The OC Reboot? Rachel Bilson and Melinda Clarke Are 'Totally Down'

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The sun may have set on The OC almost 15 years ago, but there's been a thirst for more ever since the series went off the air after four seasons.

Now, two of the stars are speaking out about a potential return to the show.

As previously reported, Rachel Bilson and Melinda Clarke are spearheading a podcast titled "Welcome to The OC, Bitches," and have revealed they are open to the idea of returning to their roles in a revival.

The OC Podcast

The pair recently interviewed one another for Entertainment Tonight to promote the podcast, and it was a delight.

"I know we talked about definitely getting together personally, as a reunion ... all of us getting together," Bilson said.

"I think we have spoken to some already, everyone's on board for that."

Rachel Bilson Attends Event

"But a reboot would be awesome," she continued.

"I think that's in the hands of [creators and executive producers] Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage. There's still a ways to go, so maybe they'll figure it out! That'd be fun."

"Never say never," added Clarke.

Bilson played Summer Roberts, while Clarke played Julie Cooper on all four seasons of the teen drama.

Rachel Bilson and Melinda Clarke

The cast also included Mischa Barton, Adam Brody, Ben McKenzie, Kelly Rowan, Alan Dale, and Peter Gallagher.

The podcast will find the former stars rewatching the series, dissecting the big events, and welcoming special guests into the fold.

"I've learned that I actually have zero memory and don't remember most of the things that happened on this show. So I'm kind of going through this with everyone else, re-watching it, discovering it," Bilson told ET.

"I wouldn't even say rediscovering it, [I'm] discovering it for the first time!"

It's gonna be really fun just sharing all of the things that we went through and learning all of these things, maybe as some of you are when you watch it for the first time," she added.

Rachel Bilson and Melinda Clarke Attend Movie Premiere

Bilson revealed that her six-year-old daughter, Briar Rose, will not be watching the series until she's much older, leading to Clarke asking how old she would have to be.

"When she is 35 or older. I'm going to hold her off from it for as long as possible."

"I'm watching it now as a mother, and I'm seeing all of these things that I'm definitely not OK with as a mother, so that's been eye-opening," Bilson explained.

"But more than anything, it's just been a lot of fun."

The first episode of the podcast released today, Tuesday, April 27.

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