Garcia: Does this mean we're never going to be able to talk to him again?
Rossi: We don't have a choice. It's not ideal, obviously, but as his friends, we've got to support his decision.

J.J.: That's a lot to process before my first cup. I can't believe he's been dealing with this for weeks and we never knew.
Reid: That part actually doesn't surprise me. He's always kept things to himself. It's just his way of protecting us.

You'll adapt, we all will. Trust me, kiddo. I've been here before.

Rossi [to Garcia]

Garcia: I was feeling forgotten.
Lewis: Never!

Prentiss: I love being here and I've really missed you guys.
J.J.: We have missed you too.
Reid: Honestly, you have no idea how much.

It's what happens when we're not on a case that defines who we are. We stand beside one another, through good, through bad, because we're family.


You might be a profiler in training, but I'm a profiler by association, and I can tell a lie when I hear one, and liar!

Garcia [to Alvez]

We good? We fly.


Where do you think you're going, huh? This takes me back.

Alvez [after tackling a suspect]

Garcia: Oh, my God! Am I officially not young?
Rossi: You, my dear, are the portrait of everlasting youth.
Garcia: I'm timeless, right. Good answer.

Garcia: You're not fooling me, Alvez. He just wants everyone to think he's a smoldering basket of mystique and contradiction. I don't buy it.
Alvez: I just want a beer.
Garcia: There may be a glimmer of hope for you yet. But, just so you know, the new guy pays.

It's less about keeping him in than it is keeping other potential victims out,