Hank: Is he dead?
Steve: No Hank, he's just taking a nap.

How do you take it? Black, two cubes of shut the hell up.


Hank: I've got a question. What the hell is this drain for?
Chin: Use your imagination.
Hank: I'd rather not.

Hank's smart enough to know you don't sleep where you steal.


She is an excellent shot. She can hit a pimple on an elephants ass from a hundred yards away.


Lynn: Are you asking me on a second date?
Steve: We'll go for coffee, how about that.

Steve: Is he the type to exaggerate a story.
Lynn: Oh I don't know, he did say he caught a thousand pound yellow fin tuna once.

First of all, I'm not cutting off none of my digits for some weekend booty.


I’m going to take that plastic sword and turn you into a Roman popsicle, OK.


You lied to your mother, who is in fact a liar herself.


Chin: What kind of thieves takes blood? Jerry: Vampires.

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It’s filthy, good grief; he must have killed the maid too.


Hawaii Five-0 Quotes

Did I say I was jumping on any local customs Don Ho? No I did not.


Steve: Go get um Professor Plum.
Danny: It's Jeffries