Elizabeth: I understand what you were doing, and it was smart, and it was brave. But Paige, if there is any slip, if they sense anything from you, Alice wouldn't come to us next time. She would go straight to the FBI.
Paige: I'm sorry. But I was there, not you.

In Soviet Union, we have same great land, same great climate, but system is broke. They still move food by horse sometimes. By the time it gets to where it needs to be, it's already rotten.


Philip: Do you think we're gonna get fired?
Elizabeth: It's not funny.
Philip: I know.

Paige: Is it hard pretending to be other people?
Philip: Yeah. Sometimes it's really hard.

Matthew: Are you OK? You seem sad.
Paige: The world's just so messy right now. It's hard to figure out what to do about it.
Matthew: Well, there's nothing we can do about it.
Paige: Do you really think so?

Being in a relationship is complicated. You don't share everything. You hold back what you need to. Everybody does.


Philip: All this land out here. You know what it looks like? Home. We have this too. Why can't we grow enough grain ourselves? Alexi? Some of what he says? I...
Elizabeth: Everybody has problems.

Philip: What are they using them for?
Randy: We don't ask those questions. We just breed the bugs they tell us.
Elizabeth: You should have asked.

I'd rather die back home than live here.


Philip: Is, uh, everything alright?
Stan: Yeah. Just this thing going on at work.
Philip: Something you can talk about?
Stan: No, not really. Just sometimes, you know, I wish I was in charge of the whole goddamned FBI.

I just don't think you're listening. Burov will sacrifice himself before betraying his country. He can't be turned.


Elizabeth: Can't wait to have dinner with that family again.
Philip: Yeah.
Elizabeth: Sorry he had to wait in line to eat. He's old enough to remember having nothing to wait in line for.
Philip: My mother used to make us soup from a few onions, nothing else. It was really just hot water.
Elizabeth: After the war, my mother always said she wasn't hungry. I knew, but I ate everything. She was so thin.