The Rookie Season 5 Episode 10 Review: The List

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They brought all the action with this installment!

Most of The Rookie Season 5 Episode 10 had a girl on the edge of her seat with shootouts, two of our faves in a car dangling over the cliff, two Chenford dates, and a loose interpretation of a crossover with The Rookie: Feds.

The hour didn't let up, making for an action-packed and exciting hour.

Bank Robbery Shootout  - The Rookie Season 5 Episode 10

First, what's with ABC series and their renditions of 'crossovers?' They use the word too loosely and liberally when, at best, their franchises will have a couple of characters from one show make a cameo on the other without much fanfare.

Simone and Carter's involvement with the bank robbery case was barely a blip on the radar, and even though The Rookie: Feds Season 1 Episode 10 will expound on "The List" and case in their installment, they probably didn't need to show up during The Rookie at all.

Carter and Simone -tall  - The Rookie Season 5 Episode 10

But it didn't make things any less exciting, from our introduction to this case via Harper and James' experience at the bank, to the shocking murder of the Tyler guy and his poor, innocent goldfish, to the harrowing moments of Bradford and Thorsen dangling off a cliff.

If you blinked, you would've missed something, and the hour balanced all that out with the series' usual humor, the happily married couples making life decisions, and Chenford goodness.

Sir, with all due respect, Lucy will kill me if I let you die, so I'm dead either way.


Harper is such a badass!

Her senses are always on point. She clocked the infamous bank robber almost instantly and right in the middle of her and James being a total married couple.

Call for Harper -tall - The Rookie Season 5 Episode 5

I loved how she talked him through how to handle the situation, exiting the bank, and being able to relay all the valuable intel to the cops that would be waiting outside.

With James and Nyla, you see this rare thing cop procedurals rarely depict: a man who is self-assured and totally trusting of his wife's abilities, having no issue stepping back and letting her do her job and taking control of dangerous situations.

James is so far from the toxically male characters that you typically see from other characters in his shoes (he and Wesley alike), and it's so refreshing.

Harper would've had everything under control if it wasn't for that idiot who wanted to take matters into his own hands because he thought he could play cop better than her. All he did was get himself shot and cause everything to blow up around them.

Nyla and Angela -tall - The Rookie Season 5 Episode 10

It's how we got a series of shootouts, the theft of a cop car, and that poor hostage situation with the woman. They put Thorsen and Bradford through the wringer with this one, and they certainly earned every bit of their paycheck that day.

Thorsen and Bradford continue to be one of the best new dynamics of the series. Winter and Valentino have such effortless chemistry with each other, and they crack you up every time they're onscreen.

Bradford has really come to care about Thorsen, and we get glimpses of that with some of their personal interactions.

It was hilarious that Grey put Bradford in charge of talking to Thorsen about his suspicions of him dating Celina. At some point, Grey must feel like a dad trying to wrangle a bunch of teenagers.

Over a Cliff  - The Rookie Season 5 Episode 10

But, hello, pot meet kettle. What did Tim, Lucy, or Nolan look like trying to tell anyone about dating a colleague? They're all guilty of it. And it's weird for anyone to conclude that the only two rookies that work with them were dating because they were hanging out together.

Didn't Nolan, Lucy, and West hang out all the time?

Bradford: I guess this is our official first date.
Lucy: Last night was. For sure. I mean it's a better story for the grandkids.
Bradford: We've got grandkids now. Nice.

It makes sense that they're D&D buddies and that Celina wouldn't want anything to do with him romantically because of his star sign.

Thorsen and Bradford's ordeal on that cliff was good stuff, too. How could your heart not race while watching that, even if we already could guess they would make it out okay?

Detective Aspirations  - The Rookie Season 5 Episode 9

The two of them debating which of them would stay behind was classic for both of them. And Thorsen's line about Lucy killing him anyway if he let Bradford die was hilarious.

Everyone sees Chenford for what it is except maybe Nolan and Grey.

Even with that stressful day, Tim managed to have a great second date (or was it a redo of the first date?) with Lucy.

We were headed into uncharted territory, not knowing how the next phase of their relationship would be after deciding to date and make their feelings known.

Date Night with Lucy -tall - The Rookie Season 5 Episode 10

If there were doubts that the two of them dating would change things too much or disrupt the flow of the series, it got put to bed with this installment.

They're uniquely positioned because they're colleagues, partners, and best friends. They have this relationship with all these other layers, which makes their romance richer, no doubt, but it could also make things confusing when figuring out their pacing.

I feel like I need you to reset your expectations a little bit. You're not going to see me naked for a while. I don't want to rush into that. I want to take things slow. Go on this date, maybe a second date. Have our first, maybe real kiss. I just don't think we should jump into bed together just because we know each other so well.


The opening montage of them trying to figure out what to wear was so freaking cute. They both were so nervous about their first date, and it was adorably awkward content when they got to the restaurant.

But I love how Lucy has become this self-assured woman who can voice her desires and what she needs. Once they cut through some awkwardness, she needed him to know she wanted to take things slowly.

Lucy's Date  - The Rookie Season 5 Episode 10

They deserve that -- to date easily and revel in this stage of their relationship without feeling compelled to accelerate things just because they know each other so well.

You rarely see an established friendship that turns romantic bask in normal dating without immediately entering "serious relationship mode," and this is the smarter choice.

Fortunately, their second date was better than the first one. They were more relaxed with each other. They know where they stand.

And we also go that sexy, swoon-worthy kiss that Bradford initiated. Oh, yes, the Chenford content is delectable and not too much.

First Date Kiss -tall - The Rookie Season 5 Episode 10

And the ongoing friendship between Angela and Wesley and Harper and James is one of the best things ever.

They have real issues and handle things like every day married couples, and it's never boring.

It's not surprising that Wesley wants another child, but it also makes sense that Angela isn't ready for that yet. She's the one that would have to go through the most, after all, and she's finally settling into her job as a detective, wife, and mother.

Why would she want to shake all that up again by trying to have another kid?

And James and Nyla have been in enough dangerous situations as a couple as of late not to settle on who they want to take care of their daughter if something ever happens to them.

Choosing Guardians  - The Rookie Season 5 Episode 10

Of course, it makes perfect sense that when it's all said and done, they will entrust their sweet baby in the loving hands of their best friends.

Angela and Wesley would be the perfect guardians, and we know they'd love her like their own. And, knock wood, this doesn't mean that something bad will happen to the couple anytime soon because it's not lost that Angela and Wesley would both get their way if they had to take in Leah.

We'll take care of her like she's our own.


Let's banish the thought that the arc would never have to come to fruition and simply enjoy the gesture for what it is.

Over to you, Rookie Fanatics. Did you love this episode? What did you think about the "crossover?" Did you love Chenford's first date? Sound off below!

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The Rookie Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

Sir, with all due respect, Lucy will kill me if I let you die, so I'm dead either way.


Bradford: I guess this is our official first date.
Lucy: Last night was. For sure. I mean it's a better story for the grandkids.
Bradford: We've got grandkids now. Nice.