Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 17 Spoilers: Marcel Chokes Under Pressure While Another Doctor May Be Derailed by Illness

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Marcel's not comfortable with Dayton's latest PR move. Is anyone surprised?

He hasn't liked performing surgery in front of reporters since OR 2.0 was first introduced, but he's had no choice but to go along with it.

On Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 17, he and Abrams perform a nearly-impossible procedure with the cameras rolling -- a recipe for disaster. But the hospital may have more significant problems thanks to Archer's kidney issues.

Season 8 Episode 17 Spoilers - Chicago Med

Abrams' return is good news for viewers but not so much for Marcel.

The neurosurgical genius is as arrogant and snobby as Dr. Tanaka-Reid but has the experience and knowledge to justify his attitude. He's a great addition to Med's cast, but how will he feel about being part of a documentary?

Abrams doesn't seem like the reality show type. He might relish the chance to show off his skills, but he doesn't want any drama, and he definitely won't put up with it if Marcel chokes up on camera!

Abrams and Marcel will likely butt heads over how, why, or whether to do the surgery before the cameras roll. I'd be surprised if Abrams doesn't become twice as annoying once he's being filmed.

He'll want everything exactly right and won't be shy about bossing around either Marcel or OR 2.0.

According to the spoiler video, something will go wrong -- but is the situation exacerbated by the presence of the camera operator?

A clip in the video depicts Marcel telling the cameraman to back off. This is the second time this has happened. On Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 14, Grace Song had to stop a videographer from getting in Marcel's way while he performed a novel hand graft surgery.

Grace doesn't appear to be in the OR this time, which means the video crew may be more of a nuisance than they were last time. Between their presence and Abrams' general attitude, it's unsurprising that Marcel might choke!

Spoiler videos don't always tell the whole story; Marcel's misstep might not be as big a deal as it appears. And in any case, it's likely the patient will be fine. That's what happened last time around.

Marcel decided after the last incident to take a break from OR 2.0 so that he didn't become overly dependent on it -- what happened to that?

A Documentary Filmmaker - Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 17

Meanwhile, Will's slated to become aware of feelings for a co-worker. Could that co-worker be Grace Song?

These two being a couple opens them up to a lot of Will and Grace jokes since they share names with the title characters of that series. But all kidding aside, they have been giving off potential romantic signals from their first meeting.

They fell right into the enemies-to-lovers trope, with Will despising Grace's suggestion to use technology to make his job easier and Grace feeling guilty about overriding the algorithm to save a patient.

Grace isn't my favorite character, but right now, it makes more sense for Will to fall for her than to pine over Hannah, who isn't interested in resuming their previous romantic relationship.

Will's Growing Feelings - Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 17

If Will does fall for Grace and they begin dating, how will Hannah react?

On TV, characters often wake up to their true feelings about someone when that person moves on with someone else. Let's hope for something different this time!

Hannah's not in the right place for a relationship. She's got a solid chunk of sober time behind her, but that doesn't mean she's ready to date again, and certainly not the man she knew when she was still using.

Besides, she has her hands full with her surprising friendship with Archer.

Halstead Has Feelings - Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 17

Spoilers say Archer will refuse to ask for help with his kidney condition. That tracks with everything we know about Archer; he doesn't trust people, hates vulnerability, and will try to take matters into his own hands when it's not the wisest thing to do.

He's been keeping his kidney disease to himself all this time. Asher was the only one who knew about it before his fainting spell, but now it may be out in the open because everyone saw him faint.

That doesn't mean he'll be willing to accept reduced hours, assistance with daily tasks, or anything else that would make managing his disease easier.

Archer probably doesn't want to give up his position as ED chief, but how can he do his job under these conditions? He couldn't even keep track of a water bottle while running from patient to patient; now that he has more advanced disease, it'll get harder.

Charles Helps Out - Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 17

Too bad Choi is gone; he often talked sense into Archer about things like this (although Choi tried to work with a temperature of 104, so he might not be the best person to talk to about this anyway!).

Hopefully, Hannah's burgeoning friendship with Archer will give him the support he needs to accept his condition.

Hannah might be able to draw an analogy to her sobriety journey; they both have a disease that can destroy their lives and careers if they don't learn to accept the way things are and get help as required.

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Maggie: Who do you think you're kidding with this tough guy act? Everyone here knows what you're going through.
Archer: That's the problem. Everyone's looking at me like this sick old man. 'Do you want this chair? Are you sure you can do this?' I'm a doctor in this ED, not a patient.

It is not weakness to let people be kind. It's strength.