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This is a still of That '90s Show on Netflix in 2023.

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Antoni: Guys, I’m kinda really surprised by how confident he is and comfortable in the kitchen. When he was acting like a bit of a dumb-dumb when we met, and now he like really seems like he knows what he’s doing.
Bobby: I think he was just bull s****** you and making you do it the whole time.
Antoni: Yeah, I think so too.
[Arian plays around with the knife in his hand]
Antoni: Woah! Woah! Woah!
Karamo: Knife tricks! Knife tricks!
Tan: He’s chopped those potatoes beautifully.
Bobby: Yeah, he obviously knows what he’s doing in the kitchen.
Tan: Well done, kid.

Matthias: Why would you save me?
Nina: 'Cause you're human, and despite what you've been taught, Grisha are not monsters.