Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 7 Review: Better Is the New Enemy of Good

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If there's one thing Chicago Med drives home, it's that some people never change.

On Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 7, Will again bent the rules to do what he thought was right, and Choi again made a boneheaded decision in the name of being dedicated to his job.

The only one who might have changed somewhat is Marcel, and even that's not a given.

Everything Falls Apart/Tall - Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 7

When Will came to work pumped up about how well the patients in his clinical trial were doing, I had two questions: what would go wrong, and how soon was he going to get romantically involved with Dr. Veroni?

Both of those questions were answered by the end of the hour.

Will chickened out about telling Dr. Veroni the truth about what he'd done, using instead the classic soap opera technique of starting to say one thing and suddenly deciding to say something else.

But that still counts as asking her out on a date, and the fallout from the truth being revealed will be that much greater if he and Veroni are involved before his misbehavior is exposed.

A Serious Crisis - Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 7

I can't say I'm disappointed or surprised that Will went behind Veroni's back to secretly unblind the patient and try to prove that the medication had nothing to do with the symptoms she was experiencing.

This is typical Will. He's never met a rule he's not willing to bend for what he sees as the greater good.

It's a good thing Choi is out of commission for the moment, though, because he found out that Will was playing fast and loose with ethics again, that would be the end of the clinical trial.

April: You know what we did was wrong.
Will: But we did it for the right reasons. It all worked out.
April: It did all work out, behind Dr. Veroni's back. You ever gonna tell her?

As it is, I'm not sure how long April will keep Will's secret.

Stress of the Job - Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 7

April made it clear that she felt this was wrong and that Dr. Veroni should know the truth as soon as possible, so either she's going to assume Will already confessed and blurt it out, or she's going to decide she can't keep it to herself anymore.

Either way, it'll mean trouble for Will down the line. Since he's moving toward going into research full-time, he could be left without a job. And if he and Veroni do get involved, this mess is definitely going to impact their relationship.

I'm not sure this subterfuge was necessary, either.

Will figured out what was wrong with his patient by asking himself why she was the only one of the clinical trial patients to have these symptoms and then run one last test to pinpoint a cause.

Couldn't he have done that without knowing whether or not she was on the real medication? It was the other evidence, not the blood test, that helped lead him to a diagnosis.

Charles to the Rescue - Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 7

As for Dr. Choi, April had it right when she called the stupid stunt he pulled typical Ethan.

Besides Ethan Choi, who would ever think having surgery in the morning and returning to a high-stress job in the afternoon was a good idea? And once Choi developed a high fever, he definitely should have informed someone and gotten medical attention.

Choi knew he didn't have COVID, but it seemed like this was when doctors should take extra care to follow all health and safety protocols.

He must have been even more delirious than it seemed since he didn't care about breaking THOSE rules!

Ethan's Fate - Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 7

Now that Choi's been sidelined, maybe Sharon can get a temporary ED chief in there who makes decisions more rationally and doesn't pick fights with everybody.

The only worse choice for this position would be Abrams, and since he picked a fight with Michael, Sharon will likely stay away from giving him any power.

Here's an observation. It's often the people who are the very best at what they do who feel the most inadequate.


Dr. Charles' parallel conversations with Choi and Dr. Cohen were the best part of this storyline.

Cohen's illness was particularly bizarre. I was surprised that he accepted Dr. Charles' insistence that Mason was dead and began talking about his real feelings.

Most delusional people cannot be talked out of their delusions, so this seemed almost too easy.

But since it gave Charles the insight needed to begin to talk some sense into Choi, it was worth it.

Finding The Right Solution - Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 6

Charles is a workaholic too, or used to be, so he's the best person to advise Choi on this, but whether Choi will listen is another story.

Meanwhile, the Nat/Marcel story and the latest development in Maggie's adoption of Augie competed for the most emotional storyline.

The Augie story seemed to be occasional filler throughout the hour until it wasn't.

The discovery of Augie's biological brother and his brother's adoptive parents could throw a monkey wrench into Ben and Maggie's chances of adopting Augie, who has started calling Ben Dad.

This could end up being heartbreaking. Please, Chicago Med, don't go there!

Marcel's Decision - Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 4

As for Marcel and Nat, this was emotional for several reasons.

The connection between this case and the loss of Marcel's daughter was obvious. But more moving than that was Marcel's willingness to learn from his patients.

Ron: It's not the most romantic setting, but we decided we're going to spend whatever time we have left with each other.
Tim: When you love each other, you take whatever time you can get.

Marcel didn't understand why Ron and Tim would marry if Ron were dying. In his mind, making that kind of commitment makes the pain worse.

But when Tim explained that he and Ron wanted to take advantage of whatever time they still had left, it seemed to get through to Marcel, and he took a big step by sharing Harper's baby videos with Nat.

I'm still not fully sold on Nat and Marcel as a couple.

Nat's too insecure and wishy-washy, and Marcel's too commitment-phobic. Besides, I think Nat and Will may still be endgame, which would make it a waste of time to invest anything into this other relationship.

But I wasn't sold on Marcel as a character at first, so if Chicago Med goes down the path of him giving up his fear of being hurt to be with Nat, I'll gladly follow.

Your turn, Chicago Med Fanatics.

Did Will do the right thing? Did Choi learn his lesson? And now that Marcel has begun to process his grief over his daughter's death, will he be more ready to take the next step with Nat?

Hit the big, blue SHOW COMMENTS button and let us know your thoughts!

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Chicago Med airs on NBC on Wednesdays at 8 PM EST/PST.

Better Is the New Enemy of Good Review

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Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 7 Quotes

Man: Why is she like this? Is it the pills you gave her?
Will: I don't know, but I'm going to find out.

Doris: Have you seen Ethan?
April: He's going to be late. He said he had a personal matter to attend to.
Doris: You're joking, right?
April: No.
Doris: I mean, he's here 24/7. He doesn't have a life, so how can he have a personal matter to attend to?