Kevin: Hey, John.
John: I killed you.
Kevin: Nope.

John: I don't understand what's happening.
Kevin: Me neither.

Let's stay focused, because I want to make sure I get this. You saw my daughter pretend to disappear, and the only reason you remembered it today is because you came back from the dead?


Erika: Why are you doing this? I don't understand.
Evie: You understand.

You know her? That's your dad's girlfriend, right? She sprayed me with the hose once. I liked her.


Mary: Nora? What are you doing here? Where's Matt?
Nora: Oh my God. Hi.
Mary: Hi.

Kevin: Print matched?
John: Indeed it did.
Kevin: We should talk.

John: What made you remember?
Kevin: I died. I had a problem. Michael took me to his grandfather's. He said he could help...
John: My son took you to meet his grandfather?
Kevin: Yeah, Virgil, and he helped me.
John: Michael wouldn't do that.
Kevin: Yeah, he did, I swear man, he...
John: Prove it!
Kevin: The old man told me what he did to you. I'm so sorry. Sorry. No one should ever...
John: Man, shut the fuck up! That's a lie! He didn't do nothin' to me. You don't know shit!

Erika: Where have you been?
Michael: At your dad's.
Erika: I thought I told you not to go over there anymore.
Michael: I won't.

Kevin: Maybe she didn't.
John: What?
Kevin: Love you.

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Meg: What do you want?
Tom: You said you could do it for real.
Meg: Do what?
Tom: Take my pain away.

You lose your mama and then the very next day people don't give a shit about you or her because they think the world is endin'. That ain't lucky.


The Leftovers Season 2 Quotes

Isaac: Something bad is going to happen. To you.
John: Well, shit, Isaac. That is not ideal.

Visitor: Your water. Will it make us safe?
Michael: It's just a souvenier.