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Lois talks to Peter about Stewie's preschool. She wants to take him out and put him somewhere else, because they are serving Dilk or Dog Milk.

She wants to send him to Corridors. Peter asks if that's the school where they make the boys where little short outfits. 

Cutaway to AC/DC concert.

Lois is at the post office to send a letter. Cleveland works there. He talks a lot. During their conversation Lois mentions she's looking for a job, and Cleveland says the post office is hiring. He tells her he'll ger her an interview.

Lois takes Stewie to Corridors school . Stewie is impressed. He meets Chadley who invites him over for a play date.

Judd Hirsch cutaway.

Lois got the post office job. Cleveland is showing her around. She asks about a huge room and he tells a long story about the post office preparing for men to order real dolls and proceeds to explain what the dolls will do for the men who order them.

She accompanies Cleveland as he delivers mail at night. An amazon drone hovers over Cleveland with a package for Clevelan'd son. He has to special order Cleveland, Jr.'s pants from a place that makes grill covers.

At Chadley's place, Stewie is impressed. His bedroom is huge with tons of toys and other rich peoply stuff. Chadley thinks Stewie has a mansion, and Stewie makes up a story about his fancy house.

FDR cutaway.

Mayor West comes to send a piece of mail without a proper address. She asks Cleveland what to do with the letter. He shows her the dead letter bin. She decides she's going to organize it. As she is sorting through it, she finds a letter from Peter to a woman dated a week before their wedding. She takes it and puts in her pants.

Lois is talking to Bonnie about the letter. Bonnie tells her to open it, but Lois says she can't because it's a federal offense. Bonnie then tells Lois to just deliver the letter herself to see who this Gretchen Mercer person is.

Crackling fire cutaway.

Stewie asks Brian for help about having a play date, because he doesn't want to bring Chadley to his house after being in Chadley's mansion. He decides to find a house to "borrow."

Lois delivers the leter to Gretchen's house. She learns Gretchen was an old girlfriend, then tells her she's married to Peter. Gretchen tells her the letter just says that Peter is excited about getting married. Lois says jealousy is her weak spot.

Achilles and Testiclees cutaway.

Stewie find a house and he and Brian has Chadley over. Chadley says they could have a party at Stewie's house. The people who live there will be gone a few more days so Stewie agrees.

Gretchen shows up at Peter's house. She tells him about the letter which really said he had doubts about getting married. She threatens to tell Lois. Gretchen and Peter are having coffee, but Peter tells Gretchen he's in love with Lois. Gretchen invites Peter to a concert. He doesn't want to, but then he agrees.

Peter catcher cutaway.

Peter and Gretchen are at the concert, so he wears a disguise. He's clearly uncomfortable and leaves. Gretchen turns evil. That's my Peter.

Stewie is having a party at the people's house he is borrowing. The people come home. They're kicked out. Stewie tries to explain, but  Chadley doesn't want to hear it. 

Cleveland leaves the post office, leaving Lois alone. Gretchen shows up.

Peter is watching TV with Meg when he gets a text from Gretchen telling him he's planning to kill Lois.

Gretchen tells Lois what the letter really said. Peter shows up. Lois is confused. Gretchen pulls a gun.

Peter explains why he had doubts. Lois is upset, but it's all a ruse to get Gretchen to let her guard down.

Gretchen runs to Peter and hugs him. Lois comes at her with a cardboard tube and beats her up. Lois tells him she had doubts too. They profess their love to each other and try to have sex through a PO Box. It doesn't work.

It's the last scene of the show. Lois got fired. Brian tells Stewie, he can't go to the fancy school anymore. Stewie tells him he can get rich by becoming a YouTube star.


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Family Guy Season 14 Episode 17 Quotes

Peter: Is that the one where they make his dress in little shorts and hats like the guy from AC/DC?
Brian: Yeah. Why does he wear that outfit?
Peter: 'Cuz he rocks!

I'd be happy to get you an interview. And as a white woman, you'd be the minority here. Unless you're an alcoholic.