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Peter offers to help Joe get his book published but in the end he may be its biggest obstacle.

On Family Guy Season 13 Episode 2, Peter finds that he has a voice for Joe's creation: the handicapped squirrel, David Chicago. Peter's voice propels Joe's cartoon storybook into stardom and he inadvertently helps Joe realize his dream of becoming a published author. But as their relationship continues to develop, it becomes glaringly obvious that Peter's insensitivity to Joe's true reason for creating the book will impede their progress. 

Brain finally comes in contact with the runner's high while trying to impress a girl, and loses sight of his health and safety. His aggressive running soon spirals out of control as he shuns all forms of nutrition and gets sucked up into the world of competitive running and being a faux-exercise nut. He eventually learns a very harsh and violent lesson, while Stewie just watches and laughs. 

Peter's attempt at taking over the book series on his own falls hard and flat, and he ends up fired. Peter and Joe finally reconcile their differences when Peter realizes how hard being an author actually is, and Joe exemplifies what it means to be forgiving and handicapped. 

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