Days of Our Lives Round Table: Is Eric the Daddy?

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Did Sloan read that DNA report correctly? Is Eric the father of Nicole's baby?

Our TV Fanatics, Jack and Christine, are joined by LumiForeverAndAlways from MyHourglass, a Days of Our Lives fan forum, to debate if this is the final say on Nicole's baby daddy, if Leo will spill the beans on Dimitri, if Whitley is a victim or a monster, and should Alex's glasses stay or go?

And does Leo hooking up with Ross from Friends sound perfect or weird? Read on to see what our round table team has to say...

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Are the test results Sloan read definitive? Do you believe that Eric is the father of Nicole's baby? Do you want him to be?

LumiForeverAndAlways: I think they are, and as for wanting Eric to be the father when it first played out, I did, but I'm loving Ejole more and more.

Sloan Panics - Days of Our Lives

Jack: Unlike the good people of Salem, I have learned never to trust DNA results coming out of that hospital.

Right now, it seems that Eric is the father, but remember when Parker was bounced back and forth between Daniel's and Philip's, with multiple DNA test switches at the same time? Someone could have switched the results before Sloan got there for reasons of their own!

That said, it's likely the baby is Eric's because the writers want Eric and Nicole to reunite. I wouldn't mind the baby being his if it meant that EJ has a hand in raising his kid while Eric stays with Sloan, but I doubt it will happen that way.

Christine: Like Jack said above, never trust DNA results in Salem!

It feels too early in this story to know for certain who the daddy is. I'm guessing there will be a few more twists before we know for sure.

Seeing a Pregancy Specialist - Days of Our Lives

But I really hope this child is EJ's. I love EJ and Nicole together. They're happy and mature and accept one another for who they are.

I also like Eric and Sloan together. So, fingers crossed that the results that Sloan saw are wrong.

Will Leo stop the wedding? Is there any chance this double wedding ends happily?

LumiForeverAndAlways: Leo is Leo. Of course, he will stop the wedding, and as for it ending in happiness for Gabi and Stefan, it will, but for Gwen and Dimitri, it's another story.

Dimitri's Double Life - Days of Our Lives

Jack: I expect a fakeout. Someone recently (I think it was Wendy, but I'm not sure) stopped a wedding, but, instead of revealing the secret, rambled about how great it was the couple was getting married, and I wouldn't be surprised by a repeat of that.

Christine: I think both couples will get married. Stefan and Gabi have earned their happily ever after, at least for the moment. And Gwen and Dimitri are more dramatic if they actually get married with this huge secret hanging over them.

Abe was rescued, and Marlena had a session with Whitley. Do you have sympathy for Whitley, or do you view her as a monster that should be punished?

LumiForeverAndAlways: Thank goodness Abe has been rescued, and as for sympathy for Whitney, I have none. She should be punished.

I mean, the show punished Lucas for kidnapping Sami, and Whitney has done the exact same thing, so she deserves to serve her sentence and not just get whisked off to a mental institution.

New Info About Whitley - Days of Our Lives

As for Lucas, I believe the devil made him do it, which is another thing I won't ramble on about, but you get what I mean. The playing/punishing for the same exact crime should be the same for all.

Jack: Whitley isn't a monster, but she should be punished anyway.

Justice gets messy when mental illness gets involved, but 1) There are plenty of people with mental illness who do not commit violent crimes, despite what Days of Our Lives constantly portrays, and 2) that's not a get-out-of-jail-free card.

Should Whitley get a life sentence? No. She should get treatment at Bayview in addition to whatever other sentence is imposed. But she should also be made to face the consequences of ruining people's lives and nearly killing Lani and Abe.

Whitley Gets What She Deserves - Days of Our Lives

Christine: Whitley isn't a monster, per se. She didn't do any of this because she got a thrill out of watching people suffer. She's disturbed, and she needs help.

But that doesn't mean she shouldn't be punished. She kidnapped and drugged Abe and Lani. And with Abe's head injury, as a nurse, she knows how serious keeping him from proper medical treatment can be. There need to be consequences for her actions.

Does Alex taking his glasses on and off bother you? Should he lose the glasses permanently?

LumiForeverAndAlways: No, it doesn't bother me, as I do the same thing. In regards to him losing them permanently, I say nope and not because it may become confusing.

Alex Visits Stephanie Again - Days of Our Lives

Jack: I'm not a big fan of Trask, but I cheered when she made that comment. That glasses affectation drives me nuts. It's distracting and ridiculous, and he should definitely lose the glasses.

Christine: I've always liked Alex's glasses. Of course, I find the right pair of glasses sexy on the right person, so I'll be sad to see them go. And I frequently take my glasses on and off, so Alex doing so never even occurred to me as something odd.

