Jordan, you say that's the guy, then we'll keep looking into him. But we don't make arrests that don't hold up in court. Do you understand?

Det. Garcia

I'm sorry. I didn't handle that well. I will do better. I promise.


Can we stop with the fucks for five fucking minutes???


Something happened back in Oakland. People don't just up and move in the middle of the school year.


Can we please not ruin another dinner talking about Trump?


Kayla: Wow.
Nick: It's a work in progress.
Kayla: So am I.

Laney: Do you like Molly?
Kayla: She is my best friend.
Laney: Cheers.

Jordan: Did you see Lance and Harriet's video of little Harry pooping?
Beth: No.
Jordan: [chuckles] That kid? He's freakin' adorable.
Beth: Please don't.

Oh, don't you look nice. Very sexy. I was slutty when I was your age, too.