Maya Bishop is a lieutenant at Station 19. She lives for firefighting and climbing the ranks.

She's competitive, dedicated, focused, and fearless.

A former Olympian, she's goal-oriented and has her sights set high, but she often has to combat sexism in the workplace.

Maya is married to Carina DeLuca, an OBGYN at Grey Sloan.

Maya Bishop Quotes

Maya: It's not enough to be strong; you have to be tough. We don't have the luxury of screwing up.
Hallucination Jack: I hate to admit it, but she's right.

Carina: This clears up some things.
Maya: About what?
Carina: Us.
Maya: You weren't clear about us before?

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Station 19 Quotes

This is going to get worse.


Maya: At least I won't be transferring to 23 anymore.
Dean: You won't?
Maya: Instead I'll be going to jail for harboring a fugitive.