Don't do the crime if you can't do the time.

Danny [to Grace]

Can you help me? I seem to have lost my head.


Eric: Not really, [Danny] just psychologically scarred me for life.
McGarrett: He has that effect on some people.

Chin: I just dumped Marjorie's phone. Over the past couple of weeks, she made over 40 calls to the same number.
Danny: Ghostbusters?

Jerry: You know why I love Halloween so much?
Grace: The chocolate? Just a guess.

These psychos had a thing for making their own horror movies every Halloween.


Steve: Just relax, alright and enjoy the view.
Danny: What view? Like I said, jet stream, no view.

I see what he's doing there. He's doing Jack Nicholson. And it's very appropriate too, because the last six years of my life has been sort of like "The Shining." Which is a film if you'd seen, you'd know, spends the whole movie torturing a young boy named Danny.


Like I always said, only three things are sure in life. Death, taxes and Clay Maxwell ordering Giordano's on a Thursday night.


Clay: You know you are going to go to jail for this.
Grover: Yeah, it would be me and you. I get dibs on the bottom bunk.

Jerry: The concept was genius, but the operation was an epic fail.
Chin: Only because it sounds like a plan concocted by Wylie Coyote.

Russo: Hey, check this out.
Steve: What was inside?
Russo: Cyanide
Steve: Cyanide?
Russo: I know, crazy right? The secret bunker, the World War II pistol, the kill pill, and the ring with the in compartment, this is some real secret agent stuff.