Junior: So you were kicked out of the police academy and then hired by Five-0?
Tani: Crazy, right?
Junior: Yeah, crazy.

Boy, am I going to miss Chicago!


Your partner's out of town, and you're going rogue. Don't you think there will be blow-back on this?

Grover [to McGarrett]

You're familiar with the steel bowl, right?

Tani [to Aaron]

Junior: It's a process.
McGarrett: It is a process, and I want to help you through it.

I've never hit a blind man, but if I were you, that's not something I'd take a gamble on right now.

Grover [to Harley]

I can tell you how to handle your boo and crack this black-hat security.

Aaron [to Tani]

I never thought I was going to live this long, or live the life I live.

Kamekona [to Kang]

I know you're going to do what you have to to protect your family. I'm going to do what I have to to protect mine.

McGarrett [to Mr.Kang]

I'm celebrating life, sista, and the fact that Five-0 is paying for the booze.

Kemekona [to Noelani]

It was a judgment call, and a bad one. All we can do is learn from our mistakes and move on.

McGarrett [to Tani]

Kamekona: Hey, you missed a spot.
McGarrett [pointing at Kamekona's face]: So did you.

Hawaii Five-0 Quotes

Danno: It's not like my tree. My tree is small. It's depressing. It's pathetic.
McGarett: It's perfect. It's just like your apartment.

McGarrett: Why, what are you going to do?
Danno: It's nothing. I've got it. I'm gonna take care of it.
McGarrett: Okay, I know what nothing means, so...
Danno: Nothing means, nothing, Stephen. I'm fine.
McGarrett: Don't go anywhere I'm gonna be there soon.