He called it his inheritance and as far as he was concerned you were dead to him.


The smoke seen in the dream now rises.

Hawaiian Proverb

I was gonna mail these back to your brides, but I see you got enough trouble waiting for you on the other side.


Which one of you has the lowest standards, because I am here.


Steve: Promise me one thing buddy.
Danny: What?
Steve:Gracie will get her college degree online.
Steve: Why would you even say her name here?

Jake: Glad to see you reining in those man boobs.
Mickey: You what this means? I hooked up last night.

You are gonna spend the night in a cell, and I am gonna spend the night on a plane back to Chicago. And I am gonna talk to Leanne in person, and then I am gonna search your house, and I am gonna search your car, and I am gonna search your locker and I am gonna talk to your friends. I am gonna talk to your neighbors. I am gonna talk to your pastor. I am gonna talk to everybody you know down to the guy that shines your shoes. And anything you think I can do to help you Clay, any favor I can call in, any length that I can go to, any power or influence I might have I am gonna use all of that to lock your ass up. Smoke on that.


Chin: You know Lou, a lot of guys on my old squad believed IA when they said I was a dirty cop. When I asked them why they said it was just something they could feel. They went with their instinct and turned their back on my, but they were wrong.
Grover: I am not wrong.

Grover: Can I get a strawberry daiquiri?
Steve: Did you say strawberry daiquiri?
Grover: I am comfortable in my manhood brother.
Steve: Oh yes you are. Deep dish pizzas, strawberry daiquiris. You like the finer things in life.

Chin: If I remember correctly your rendition of 'Love me' brought the house down. Look, the suit still fits.
Jerry: Oh no, this is like my sixth one, but I am just here as a spectator today.

The king is dead. Again. Come on man somebody had to say it.


Steve: I am sorry did you just say you just flew 10 hours straight with a bunch of pizzas in your suite case? Is that what you said?
Grover: You're damn right. And today is your lucky day. Because of this unexpected, pleasant little pick me up at the airport I will cut you in on a slice.

Hawaii Five-0 Quotes

Steve: I like this kid.
Catherine: Of course you do, he's you at 13.

Would you mind fetching that for me? [Steve and Danny look at each other] You guys talk telepathically? Because I don't hear an answer.