Celeste: But there are so many positives. So many. The way he loved me, the way he loved the boys, the boys loved him. I shouldn't erase all of that simply because you feel that-
Dr. Reisman: He almost killed you.
Celeste: He didn't almost kill me.
Dr. Reisman: He nearly smothered you with a cushion. If one of his kicks had landed on your head you might very well be dead.

It makes her a grownup. Lying to protect someone she loves. That's what grownups do.


Mary Louise: I'm presented with the idea that my son was both an adulterer and a rapist. And I am desperate to squash that idea.
Jane: Well, I can tell you that he's the only man I'd been with.
Mary Louise: That you recall.
Jane: Excuse me?
Mary Louise: Well, things happen these days. Men put drugs in pretty girls drinks and things happen, people don't remember things sometimes.
Jane: I remember. Perfectly. Far more vividly than I care to.
Mary Louise: Just a simple blood test.
Jane: No.

She has always had my attention. Devotion on my end has not been a problem.


Nathan: You know, I, I decided to run.
Ed: For office?
Nathan: I swear to fuckin' God, man. No. I decided to take up running because Bonnie likes running. She's obsessed with it. I'm trying to embrace her interests.
Ed: So I'm off the hook for lunch then?
Nathan: You remember what you said to me last year about give me a reason? Let's just get this out of our system, man.
Ed: OK. So you've asked me to have lunch with your wife, and now you -- challenge me to a fistfight. [looks at his watch] I mean, do you have a preference if I can't squeeze in both?

Jane: Did Chloe tell you anything else?
Ziggy: She said something about Mr. Wright giving you salt. That's how I happened. He salted you.

How about the fundamental violation of our life, of our marriage. I am your husband. I am supposed to help you with this stuff.


On your awesome days, I suspect you are a godsend. But on your bad days, decidedly less so.

Mary Louise

Mary Louise: So was supposed to have happened what, nine years ago? When you two were trying to have a baby? Please. When did you find out about this alleged affair?
Celeste: It wasn't an affair. It was a rape. Rape.
Mary Louise: When did you find out?
Celeste: The night he died.
Mary Louise: Then how can you? This woman, she might have had multiple partners, you know. She could have been drugged. You don't know her. She could've been ... what if she got it wrong?
Celeste: She didn't.
Mary Louise: Aren't you desperate for her to be wrong? Aren't you desperate to know that he wasn't unfaithful? To believe that he wasn't capable of doing the things that she said? He wasn't! I'll never believe that.
Celeste: Your son wasn't an innocent man. He beat me up. Many times.
Mary Louise: I don't believe youuuu. Why wouldn't you have gone to the police?

Bonnie: No, I'm not OK. I'm having a hard time with the whole thing. Sometimes I wake up at night in a sweat with this feeling. It's gonna get us. It's gonna get us all.
Madeline: Who are you talking about?
Bonnie: The lie.

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Ed: What's this about fucking a theater director?
Celeste: No, you misheard that. [Ed picks up his keys] Where are you going?
Ed: To get my ears checked.

Madeline: It was an emergency.
Mary Louise: What kind of an emergency?
Madeline: The kind short people have.

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And bring me something chocolate that won't make my ass look fat.


Come meet my knight in shining armor. She rescued me like a wounded dog in the street. And you know what else? She's funny.