before.

For a season that didn't really show many other people mourn Clarke, Bellamy brought his all to the episodes, and it stuck. No one could have approached it quite like Bellamy did. 

Bellamy Blake's Heart On The Line


Let's not even discuss everything that Bellamy wanted to say but didn't?!

That's an issue for another day, except maybe there is that one fact where it still sucks, and no one will forget the silence that was louder than any other scene during The 100 Season 6 Episode 9

It's a testament to Bob Morley's remarkable acting skills that fans caught wind of how much more there was below the surface. Bellamy didn't have to say what he was feeling (although he should have) because it was obvious by his reaction and Josephine's that it was too epic for words.

Bellamy Blake's Heart Over His Head


Bellamy is defined by how other people in his life exist and feel.

It feels like Bellamy doesn't ever consider his mental state, not when he could focus on how someone else is doing. It is painful to watch, but it is also what defines the emotion behind the show.

Bellamy's vulnerability is a different layer, but it always comes back to his heart. Bob Morley tackles all of this with so much skill, and it is truly an honor to experience. 

Bellamy Blake's Heart Learning To Adjust


The past flashbacks of Bellamy are so soft because all you can do is feel for him.

There's also such an innocent approach that Bob Morley took in his depiction of younger Bellamy. It helped relate the audience to this character that was still growing in front of our very eyes, while also giving us context for how he was shaped before we met him.

All in all, it was a rare treat to explore Bellamy's past, and it only added to the show itself.

Bellamy Blake's Heart Finding Room For Peace


The 100 can't help but bring back that pain, both for the characters and the audience. A bright light of peace, happiness, and friendship is an incredibly rare moment to share.

Bellamy suppers so much pain and heartbreak, which makes his happiness that much brighter for all of us.

Because when Bellamy has hope, so do we. That's why The 100 Season 7 has been feeling so hollow that things can only get so far without hope. 

And while there is a Hope, some of the hope disappeared with Bellamy in that forest.

Bellamy Blake's Heart Broken


There is plenty to examine from The 100 Season 4 Episode 13, including parallels to angst and potential.

But much of it was unspoken, with Clarke preparing to not go with the others to space and Bellamy trying to deny that he would leave his other half down on Earth. 

It was a fascinating approach because Bellamy wasn't exploring one kind of emotion; he covered all the bases and then some. It was so easy to believe him when he said everything would be okay, which proves how much of the soul of The 100 lingers in Bellamy.

Many of the feelings that you have are based on what Bellamy is going through, which means the audience is really in for it.

Bellamy Blake's Heart Hopeful For The Future


Some may not have hope that the characters on the show will know how to do better, but Bellamy Blake always does.

Even more than that, Bellamy Blake always does do better. The hope may be dwindling for the show to do right by him, but that doesn't mean the fight to see justice for the character is over.

Because the truth is no matter what the future will look like for Bellamy, he continues to remind us how much more he deserves. 

Bellamy Blake's Heart Leading Ahead


Bellamy taking all the blame for decisions that are meant to keep people safe? More often than not. 

Their people were in danger, which meant Bellamy had to risk something that would help them survive, all because, instead, he focused on saving everyone. 

He never gets the credit he deserves, but it doesn't take away from how it further adds to the character. It was a difficult choice to make, and no one other than Bellamy could have made it.

Bellamy Blake's Heart Focused On Peace


Making tough decisions isn't new for Bellamy Blake, but having it come at the risk of Octavia was.

During The 100 Season 5, Bellamy was forced to fight for those that he loved, even if they didn't line up with one another. When Octavia was threatening to kill Clarke, Bellamy took it upon himself to stop it.

The entire season was like a ticking time bomb, and each second was a reminder of Bellamy, slowly realizing that he only had one option.

It was a silent pain seeing how poisoning Octavia affected Bellamy, but it was also a twist that resonated with those that knew what this choice meant for Bellamy.

That may have been the way to peace, but it did the complete opposite for Bellamy. 

Bellamy Blake's Heart Inspiring Happiness


Blink and you miss it.

Still, it's a nice change to see Bellamy just relax and not have the weight of the world on his shoulders. It might not last long, but these are the moments that allow the audience to want more for him.

If not being worried about everything, including the end of the world, looks like this, then Bellamy deserves it all the time.

Bellamy Blake's Heart Incomplete


Look at this and tell me it didn't rip your heart out.

