Bonnie: Jesus Christ. A meteor could hit and you would say stay calm.
Madeline: Oh, fuck off, Bonnie.
Bonnie: You fuck off.
Madeline: You know what? I'm tired of taking care of you and your fucking feelings. I know your mom had a stroke, but let's not forget: You're the one who pushed him!

Nathan: Why do you have to be such a fuck?
Ed: I don't have to be. I choose to be. See, not everybody gets along, Nathan. Can't we just be comfortable not liking each other? There doesn't have to be a reason.

This whole fuckin' world's lost its mind. This whole fuckin' planet is inhabited by nut fucks!


Nathan wrote your world which at its core is family.


Did you diffuse things? Sure. Did you stop shit from getting worse? Sometimes. But did you protect me?


Ed: On our first date, it was like you were interviewing me. Not so much for the soulmate position or lover but rather father, the stable provider. Abigail was ripped apart, and you were determined to fix that. To not make the mistake of going down the lust path again, you had a certain criteria, and I checked all the boxes, so you made the sound, practical choice. It's not something I couldn't make peace with. I did. But then you got unsound. You decided to make impractical choices, one being to fuck Joseph Bachman, which left me with the most difficult choice of all -- to walk out with my dignity or to stay with a woman who I simply cannot trust.
Madeline: You can trust me to love you more deeply than I've ever loved anybody. Can you trust me not to fuck things up again? Maybe not. I don't know if I can trust myself with that. I didn't trust my parents' marriage, and the one I had with Nathan was not to be believed. And I don't know what it is. I don't. Maybe it's some unconscious, preemptive thing where I want to be the destroyer, not the destroyer. I don't understand, and I rack my brain about it, but I... Cause all I really want is to be married to you. Just happily married to you. But I must have low self-esteem, or I fucking hate myself or something because look what I've done. If I fuck up again, it will not be with infidelity. I give you my word. All my future mistakes will be brand new ones.

Martin: She started to talk this afternoon. To mumble. I had no idea what she was trying to say. I tried and I tried, and I finally got it.
Bonnie: What'd she say?
Martin: She said you're drowning. Sometimes the things she feels and sees turn out to be right, and now I'm worried.
Bonnie: Dad...
Martin: What's goin' on?

Martin: I was protecting you. Or so I thought, best way I could by keeping the peace.
Bonnie: It's OK, dad.
Martin: I know how weak I must seem to you, but I was just trying to do whatever I could to make the rage go away -- for you. And for me.
Bonnie: OK.
Martin: And for her.

Mary Louise: You're a mess, Celeste. And until you're better, we just have to think about protecting the wellbeing of our boys. We should at least agree on that, hmm?
Celeste: My boys will not be going to live with you.
Mary Louise: But they're at risk here. They're at risk in your care. And I'm their grandmother, and I will not forsake them. And I will not forsake what I know Perry would want me to do for them.
Celeste: I need you to get out of here. Right now.
Mary Louise: We can calmly...
Celeste: No, no.
Mary Louise: Celeste...
Celeste: Get the fuck out of here!

Madeline: Look, if you're going to leave me, can you just do it? Can you just get it over with?
Ed: Well, I'm still here, aren't I?
Madeline: Is that what you think, Ed? You're far from here. You're not even fucking close.

Ira: Once we file, you can count on alienation from the boys. You might get custody, but affection...
Mary Louise: This isn't about me needing to be liked.
Ira: Everyone needs to be liked. I find that's especially true with grandmothers.

I was raped pretty violently by a man I thought was sensitive and kind. That's how I got Ziggy.


Big Little Lies Quotes

And bring me something chocolate that won't make my ass look fat.


Come meet my knight in shining armor. She rescued me like a wounded dog in the street. And you know what else? She's funny.