Kayla: No, no, it's good. I, uh. I just didn't realize what big ears you have. Or what big eyes you have.
Nick: Says the girl with the wolf tattoo, yeah. Mmm hmmm.
Kayla: Oh, and look at those chompers.
Nick: What?!

Madeline: Back then, I thought you and Gabe were better off without me.
Hannah: And now?
Madeline: Now, it's not up to me.

You California people. You have no idea how quickly the weather can change here.


Beth: Please be the man that I fell in love with.
Jordan: I can't. That man is gone. Now all that's left is a man with a gun.

No, don't! Do not love me! You'll just end up dead because that's what happens to people who love me!


Hannah, you're always judging mom for leaving but whenever there is a problem, your instinct is to do the same thing.


I can forgive you for leaving, but I cannot forgive you for not coming back.


Colleen: How's your fish?
Kayla: Tastes like fish.
Colleen: [chuckles] Your Yelp review needs a few more adjectives.

You know, at some point you're going to have to let go of all this anger you're holding onto. It's eating you alive.


Nick: What's the password to your phone?
Ethan: Go fuck yourself.
Nick: Funny. They only let me put in numbers here.

Eddie: I don't want anyone else to die! No one was supposed to die! I can't take this shit anymore, Mitch.
Mitch: We're gonna be fine.

I didn't mean to do it. She wasn't supposed to die. No one was supposed to die. No one was supposed to die.