Jesus Christ. It's like I have to do everything myself.

Outlaws don't refer to themselves as outlaws. Just an FYI.

I am here because I don't want my kid to miss out on his entire f*cking childhood. It's just fun.

Andy: Say it.
Nancy: Seattle was a bust.

Shane: Una navaja.
Nancy: Oh Shane, no more Spanish.

I'm a mother lion and you can't defeat a mother lion when you've threaten her cubs.

(to Cesar) Sorry about that, but I knew you were gonna shoot me first.

Nancy: What are you doing? Is that my mascara?
Andy: War paint. You're gonna need back up.
Nancy: You're not coming with me.

Nancy: I want to speak to Sean again.
Cesar: No, time to listen.

(to Doug) What the f**k are you doing here?

Andy: You and I will never right. Just say we'll never.
Nancy: They all die Andy. I like you too much to want you to die.
Andy: Holy cow, you're right! They do all die. You're pussy's a death sentence. A penis fly trap. You're Dr. Kavagian.
Nancy: All right then!
Andy: Wait - Esteban's not dead.
Nancy: Not yet.

You don't actually want what you can have. That's why you want me because you can't have me.

Weeds Quotes

I'm the suburban baroness of bud, Nancy.

Nancy Botwin

You've made your bed, now f**k in it.

Nancy Botwin