Lifetime's Labor Day Marathon Event: A V.C. Andrews Takeover!

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If you're staying in for the long Labor Day weekend, then Lifetime has a special movie event to keep you utterly enthralled.

Lifetime's exclusive V.C. Andrews films are among the network's biggest hits, and if you haven't seen them by now, then you're in for a treat. Now is your chance!

TV Fanatics were fans of our fun, snarky, and quirky reviews for the five-part hit Casteel Family series.

Bath Time - Tall

Lifetime has already covered the Flowers in the Attic series, and the Heaven Casteel saga. The latest upcoming project will be Ruby, which is the first part of the Landrys series.

The movie marathon will cover all of the previous films from Saturday to Sunday, and it'll lead up to a special trailer of Ruby, the first part in the V.C. Andrews' Landry Family series.

Ruby - LIfetime

Saturday, September 5th

12pm/11c- My Sweet Audrina

Based on V.C. Andrews’ 1982 bestselling standalone novel, the film is about a young girl named Audrina who is unable to recall her past.

Audrina (India Eisley) lives in a mansion with her family, and she lives in the shadow of her older sister who passed away, who bears the same name as her.

The First Audrina was left for dead in the woods after a brutal attack. While falling in love with a young man named Arden, and getting brutalized by her cousin, Vera, Audrina comes to grips with what really happened to her older sister in this gothic, psychological thriller.

2/1c - V.C. Andrews' Heaven

It's the first part of the Casteel family saga. Heaven Leigh Casteel (Annalise Basso) is the oldest daughter in a poor West Virginian family of backwoods outcasts.

She's a smart young woman with a goal of redeeming her family's name, but her plans are derailed when her stepmother leaves them, and her father sells her and her siblings to different families.

Heaven struggles to reunite her siblings while combatting her wicked new "mother", Kitty, and the appeal of a scandalous relationship with Kitty's husband.

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Heaven the Outcast - Tall

4/3c - V.C. Andrews' Dark Angel

The second part of the Casteel Series, Dark Angel, picks up where Heaven left off. Heaven (Annalise Basso) settles into her new life with her estranged grandparents (Kelly Rutherford and Jason Priestley) at Farthinggale Manor, but she's haunted by lies and deceit.

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Tony Tatterton - Dark Angel

6/5c - V.C. Andrews' Fallen Hearts

In the third installment of the saga, Heaven (Annalise Basso), is married and has settled into her new life in her hometown. But during a trip to Farthinggale Manor, her grandfather encourages to her stay. Unfortunately, ghosts from her past threaten her happy new life.

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Annie Mourns - Tall

8/7c - V.C. Andrews' Gates of Paradise

Heaven’s daughter Annie (Lizzie Boys) finds herself orphaned and incapacitated. She's taken to Farthinggale Manor far away from those she holds dear. In addition to poor treatment by a cruel nurse, Annie discovers some of Farthinggale's deepest, darkest secrets.

You can find a full review here: V.C. Andrews' Gates of Paradise Review: Annie and the Horny House of Horrors!

Strong Leigh - Tall

10/9c - V.C. Andrews' Web of Dreams

In the final film of the saga, we go back to the beginning with a prequel. All the mysteries surrounding Heaven's mother, Leigh (Jennifer LaPorte) are finally revealed. And the beautifully tragic love story between Leigh and Luke Casteel Sr unfolds.

You can find the review here: V.C. Andrews' Web of Dreams Review: Brave Angel, Histrionics, & Bittersweet Tragedies!

Sunday, September 6

10am/9c - V.C. Andrews' Fallen Hearts

An encore presentation of the third film in the Casteel Saga.

12/11c - V.C. Andrews' Gates of Paradise

An encore presentation of the fourth film in the Casteel Saga.

Main Trio

2/1c - V.C. Andrews' Web of Dreams

An encore presentation of the final installment in the Casteel Saga.

4/3c - Flowers in the Attic

The controversial cult-classic is about four siblings who are forced by their mother to live in their grandparents' attic after their father's sudden death.

The elaborate scheme to claim the family fortune is but one backdrop of these twisted, shocking tale of what these children endured.

The VanVoreen Family

6/5c - Petals on the Wind

The second installment of the Dollanganger family series jumps a decade ahead to when the siblings escaped that dreadful attic where they were locked away for two years.

8/7c- If There Be Thorns

In the third installment of the Dollanganger Family series, we follow Christopher and Cathy's life as a married couple with their unknowing sons. But when their youngest son befriends a ghost from their past, all of their secrets will be revealed.

Ice Queen - Dark Angel

10/9c - Seeds of Yesterday

The Dollangager saga comes to an end following Cathy's adult sons as they put a shocking end to the misfortune that befalls their entire family.

Stay tuned for the Ruby Trailer.

Over to you, Lifetime Fanatics. Are you going to be watching this marathon?

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