Bellamy goes through all this pain, yet every single time Bob Morley proves that he is up for that challenge. Each twist drives that knife into our chest again, making us hurt for a fictional character who just can't seem to catch a break.

Bellamy Blake's Heart Opening Up


This is a personal favorite for quite a few reasons, all of which have to do with the feelings that come with it.

Bellamy didn't know Clarke, but he thought he did, which quickly became him learning a lesson or two. Clarke doing what Bellamy couldn't, that was a different kind of emotion worth bookmarking.

This look screams respect, something he probably didn't have much of before that, and it was the start of something else.

Bellamy Blake's Heart With It's Other Half


A reunion like no other, it felt like everyone waited six years for this moment.

No? Just me? That makes sense.

At least, Bellamy felt the same, barely looking away from Clarke after all that time without her. Bob Morley made the transition from Bellamy, not knowing that Clarke is alive to his whole world turned upside down again, seamless.

It was such an intimate moment, and it triggered all the feelings many of us try to deny we have for these two.

Bellamy Blake's Heart In Shock


The 100 Season 6 was very much defined by the reactions that Bellamy Blake offered us. 

It was clear that no one else was picking up on Clarke's absence, so it was up to the male lead to take on that challenge. Bellamy approached that not only by realizing that Clarke wasn't herself but also by stopping at nothing to make sure she would be again.

The loss of the lead can only happen if there is a presence that can carry that weight. Enter Bellamy Blake.

Bellamy Blake's Heart Raw and Revealed 


Any fan of the show knows how essential The 100 Season 1 Episode 8 is, it added development to Bellamy's arc, and it widened his connection to his co-leader.

It was also one of the many times in the introduction to the show that the audience got to see the range that Bob Morley had. Initially, it was all buried under Bellamy's bravado, which only lasted as long as his guilt grew. 

That is how we ended up with a truly cinematic shift in Bellamy's story and our appreciation for him.

Bellamy Blake's Heart In A Moment of Hope


Happiness looks good on Bellamy.

It is safe to say there is no one Bellamy looks happier with than Clarke, which adds an extra layer of emotion into their shared scenes.

Having Bellamy so happy because he made Clarke laugh; that was just the highlight of everything.

Bellamy Blake's Heart Forever Changed


Knowing that Bellamy was trying to do right by everyone only made this hurt that much more. 

The 100 Season 5 Episode 9 crossed a line by having Clarke slap Bellamy, and it all came from both of them not seeing the other's point of view. Clarke thought Bellamy didn't see her as any sort of priority when he was making decisions, and Bellamy was struggling because he was trying to factor in everyone he cared about.

It all escalated when Clarke left Bellamy with Octavia, someone who, at that point, was only out for revenge and destruction. 

Bellamy's pain resonated in the space between words. It was all about what he couldn't (or wouldn't) say, and it was a fascinating exploration of his emotions during a season that didn't seem to know what it was trying to explore.

Bellamy Blake's Heart Battered and Bruised


It sounds like this isn't something Bellamy will go through just once, but it is still worth looking back at the original.

Clarke taking Bellamy into the bunker without him knowing wasn't okay, and he proved how much he hated that decision when he spent an entire episode trying to get out.

Bob Morley delivered an incredible performance allowing Bellamy to get raw and not hold anything back. It was chilling to witness Bellamy so stuck, but it was one of the most emotionally driven moments that left a mark on many.

Bellamy Blake's Heart Stealing Ours


It was a journey for Bellamy to get to a place where he could be honest. The audience spent all of The 100 Season 3  with him as he adjusted to life without his partner by his side.

It was so emotional getting to that moment where the two of them just got honest. Bellamy made us feel the mess of emotions that he went through: the anger, the sadness, and the hope that they could move on from this.

Bellamy Blake's Heart Left Behind


Knowing that Jasper didn't want to survive was hard to come to terms with, so having to watch Bellamy say goodbye because he couldn't change his mind was something else.

Bellamy was the one who tried to save the delinquents and keep them safe, so it was heartbreaking that this was something he couldn't save him from.


What is your favorite Bellamy Blake moment? Which scene did Bob Morley make you feel the most in? From a scale of 100 to infinity, how emotionally compromised are you by Bellamy each season? If you could only choose one emotional Bellamy scene to watch forever, which one would you choose?

How much are you missing Bellamy right now? Where do you think Bellamy is, and in which episode do you think we will get to see him again?

Let us know all of your thoughts in the comments below!

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