What to Watch: Candy, The Lincoln Lawyer, The Essex Serpent

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Jessica Biel returns to TV this week with Hulu’s Candy, a true story that will make your hair stand on end.

Netflix gives The Lincoln Lawyer a go with mixed results, and Claire Danes and Tom Hiddleston share the screen in Apple TV+’s The Essex Serpent.

Keep reading to see what else we recommend.

WTW May 7 2022

Sunday, May 8

8/7c When Calls the Heart (Hallmark)

This is a very big episode!

Lucas is in big trouble thanks to Walden, and his fiercest competition for Elizabeth’s love holds his future in his hands.

And the impossible may be coming true for Rosemary. Sometimes, an illness isn’t an illness at all!

10/9c S.W.A.T (CBS)

20-Squad is racing to make another rescue before it’s too late.

After an illegal weapons dealer sells stock to someone targeting a high-level politician, the team has to stop a deadly ambush.

With a helicopter on hand, will they be able to save the politician before it’s too late?

10/9c The Rookie (ABC)

It's a very special mother's day for The Rookie crew, and our resident mommas are PISSED.

Making Angela and Harper mad is not the way to go, which is exactly what happens when a duo rob a bunch of moms at a brunch, including taking Angela's gift.

Elsewhere, Tim and Lucy have a chat about their respective relationships.

Monday, May 9

Candy (Hulu)

Hulu’s take on The Candy Montgomery features a powerhouse cast that includes Jessica Biel, Melanie Lynskey, and Pablo Schrieber.

The series examines a woman’s journey from housewife to full-fledged murderer.

One episode launches every day this week, until the brutal series finale on Friday, May 13, aka the day the murder occurred.

Days of Our Lives (NBC/Peacock)

The Devil’s days are numbered. It had better watch out, because kidnapping Ciara’s baby for its evil purposes means half of Salem is going to be determined to rescue the infant and send the demon straight back to hell!

Meanwhile, Lani and her family face a different type of hell on Earth when TR shows his true colors and attacks Abe just as Eli remembers who it was who put him in that coma.

Could this finally be the end of TR?

8/7c 9-1-1 (FOX)

We’ve so missed our favorite paramedic duo teaming up!

After Claudette’s mysterious passing, Hen and Chimney wonder if there’s something shady going on with Jonah.

And Eddie travels back to Texas for a tense family reunion.

This hour is HEAVY, and sets us up for what should be a wild final act.

9/8c 9-1-1: Lone Star (FOX)

What does this show have against mommies?!

A mother's attempt at saving her kids will lead to her needing the saving. Meanwhile, things go awry and Owen gets punched when an angry father raises flags.

Oh yeah, Tommy and Julius get closer, and Mateo and Nancy may debate whether or not they're making their romance public.

9/8c All American: Homecoming (The CW)

After Simone returns from fall break, she has more questions than ever about her relationships.

This could send her straight to Damon’s arms, but has he started to move on with Thea?

JR realizes he needs to change his self-image with the help of a friend. Watch as these Bringston University students face their issues head on.

10/9c The Good Doctor (ABC)

Claire is back at St. Bonaventure, but it’s not all happy reunions and sunshine.

She hasn’t quit her job in Guatemala; she’s just brought a patient to America who is in need of intensive care.

And when the little boy turns out to have tumors all over his body, including his heart and brain, will his disease be too much even for Shaun’s genius?

10/9c New Amsterdam (NBC)

Oh, yes, you guys! We get a double dose of New Amsterdam starting with a new episode on a special night.

Max's plan to take down Veronica may finally have legs when he finds a flaw in her plan to buy UMI.

And Lauren and Floyd are on some exciting and shocking medical cases.

Tuesday, May 10

8/7c The Resident (FOX)

Andrew McCarthy's Ian Sullivan is about to shake things up at Chastain!

Cade is still recovering from her shooting, but it's her narcissistic father who is all the talk when Kit offers him a job, and he scrubs in on a big surgery.

Billie comes to grips with some new feelings.

8/7c FBI (CBS)

OA is still reeling from the sarin attack and Maggie's injuries, and now the anniversary of his army buddy's death haunts him.

As a result, he raises concerns when he's too focused and reckless on a case.

The team search for whoever is behind someone murdering a TSA agent and exploiting airport security to bring in drug mules.

9/8c This Is Us (NBC)

Get ready to break out the tissues! We’ve known for a while that Rebecca’s decline and death -- and the end of the series -- is coming, but that doesn’t make it any easier to bear.

Following Miguel’s death, the Big Three must decide what is best for Rebecca. When she was still of sound mind, the Pearson matriarch appointed Kate as her health care proxy should Miguel pre-decease her.

But that won’t stop Randall from trying to impose his wishes on Rebecca instead. Will the Big Three come together and do what is best for their dying mother?

9/8c Naomi (The CW)

It’s finale time!

And we’ve a got a two-hour treat for fans of the series, who’ll see Naomi work to protect those closest to her, as the threat of Brutus looms large.

We’re expecting lots of action, as Naomi inches closer to discovering her destiny.

10/9c FBI: Most Wanted (CBS)

Remy and the gang haunt down a copy cat murderer of sorts who is recreating the gruesome death of a notorious mobster.

The bodies rack up and become more gruesome.

Only a couple of episodes remain in the season.

10/9c New Amsterdam (NBC)

On the second dose of New Amsterdam for the week, which is what the doctor ordered.

When Max realizes just how damaging Veronica's cuts have affected the hospital, he strikes.

Iggy once again takes an unconventional approach with a young patient.

