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Different opening for Family Guy nice. It probably offended Indians everywhere.

Brian is on hold with tech support to get his computer fixed. He flirts with the tech support girl. Stewie calls him out. Her name is Padma. Brian uses all his old tricks to flirt.

Shakespeare cutaway. 

Lois answers the door. At first she sees no one, then Joe gets her attention. He tells Peter that Bonnie is out of town and he has an extra ticket for Bingo. Peter isn't impressed, but then Lois persuades Peter to go.

Employees Must Wash Hands cutaway.

Brian is flirting with Padma again. He's feeling a "connection" again. Stewie calls Brian out again.

Jeb Bush cutaway.

Peter and Joe is at Bingo. Joe is making jokes with the older people. Peter doesn't look too thrilled. Joe is really into the bingo, but Peter is having a hard time.

Peter's happy place cutaway.

Peter gets a bingo and is beyond excited. It's a Peter  kind of thing.

Tori Spelling Bee cutaway.

Brian is talking to Padma. Peter comes in in his underwear and computer. He leaves to take care of business. Brian continues to talk to Padma. Brian decides he's going to India and Stewie decides he's going with him.

Yoga class cutaway.

Brian and Stewie are on a plane on their way to India. In the airport Stewie talks about how he's excited about experiencing the tranquility of India until he steps outside into the reality of filth.

Peter goes to another Bingo night with Joe, but he's taken over, and Joe is not happy about it.

In India, Brian is looking at a map to find Padma. They end up on a train. Brian wants a steak and expresses that in front of a bunch of Indian men who are offended by his comments. Brian freaks out and Stewie tellls him to hurry up and hit the red buttons on their heads. When he does, the Indians power down like turned-off robots. Brian wants to leave right away while Stewie wants to see what their "weiners" look like.

Peter is all into the bingo thing now, but he doesn't want to take Joe, because he thinks he's a cry baby.

Thunder fart meeting cutaway.

Brian and Stewie are at the company where Padma works.He calls and asks her to stand on her desk. The woman who first stands up is a fat, Indian woman, but she's not really Padma. The real Padma stands up, a beautiful girl. She runs to Brian and they hug.

Paltrow and Martin cutaway.

Padma takes Brian and Stewie for a tour. She invites them to a family party which turns out to be an engagement party for Padma and her betrothed. She tells the guests she's not going to marry the guy, because Brian, her true love, has come to sweep her away. Her father is not happy, because they've already paid so much money to the groom to be. Brian offers money, but says he needs time. 

Lois goes to the bingo hall to try to convince Peter to back off about bingo, but Peter won't have any of it. Lois sends the kids in to hang all over Peter. He's not enjoying it and quits bingo.

In India, Brian and Stewie are trying to find ways to raise money to pay back Padma's father. They open a tapeworm stall to pull tapeworms out of people's butts. Brian decides to go on the Indian version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. The first question is outrageous and Brian loses.

Indian census bureau cutaway.

He apologizes to Padma for not being able to raise money. Padma decides they have very little in common and they shouldn't be together. She kisses him on the cheek and leaves.

Indian final credits song and dance number.



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Family Guy Season 14 Episode 20 Quotes

Lois (answers door): Huh, there's no one there. Must've been some kids knocking.
Joe: Down here, Lois.
Lois: Oh. For God's sake, Joe. Can't you put a "tall" flag on the back of your chair or something?
Joe: I apologize for the difficulty my paralysis causes you.

Amazing. One second of a stranger's voice on a phone, and you've got full Bollywood.