Normally I would say the game's afoot. But this time I think it's a-finger.

Sherlock [to Marcus]

I missed all the signs.

Gregson [to Joan]

You were right, Watson. We should have waited until morning.

Sherlock [to Joan]

Let's just say I'm wishing there were a few things I could unsee.

Marcus [to Sherlock]

If you want results, leave me alone and let me work.

Mason [to Sherlock]

I am tired of giving you a pass.

Gregson [to Sherlock]

Whoever our John Doe is, our murderer wants every part of him dead.

Marcus [to Joan]

Pushing yourself too hard won't get you better any faster.

Joan [to Sherlock]

In my diminished state, I find visual aids helpful.

Sherlock [to Joan]

THere's a bush outside. I think you should go beat around it.

Sherlock [to Joan]

Sherlock: You can trust me.
Gregson: Prove it.

Sherlock: The Victorians knew how to build a sensory-deprivation tank.
Joan: They also used to box with kangaroos.
Sherlock: What's your point?

Elementary Quotes

Marcus Bell, U.S. Marshal. It has a nice ring to it.

Chantal [to Marcus]

That was a waste of time or I'm going to be audited for the rest of my life.