Leo claims he'd choose to hook up with Ross on Friends. Does that seem right, and who is your favorite Friend?

LumiForeverAndAlways: Ross would tell Leo some truths that he needs to hear, but their hooking up doesn't seem right. My favorite Friend is either Ross or Chandler.

Leo the Unlikely Hero - Days of Our Lives

Jack: I only watched Friends sporadically. I enjoyed Lisa Kudrow's character on Mad About You, who was later said to be Phoebe's twin, so I'll go with Phoebe. And since Joey supposedly had a bit part on Days, I think it would be funny if Leo had wanted to hook up with him instead of Ross.

Christine: Ross seems all wrong for Leo! Leo and Chandler would be sarcastic fun, but I can see Leo going for Joey as eye candy. And with Joey having been on the show's fictional Days of Our Lives, that segue could be a lot of fun.

Will Brady actually keep his word and give Kristen joint custody of Rachel?

LumiForeverAndAlways: Look, with this, it's hard to say, but he possibly will. But I reckon the second Kristen steps out of line, he won't keep his word.

Jack: I have my doubts on that score. I think this should go to court and let the chips fall where they may -- preferably with Rachel being removed from both her parents' care since neither of them is stable or able to take care of her.

Kristen Makes Trouble for Brady - Days of Our Lives

Christine: I hope Brady keeps his word and he and Kristen attempt to give Rachel a stable, two-home upbringing. What they are doing now is a disaster, and at this point, they are both to blame.

Plus, if Brady screws over Kristen again, there is no telling what type of hell she will rain down on him.

Sloan and Trask shared a moment. Would you like to see these two women as friends?

LumiForeverAndAlways: They are both as annoying and bad as each other, so yeah, sure, have them become friends.

Melinda Wants Shawn Fired - Days of Our Lives

Jack: That was an interesting friendship. Sloan doesn't have many friends, and she and Trask have similar values, so why not? Though will Trask really put up with Sloan breaking the law by stealing Nicole's medical records? That seems out of character for her.

Christine: Yes! They could each use a friend, but their personalities don't mesh with many characters in Salem. So watching them forge a friendship could be fun.

What annoyed the heck out of you this week in Salem?

LumiForeverAndAlways: Two characters, Leo and Dimitri, annoyed me this week

Jack: WHY did Chad invite Alex to dinner if he didn't want him there? That was just stupid.

Leo Tries To Stop Gwen (Tall) - Days of Our Lives

I also am upset that Leo so easily betrayed his BFF. Leo and Gwen are my favorite platonic relationship!

As someone who is more asexual than not, I love relationships that could be something more if things were different but are really just good friendships, and DAYS ruined this one with this nonsense.

Christine: What was up with Chad? He rants about Alex trying to spend time with Stephanie, and then he invites him to date night. That made no sense.

And does Jada not own a robe? However, I will say she owns the longest bath towels I've ever seen.

Other than that, it was a pretty good week.

Abe Accuses Jerry - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline in Salem this week?

LumiForeverAndAlways: Abe being rescued because it finally means this storyline that has been long-winded and pointless is coming to an end. The only good thing about it was we got to see little Theo all grown up, and Eli came back to Salem

Jack: I liked Paulina confronting Whitley with this Days of Our Lives quote, even if she was barging in on Marlena's session with her:

Marlena: How is Abe?
Paulina: Physically, he's fine. But when he opened his eyes, he asked for you, Whitley. I did my best to set him straight, but my husband looked into my eyes and he doesn't remember me. He doesn't know me, his own wife. He doesn't remember his children.
Whitley: I'm so sorry. I know I put all of you through hell. If there's anything I can do to help -
[Paulina slaps her]
Paulina: You can shut your damn mouth! I don't want to hear anything that you have to say!
Marlena: Paulina, we should go. Now!
Paulina: Fine, I'll go. But I just want this bitch to know that she can't undo all the damage that she's caused with just 'I'm sorry!' It's gonna take a hell of a lot more than that. A hell of a lot more.

Christine: I loved Leo helping Gwen get ready for the wedding. They were such sweet scenes, even if he was keeping a huge secret from her.

And the build-up to this double wedding was far more enjoyable than I ever expected.

Will There Be a Double Wedding? - Days of Our Lives

Now it's your turn, Days fans.

Is Nicole's baby really Eric's? Will the double wedding end with two married couples? And should Whitley be shipped off to prison like Lucas?

Hit that SHOW COMMENTS button below to share your thoughts. Then check out Jack Ori's Days of Our Lives review here at TV Fanatic.

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