My own parents. I don't know anything about them at all.


Philip: I'll do my job. I've always done it.
Elizabeth: I know.

Gabriel: Can you hold on? I have to talk to you. I'm going home.
Elizabeth: What? Did something happen?
Gabriel: No. It's just time.
Philip: Gabriel, if it's me, I know I've been hard to deal with.
Gabriel: No, it's not you. I'm just ready to go home. You don't need me anymore. You have each other. But Philip, as long as you're here, the centre is going to continue to be concerned about you. Once they start worrying about somebody, they never stop. And now, the lab. And to be honest, I'm worried. you've seen too much. You've done too much. I'll miss you terribly.

Matthew: Do you want to break up with me?
Paige: I'm...scared.
Matthew: Of what?
Paige: I like you. A lot. But I've never had a boyfriend before. I don't know how to do that.
Matthew: Yes, you do.

Elizabeth: You're a real idealist.
Ben: No, I'm a realist. We need to develop crops that can withstand almost anything.
Elizabeth: How are you going to do that?
Ben: Well, we, uh, we take the strongest wheat plants around from the world, cross breed them, then we get the most destructive pests we can find, test the new plants and test again. We're making a lot of progress. We're close to making the strongest wheat the world has ever known.
Elizabeth: And you...when you have it?
Ben: Well I work for a company and they sell it. But it would make food supplies around the world everywhere cheap. Africa, Asia, places where people suffer through cycles of famine. I mean, it might never happen again.

Old patterns between parents and children, they create barriers. They keep us from seeing what's really there. And what is really there? Love. It's all around us. But because we can't see it, can't experience it, it seems like it must be very far away. You can't experience the love your parents had for you or you for your children when old habits and belief systems, all the things your mind is telling you about who they are, who you are, stand in the way.


We got it wrong. Stobart isn't looking to starve us. He wants to save people.


Philip: That guy in the lab. That can't happen. Ever again.
Elizabeth: We'll be more careful.
Philip: More careful? This has been hard for me for a long time. You know that, right?
Elizabeth: I do. Look. When we know this kind of thing is coming up, maybe it can just be me.
Philip: No. No, it's us, Elizabeth. It's us.

Renee: Oh. You're so tight. What is it?
Stan: Oh, it's just stuff from work I can't really talk about.
Renee: Can't you just be, I don't know, vague?
Stan: I guess I was really aggressive with this stuff with my boss. I said a little too much. It'll work out.

Wolfe: If nothing else, we keep the KGB busy and irritated.
Stan: Well, we're certainly busy and irritated.
Wolfe: That's a good joke.

Claudia: How do you think the people at the centre are going to feel about a meeting between Philip and his wayward son?
Gabriel: Shouldn't that be Philip's decision to make?
Claudia: And when he tells Philip he was put in a psychiatric institution because he thinks the war in Afghanistan is a joke? What happens then? You care about him. We both do. But he's...shaky.

Elizabeth: I understand what you were doing, and it was smart, and it was brave. But Paige, if there is any slip, if they sense anything from you, Alice wouldn't come to us next time. She would go straight to the FBI.
Paige: I'm sorry. But I was there, not you.