Lia: I heard what happened today. Are you OK?
Katsumoto: Beth is. That's all that matters.

Katsumoto: Why are you telling me now?
Whelan: Because there's a chance I'm not walking away from this. And if I'm going to meet my maker, I'm going to do it with a clear conscience.

Rick: I'm having a baby here and you're asking for a favor?
Suzy: You're having a baby?

Magnum: I know what it looked like between me and Lia. But nothing happened.
Higgins: You're an adult. You don't have to explain yourself to me.

Magnum: Do you want to talk privately?
Higgins: No, it's fine. It's not important. We can talk later.

Knowing where you come from, good or bad, becomes more important the older you get.

T.C. [to Cade]

Greg: I guess the drugs were wearing off and I had a moment of clarity or something.
Higgins: Seems like your abductors not only overestimated the potency of those drugs but they underestimated you, Greg.

Rick: I gotta say, I'm impressed with how well you handled that. Things are going so well for Cade and suddenly some relatives show up and want to take space in the kid's life. I'd be freaking out.
T.C.: I am freaking out. I just don't want Cade to see it.

Greg: Isn't this breaking and entering?
Magnum: Technically, it's trespassing.

Donna: I'm grateful for everything you've done for my grandson.
T.C.: Of course. He's a great kid.

Well, I guess I'd better cancel that picnic.


Why, all of the sudden, are you asking these deeply probing questions? No offense but you have the emotional intelligence of a 9-year-old.

Rick [to Magnum]

Magnum P.I. Quotes

If you want something on the island, Rick is the man to see.


I guess we all go to America.