Wilder and Floyd team up for a risky surgery.

Wednesday, May 11

The Challenge: All Stars (Paramount+)

The Challenge: All Stars has overshadowed the main series, and it’s all down to the casting.

The series manages to get big names who have been missing from the franchise for years, and producers pulled out all the stops with the cast for the third season.

Check out the trailer below to see why we’re so pumped for the new season.

8/7c The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (Bravo)

You know it’s RHOBH pre-season when Lisa Rinna is throwing all the shade at a co-star.

In this case, Sutton Stracke is feeling the ire of someone who clings on to feuds as a means to mask the fact that her storyline is long past its expiration.

Boo. Hiss. The new season also features some more legal woes for Erika Jayne, and some drama between the women.

8/7c Chicago Med (NBC)

Chicago Med is finally back, and it’s not going to waste any time pulling at our heartstrings!

When a dying child comes into the hospital, his only chance is to get a partial liver transplant from a living donor. His grandma is more than willing to make the sacrifice, but Blake isn’t sold on doing it if she can’t protect Grandma’s health too.

10/9c A Million Little Things (ABC)

There may be some trouble in paradise for Katherine and Greta when Greta learns about Shanice and Katherine's reluctance to admit she has a girlfriend.

Meanwhile, Eddie and Anna plan for a getaway, but will a mysterious girl be stalking them?

Sounds like another eventful hour.

10/9c Chicago PD (NBC)

We have another case centric hour in store for Chicago PD's return after a hiatus.

The team investigates a dark case with a suspect they think has killed multiple people.

They profile the serial killer, but can they prove he did it?

Thursday, May 12

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (Paramount+)

After that rocking premiere, are you ready to seek out new life and new civilizations with this amazing new crew of the USS Enterprise?

When an ancient artifact thwarts the Enterprise from re-routing a comet about to collide with an inhabited planet, Pike and his team must contend not only with the alien technology but with the devout followers of the artifact, determined to keep anyone from interfering.

This adventure looks closely at Cadet Uhura and how she came to serve on the Enterprise. Prepare to be blown away by her brilliance!

Under The Banner Of Heaven (FX on Hulu)

The investigation deepens as Detective Pyre unearths some revelatory information about Dianna and Ron.

Fundamentalist beliefs cause conflict and threaten to further divide the church.

With more attempted strong-arming from the higher-ups and the return of the chief of police, Detective Pyre is forced into a corner.

Things keep getting darker on Under The Banner Of Heaven.

8/7c Law & Order (NBC)

Law & Order takes on the opioid crisis!

When a doctor’s prescriptions leave too many people dead, Price is out for blood.

McCoy says that this case is beyond their jurisdiction, but since when does a little thing like that stop Price from seeking justice?

Price is already in the doghouse with McCoy, and now Maroun wants to know what’s going on with him. This is gonna be some amazing drama!

8/7c Station 19 (ABC)

It's the penultimate finale, and it promises to be an emotional ordeal!

Distracting herself from her legal troubles, Andy accompanies Jack on a mini-road trip to meet his biological brother.

Neither of them are prepared for what they'll find!

9/8c Law & Order: SVU (NBC)

For the second week in a row, SVU takes on a religious-based crime. This time, the only evidence of wrongdoing is a church confession.

That might be enough for some people, but it’s not admissible, so Carisi will have to find another way to make his case.

Meanwhile, an old friend wants to make amends with Benson. Could it be Stabler?

9/8c Legacies (Thulu he CW)

Alaric and the Super Squad make a game plan for what’s to come, while Ken has Jen forge a weapon powerful enough to kill Hope.

MG continues to help Ethan as his failing powers promise an untimely death.

Cleo tests her new powers and works to determine her role in the war.

Landon takes on a new role of his own.

9/8c Grey's Anatomy (ABC)

Nick ruffles some feathers when he takes charge during a surgery after scrubbing in to help out.

And brace yourselves for some hilarity, because Richard Webber is about to accidentally get stoned!

Only a couple of episodes remain, so tune in!

10/9c Law & Order: Organized Crime

The net is tightening around Donnelly and the Brotherhood, but is he one step ahead of Stabler?

He’s planted false evidence that Stabler is the one who screwed over Webb, and Webb just called Nova in to put a bounty on Stabler’s head!

But Donnelly may be in more trouble than he realizes even if he tries to eliminate Stabler, since a pissed-off Santos is willing to risk everything to bring him down after Donnelly’s selfishness led to Santos’ young daughter getting kidnapped.

10/9c Big Sky

Scarlet is back! Yay?

Ronald’s ever faithful gal pal is back in the picture, and she hasn’t forgotten about what Cassie stole from her.

Elsewhere, Travis and Ren find themselves in s ticky situation when Richard Ford comes looking for revenger.

Friday, April 13

The Essex Serpent (Apple TV+)

Newly widowed Cora, having been released from an abusive marriage, relocates from Victorian London to a small village in Essex.

She’s intrigued by a local superstition that a mythical creature known as the Essex Serpent has returned to the area.

The premiere consists of the first two episodes, starring Claire Danes and Tom Hiddleston.

The Lincoln Lawyer (Netflix)

If you’re a fan of CBS procedurals, then you might be into The Lincoln Lawyer.

Back in the day, Matthew McConaughey played a version of Mickey Haller, the whipsmart attorney who does business out of the backseat of his car. Manuel Garcia-Rulfo takes over in this version, and he’s not too shabby.

The early episodes suggest it’s tamer than the movie, and possesses none of the edge ordinarily found on other streamers. You let us know if it’s worth a look, Netflix Fanatics!

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