Hannah: Why did you buy so much?
Gabe: Because I could.
Hannah: You're ridiculous.
Gabe: Rich and ridiculous.

Don't do that! Don't try and connect with on some personal level to pacify me!


Jordan: Eddie and his friends murdered Beth!
Det: Not of the other witnesses were able to identify Eddie.
Jordan: But I did!!

Your dad doesn't know shit. I quit dancing because I got knocked up.


Colleen: Oh, you showed up! I'm impressed.
Kayla: You have my phone. OK. This is way cool. Very gypsy bohemian.
Colleen: Oh, don't label me. I hate label. I think of it as timeless chic.
Kayla: I'm pretty sure that's a label.

Kayla: I thought you wanted to be the cool grandma.
Colleen: I never said that! I'm OK with being uncool. In fact, I'm OK with being mean. I'm really good at it.

I went in for a voice lineup. I identified one of the pigs.


Ethan: This really is one of those teen shows.
Kayla: This is not some triangle.
Ethan: I'm talking about the part where you're fuckin' your teacher. Oops. Another trope.

It's like we're a triangle on one of those teen shows on the network I don't watch. In dramatic terms, it's what's known as a trope.


The world is angry. So much hate and rage. Beth saw that, but I couldn't.


Laney: What happened in California? What makes you so guarded?
Ethan: And sad. There's something uniquely sad about you.

On the floor, or you die.