Cheryl: Inner circle, cousin Betty, I didn’t just bring you to Thistle House for a girlish slumber party. The truth is I’m terrified of being alone here. There’s a stranger in this house. My uncle Claudius, he’s as mad as the sea ever since he blew in, I feel like I’m in mortal peril.
Toni: Wait, I’m confused, is this real or are we playing a game?
Cheryl: All too real. T.T., I fear they’re plotting against me and Nana Rose.

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Riverdale Season 2 Episode 16: "Chapter Twenty-Nine: Primary Colors"
The CW
Madelaine Petsch
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Riverdale Season 2 Episode 16 Quotes

Alice: Betty, I have to ask...are you being safe with Jughead?
Betty: Yes, Mom, of course.
Alice: Well, that’s something. It’s...look...when I was your age, I wasn’t always. But you need to be, and I’m very well-acquainted with how alluring the Jones men are.
Betty: Woah, wait, Mom, did you and FP...? I mean, is it possible that FP is Chic’s dad?
Alice: Absolutely not! But a part of our family. He’s your brother. IK know that he’s odd and damaged; I see that, I’m not blind. But for the past 25 years, has hasn’t had anyone to love him.
Betty: He’s dangerous.

Ethel: Veronica!
Veronica: Oh, hey Ethel.
Ethel: For your crimes against the town of Riverdale, for everything you and your family have done and continue to do, we find you guilty. Your sentence is this.
[She throws a milkshake at Veronica]