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Julian tells Macy that his parents died in a tragic car accident while on a date, and the two decide to spend the evening together. Macy wakes up the next morning at Julian's house and meets Julian's Aunt Vivian. 

Meanwhile, after a rescue mission with Mel, Harry comes down with a life-threatening illness. Harry asks Mel to call Abigael for help. Mel also calls Macy home to help. Abigael suggests an antidote that could kill Harry. Macy is not willing to risk it, and asks Julian for help. 

Julian's Aunt does not trust Macy. She tells her she will allow her to use her state of the art technology to help save Harry, but only if Macy breaks things off with Julain. At the same time, Harry wakes up and tries to kill Mel. Abigael uses a spell to knock Harry out and save Mel. Mel and Abigael have a heart to heart while they mix the potion which might save Harry.

On the other side of the country, Jordan finds a support group for people who have had a magical experience, where and he and Maggie meet a member of a powerful cult. He invites Jordan and Maggie to a party. Maggie tells Jordan he doesn't have to help her, but he reminds her that helping her could break his curse. 

Maggie and Jordan attend the party and meet a woman who offers to buy their ancient black amber artifact. She offers Jordan and Maggie some type of edible and tells them they have to eat it to learn more about their cult. Maggie refuses but Jordan eats it. 

The edible puts Jordan into some type of hypnosis along with everyone else at the party. A creature with a staff uses the power from the audience to perform a resurrection. Jordan collapses and Maggie rushes to his side. Maggie calls Macy and Mel to help her.

The girls save Jordan and rush back to save Harry, but return to Abigael using the potion to save Harry. The potion works, and Harry is grateful to Abigael for saving him. Jordan also expresses his gratitude to Maggie for saving him.

Macy and Julian wake up, and Harry sees them kissing from around the corner.

Charmed (2018)
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Charmed (2018) Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

It's nice to have a partner in crime.


Jordan: I've seen things that could make a grown man cry.
Maggie: Are you quoting me back to me?