Family Guy Season 14 Episode 20 Review: Road to India

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Wow. Family Guy. Just wow.

After watching Family Guy Season 14 Episode 20, one thing is for sure, Family Guy has pretty much become like that old aunt who just doesn't care anymore. You're repelled by her, but yet you can't stay away.

Trip to India - Family Guy

I really didn't think there would be an episode that could top Family Guy Season 14 Episode 10, but "Road to India" did. It was hilarious from beginning to end.

I had my doubts about Peter and Joe's bingo storyline. Joe is not necessarily the funniest guy (but he's miles and miles ahead of Cleveland), so when he's the focus of any storyline, things get a little shaky.

And the story was a little goofy. I think I would have preferred the whole episode focus on Stewie and Brian, but then Peter made it all worth while, not with his stupid Ensure joke:

Joe: You and the gang? I'm the one who brought you here.
Peter: Yeah, well, you know something? The Mayflower also brought fungus which then became the potato famine.
Joe: What the hell are you talking about?
Peter: I don't know. I had like about four Ensures. I'm outta my mind.

But with the thunderstorm fart meeting cutaway. I've said before that I'm not a big fan of bathroom humor, but this was too much. When that fart came and the thunder didn't, I thought I was going to die. Seriously, that was a ROFL moment.

There were plenty of ROFL moments during Stewie and Brian's story, too. And ones that I shouldn't have even considered funny. But it's Family Guy and being offensive goes hand in hand with laughs on this show.

The Shakespeare cutaway and the Jeb Bush cutaway were both incredibly offensive, but it was hard not to laugh. The idea of Jeb Bush being married to Consuela was so out there that made it even more hilarious. Cutaways are usually not my favorites with Family Guy, but this time, almost all of them were gold.

Brian becomes obsessed with Padma, the tech support woman he's been talking to about his computer issues. We all know Brian only thinks with one part of his body, but Stewie nailed it when he said:

Amazing. One second of a stranger's voice on a phone, and you've got full Bollywood.


at The two head to India to meet Padma (though she isn't aware of it) and it pretty much becomes one offensive joke after another. And there are some doozy's. And yes, they were funny. 

Probably the best moment was the after they got off the bus, and Brian expressed his desire for a nice, juicy steak. When the Indian guys get offended because cows are sacred in their country, Brian freaks out and yells for Stewie to do something.

So, Stewie does what any reasonable person would do when they are confronted by angry Indians: push the dots on their heads to shut them down. And down they went like disconnected robots.

I am ashamed to say I could not stop laughing at that scene. It was the most ridiculous thing ever, but it was funny as hell.  Who thinks of these things? And seriously, Brian is ready to take off, but Stewie wants to take a look at their wieners before they leave. Such a Stewie thing to do.

Brian's meeting of Padma doesn't turn out the way he thinks it's going to (does it ever?) She's engaged to be married, but when she professes her love for Brian, he has to give money to her father for the money he paid to the original groom to be.

Brian decides to go on the India version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. It's hosted by Anil Kapoor, which is another clever joke in itself.

But on the very first question he loses, because he decides the answer has to be Jiminy Cricket. No matter how India Brian tried to make Jiminiy Cricket sound, he wasn't going to win.

As it turns out Padma wasn't really looking for love with Brian. He's blown off, but tries to make light of it, until Stewie calls him out on it:

Stewie: A peck on the cheek? Was that worth an $8000 coach ticket?
Brian: You know what? It's about the journey, not the destination.
Stewie: No, it's not. This sucked, and you failed.

It was a Bollywood closing, just like it's opening, and enjoyed the Bengal tiger trying to rip Brian to shreds, if only because of Stewie's questioning of Padma about Bengal tigers running free in the city. There's a lesson there.

What did you think of "Road to India?" Share your thoughts on the season finale below! If you missed all the excitement, you can watch Family Guy online right here via TV Fanatic!

Road to India Review

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Family Guy Season 14 Episode 20 Quotes

Lois (answers door): Huh, there's no one there. Must've been some kids knocking.
Joe: Down here, Lois.
Lois: Oh. For God's sake, Joe. Can't you put a "tall" flag on the back of your chair or something?
Joe: I apologize for the difficulty my paralysis causes you.

Amazing. One second of a stranger's voice on a phone, and you've got full Bollywood.