Days of Our Lives Spoilers During the Week of 2-05-24: Are Ava and Harris Plotting Clyde's Demise?

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The only way to topple Clyde Weston is to kill him.

He's ordering hits and blackmailing people into drug deals from prison. No one's trying too hard to stop him, but there are plenty of people with a grudge who want him dead.

On Days of Our Lives during the week of 2-05-24, one of his worst enemies confronts him in prison... and Ava meets secretly with Harris! Could this be the beginning of the end for Clyde?

Spoilers for the Week of 2-05-24 - Days of Our Lives

Plenty of fans would cheer if that's the case. This drug kingpin story is not popular, especially because there's no reason for Ava Vitali to tolerate Clyde's threats for half a second.

She's a former Mafia Princess who walked away without a scratch after driving a car off a cliff to evade EJ. There's no way the likes of Clyde can so easily overpower her with a threat or two.

Another Drug Bust - Days of Our Lives

But if Ava's the one to take action against Clyde, that could go a long way toward making this story palatable. When she slapped Harris, many viewers thought that was just for show -- and they could be right.

According to spoilers, Ava and Harris meet secretly after yet another drug bust. Could Ava be feeding Harris info while pretending to go along with Clyde?

If so, it might blow up in her face -- the spoiler video depicts Xander shooting Harris. Of course, that could be a fakeout, too. Spoilers often represent dream sequences as real, or Xander might shoot Harris with blanks as part of some elaborate plan.

Xander swore he wouldn't go through with the anonymous demand that he kill someone, but even if it's fake, he could lose Sarah over this. Let's not have another Xarah breakup for the sake of drama! They just got past the last one.

The noose seems to be tightening around Clyde -- could this all be an elaborate setup for the latest Salem murder mystery? Chad and Everett visit Clyde, and I'd be surprised if Chad DIDN'T threaten to end him for what he did to Abigail.

Ava and Stefan have more than enough reason to kill him. Lucas needs Clyde's goons to stop coming after him. And EJ might want revenge for Holly's near death.

There would be more than enough suspects to keep people guessing if Clyde kicked the bucket prematurely, and as a bonus, no one would miss him despite James Read's fantastic work in the role.

Please scroll down to check out all eight Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of 2-05-24.

Abe and Paulina Rekindle Their Romance - Days of Our Lives

Abe and Paulina rekindle their romance despite Abe's memory loss.

Abe's been reluctant to be intimate with Paulina when he doesn't remember their lives together. But with his once-wife facing a significant health scare, he might have been jolted into action.

He realizes she could die, so it's time to make new memories.

Will making love finally spark Abe's memories of the past? Or will Days of Our Lives subvert this tired TV trope and keep Abe in the dark about his past forever?

Johnny and Chanel's Wedding Blues - Days of Our Lives

Will Johnny and Chanel end up postponing their wedding?

When Paulina learns her surgery is being moved up, the couple might have to postpone their wedding anyway. She's one of the few people the spouses-to-be want to witness the ceremony, and she's helping them plan it.

If that's why they postpone, fine.

But please don't let Chad's nonsense about the Dimera curse get in Johnny's head and make him break Chanel's heart again.

Alex's Love Life - Days of Our Lives

Alex and Kristen discuss their love lives.

What a bizarre spoiler. What do these two have to do with each other?

Kristen is the type of evil influence that Alex should not hang out with. She's always scheming and blackmailing her way into Brady's heart and seems to be turning his daughter against him.

Also, Kristen was Victor's worst enemy, and Alex is trying to be Victor 2.0. So what the hell is this?

Ava and Harris Meet In Secret - Days of Our Lives

After another drug bust, Ava and Harris meet in secret!

Harris and Jada keep catching lower-level drug dealers but haven't been able to bust Ava and Stefan. After another drug bust, Harris meets his ex-girlfriend in private -- which appears to lead to him getting shot.

Is Ava double-crossing Stefan? That would be awkward since they just slept together.

Somehow, Harris gets shot, so could Ava lure him into a trap? She still has feelings for him, which doesn't make sense, but stranger things have happened in Salem.

John Covers With Marlena - Days of Our Lives

John covers with Marlena after talking with Konstantin.

The spoiler video depicts a creepy and strange scene in which Konstantin appears to hypnotize John into putting a gun to his own head.

John doesn't shoot himself; further spoilers have him returning home and omitting this encounter from his conversation with Marlena.

For some reason, we're resurrecting the Pawn story decades after it aired. Please don't tell me they're retconning the discovery of Dick Van Dyke's character being John's father!

Clyde Gets Unwelcome Visitors - Days of Our Lives

Clyde gets some unwelcome visitors.

Chad and Everett visit the prison. Everett's there to get a story, but who knows what Chad will do?

This encounter has bad idea written all over it. There's no way Clyde won't realize that Lucas ratted him out after toying with the newsmen.

In a best-case scenario, Chad grabs him by the collar, and Everett stops him. Maybe Everett's next expose could be on why the prison is so severely understaffed that guards never catch prisoners fighting (or committing new crimes.).

Theresa and Brady Compare Letters - Days of Our Lives

Theresa and Brady compare letters from Tate.

I wonder if Tate said the same thing in both letters. In his letter to Theresa, he might be positive and encouraging and pour his heart out about how miserable he is in the one to Brady.

This discussion will bring the parents closer together. But later in the week, Theresa pulls an all-nighter talking about addiction with Alex.

This seems like a love triangle no one wants, especially since both guys will probably distance themselves from Theresa when they learn about the forged letter.

Moving Forward -  Days of Our Lives

Stephanie and Everett's relationship continues to move forward.

Stephanie tells Kayla about the latest developments (but not Steve!) and gives Everett advice.

These two are getting closer and seem happy, which means only one thing.

Everett's past will come to the surface soon, especially his relationship with Jada. Was he dating Stephanie while married to Jada? Inquiring minds need to know!

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