Celeste: You really think this is a good idea?
Mary Louise: Why wouldn't it be?
Celeste: Because there are boundaries, Mary Louise.
Mary Louise: Well, where would you have me go? Canada?
Celeste: This is all beginning to feel a little perverse.
Mary Louise: I beg your pardon?
Celeste: You're moving in with your son's rape victim. For God's sake, it's not right!

I was raped pretty violently by a man I thought was sensitive and kind. That's how I got Ziggy.


What should we call that? Foreplay? Oh dear.

Mary Louise

Mary Louise: You're a mess, Celeste. And until you're better, we just have to think about protecting the wellbeing of our boys. We should at least agree on that, hmm?
Celeste: My boys will not be going to live with you.
Mary Louise: But they're at risk here. They're at risk in your care. And I'm their grandmother, and I will not forsake them. And I will not forsake what I know Perry would want me to do for them.
Celeste: I need you to get out of here. Right now.
Mary Louise: We can calmly...
Celeste: No, no.
Mary Louise: Celeste...
Celeste: Get the fuck out of here!

It's better than sitting around the penniless losers as if that's not us.


Mary Louise: It's meant to be shared, you know, grief. It's... insurmountable. Too difficult a battle to be waged alone.
Celeste: Which is what you had to do. You were alone. After the accident, your husband left. Perry told me.
Mary Louise: Yes, he blamed me, and he left. And I deserved the blame, to be left. You know Ray, he got a new life. He got a new family. He became a devoted father, so I'm told. It's, it's good. People can move on after tragedy. Just not together sometimes.

Madeline: Look, if you're going to leave me, can you just do it? Can you just get it over with?
Ed: Well, I'm still here, aren't I?
Madeline: Is that what you think, Ed? You're far from here. You're not even fucking close.

Renata: What are you doing?
Madeline: Smoking. I hate smoking.
Renata: Nobody smokes anymore.
Madeline: I'm just trying to manage my stress.

Corey: I'm not gonna try and kiss you. But I would like to give you a goodnight hug. How does that sound?
Jane: It sounds great.

I wish I would have told you. I do. You would have jumped into that pool and pulled me out.


I don't know who he is right now. He's just being so hateful.


Your son raped me. And as he was doing so, I was screaming for him to get off. I don't think that you misread that.


Big Little Lies Quotes

And bring me something chocolate that won't make my ass look fat.


Come meet my knight in shining armor. She rescued me like a wounded dog in the street. And you know what else? She's funny.